Confession (告白, Kokuhaku) is Night 132 of the Magi manga series.

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In Hakuryuu's memories, he tells his mother that his brothers told him that she killed them and their father. She confirms it and adds that Hakuryuu can't do anything about this. She then admits she is going to marry the new Emperor. Hakuryuu decides to keep quiet and protect Hakuei, until the day he will kill Gyokuen comes. In the present, Hakuryuu explains all of this to Alibaba. They are interrupted by Olba, who wants to avenge Umm Madaura. Hakuryuu notes that he was also used by her and leaves.

Seeing what Aktia's Navy is doing to the pirates, Alibaba asks them to hand them over. He negotiates with them, bringing up Sindria, and eventually gets permission. He then goes to Olba. Olba says that without Umm Madaura, they don't have a reason to live, which Alibaba confirms but adds that Olba, as the older brother, will be depended on. He then mentions that without their mother, the pirates will begin to hate themselves. Alibaba knees down and says that he wants to stop it and, while crying, adds that Olba's power is necessary, so he begs him for it.

Morgiana follows Hakuryuu and asks if he's going to depart like this. Hakuryuu confirms it, and when he hears that she doesn't want to bid farewells like this, he tells her to come with him and confesses his feelings of love to her.


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