The Day Before the Farewells (前日, Zenjitsu) is Night 134 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Having fun

The night before bidding farewells, Alibaba and others decide to spend some time in Aktia's port city. Morgiana isn't in good spirits, so her friends try to raise her spirits. Alibaba even forces food on her until she gets annoyed and eats it. After that, they discuss the routes they will take and how many years they're going to be separated. Eventually, they promise each other to meet again for sure and in one piece. Then, they fool around and dance happily for a while. During their way back, Alibaba notices a pleasure house and tries to take Aladdin there, while getting rid of Morgiana. She is annoyed by their behavior and follows them. When hearing what Alibaba tells the girls, she realizes his words are almost identical to what Hakuryuu told her earlier. Mad, she stomps on the ground and leaves. Meanwhile, Alibaba is treated by Margaret and ends up wounded. In the night, he is the only one without peace or a happy dream.


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