Another 6 Months Later (さらに半年後, Sarani Hantoshi-go) is Night 147 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Hakuryuu refuses to agree to Judar's wishes, mentioning about him being Al-Thamen's pawn in the first place. Judar says that even Hakuryuu is greatly influenced by his mother. Later, Gyokuen appears and they fight each other, with Hakuryuu losing terribly. In the palace, the princes are discussing about Al-Thamen, which have seemed to change their Modus Operandi to actually begin to become visible. Kouha also mentions about his negotiation with Magnostadt's Chancellor, which failed as the Chancellor refused to collaborate. Back outside the palace, Judar offers Hakuryuu to give him a hand if he decides to curse his destiny. Six months later in Magnostadt, Aladdin is performing Shallal Sarab for Iktiyar, which shocks the judges. Aladdin is now a third term first year 1st Kodor Scholarship student with excellent grades.


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