The Great Rift (大峡谷, Dai Kyōkoku) is Night 144 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Dining with Yunan

Morgiana bids the people of Torran a farewell. When she sees the Great Rift, she is shocked as the Great Rift is so dark that it seems like the world ends there. Morgiana jumps down the Rift. She is frightened and wants to go back up. When she reaches the bottom of the valley, she uses echoes to sense her surroundings. Soon, she reaches a cottage and meets the guardian of the valley, Yunan. Yunan is aware of her identity, thanks to listening to the people of the Torran Nation. He informs her that there are Fanalis existing on the on the other side of the rift. When Morgiana states that she wanted to meet them, Yunan says that he wouldn't want to bring her back, as a great war, which will involve the whole world, will begin. He then informs her of the death of the Kou Empire's Emperor.


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