Ren Kouha (練紅覇, Ren Kōha) is Night 136 of the Magi manga series.

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Kouha's Nyoi Rentou turns out to be very heavy in its length to Kouha being able to hold it, so the sword goes back to its normal length. Then he attacks them again, but this time he makes his sword long right before the slash. After some time, all the opponents are defeated. After the fight, Kouha asks who this "little dirty brat", Aladdin, is. He is informed that Aladdin has been traveling with them for a while, but he doesn't seem to care. After that, some conversations strike up and continues during their travel for eight days until they reach Magnostadt. There, Kouha says goodbye and wishes Aladdin good luck with the "country entrance examination". Aladdin recalls Yamraiha's words about not being able to use his powers as a Magi, since Magnostadt wouldn't let the chance to obtain Magicians with such a high qualities, pass. Thanks to Yamraiha's stone, everything goes right.


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