Departure (出航, Shukkō) is Night 121 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Alibaba wants to know what will Kougyoku do if her brother will decide to fight against Sindria and Sinbad. She tells him that Sinbad was her first love and even though she knows he will never answer her feelings, she still loves him. She then tells him his history, which turns out to be similar to Alibaba's. She then says she will not use her powers against Sindria, which is overheard by Ja'far. When Kougyoku hears that Alibaba's is also a low-born, she orders him to become her first friend. Alibaba agrees but is too formal with her and makes her angry, so he casually asks her to become friends and she accepts.

Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu talk about their routes. Morgiana exclaims she will go to the Dark Continent thanks to Hakuryuu's encouraging, which makes him blush. Alibaba sends Kougyoku off as if they were close friends, but he doesn't speak with the rest even on the day of their departure. After their last conversation with their masters and Sinbad, Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu leave on the ship, warmly being bid a farewell by Sindria's citizens. They talk about not being able to talk with Alibaba, who is hiding behind them.


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