Yambala (ヤンバラ, Yanbara) is Night 140 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Yanbara Tribe

The fight between Toto and Alibaba becomes harder when Toto begins to strengthen her sword with Magoi Manipulation. Despite the difficulties, Alibaba decides not to use his Metal Vessel and defeat her with shear swordsmanship alone. Shambal stops the fight when Alibaba cuts Toto's clothes, leaving her naked. He then accepts him to his gladiators training grounds. Shambal and Toto explain him what he needs to know and mention Yambala Gladiators. Alibaba tells them that he came to master his magoi, as he needs to perfectly perform his Djinn Equip. They try to help him through painful acupuncture. After that, Shambal tells Alibaba he's in really dangerous situation as he has two types of magoi in his body, what goes against the world's basic rules and may soon lead to Alibaba's organs being torn apart and, as a result, his death. This terrifies Alibaba, so Shambal calms him down by saying he just has to learn Magoi Manipulation. However, Alibaba, having no coin with himself, has to work to pay the treatment fee. He is thrown at his first real gladiator fight which happens to be against a monster, Garda. What's more, using Amon's sword is forbidden in the Colosseum, which seems impossible for Alibaba.


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