Special Training (特訓の日々, Tokkun no Hibi) is Night 137 of the Magi manga series.

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Ja'far talks with Yamraiha about Aladdin. Yamraiha is sure Aladdin will be a 1st Kodor, the highest level. However, his Har-Har Infigar is only able to make him to the lowest; the 6th Kodor. 4th Kodor Sphintus Carmen laughs at him for this. Aladdin then makes his way to the city and is amazed by its appearance. He then goes to the Academy and to his room. He finds out that his roommate is none other than Sphintus. His new friend tells him about Iktiyar and is surprised by Aladdin's maref, which consist mostly of body strengthening.

Aladdin after training

The next day, Myers, the 6th Kodors' teacher, tells them that they are the first ones to be dropped if they don't improve themselves in two months to pass the Iktiyar exam. When they don't respond, she scolds them and attacks them for no response or too soft of a voice. She then tells them that she will teach them what they lack, which is physical strength. She then starts them off with pull-ups. She attacks Aladdin and others for not being able to do it. She then tells them that she knows what they are thinking: that they don't need physical strength to be good Magicians. She says that healthy Magic dwells in a healthy body. She then tells them to run and forces them to train hard. Aladdin decides to bear with it.


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