Gentle Person (優しい人, Yasashii Hito) is Night 133 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Morgiana is shocked to hear Hakuryuu's confession but he quickly asks her to become his wife and his Empress. When Morgiana tries to protest saying that she was once a slave, he kisses her. Alibaba feels down that he had to plea Sinbad's name to let the pirates live in Sindria, as he doesn't have a place for them. Olba confesses that he would rather follow Alibaba who saved his life. Before departing, Olba hears from Alibaba to take care of his siblings. Soon after, Morgiana joins Alibaba and Aladdin and notifies them about Hakuryuu's departure. Alibaba realizes that Hakuryuu resembles Cassim and tries to go after him, but Morgiana hugs him and begs not to. Aladdin goes in his place. He tells Hakuryuu that if they'll bid each other farewell like that, they'll feel lonely until their next meeting. Hakuryuu wonders if the next time they'll be allies and tells his reason for coming to Sindria. Aladdin answers he doesn't like wars and would rather to help him as a "friend" but asks if Hakuryuu isn't just imprisoned by his own revenge. Hakuryuu smiles and thanks Aladdin for everything. On his way, he recalls what happened to him and Morgiana. She, really bothered, cries and begs for him to stop it, declining his propose. Hakuryuu realizes that she can't go with him because of Alibaba and Aladdin. She then reassures him that Aladdin and Alibaba will surely listen to his problems, but he smiles and thanks her, saying that she's really a gentle person. Before leaving, with tears, he tells her that he will come and propose to her once again.


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