The Premonition of a New Journey (旅立ちの予感, Tabidachi no Yokan) is Night 117 of the Magi manga series.

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Yamraiha fixes Aladdin's magic turban. She then tells him about the bad affinity between Djinn and Magicians. She then goes to Sinbad and asks if the "test sample" examination bore any results. She recognizes the symbol on the Dark Metal Vessel as Magnostadt Academy's "Magical Charm Mark". Then, asked about Dunya's state, she says that she's awake but hasn't spoken with anyone, so Sinbad decides to go to her. Meanwhile, Aladdin is having fun with Dunya. He asks her why won't she talk with anyone besides him and she replies it's because of the ties Sindria presumably has with Magnostadt. Then, Sinbad and Yamraiha come in. Sinbad clears the misunderstanding about Sindria, Magnostadt, and Yamraiha, but Dunya is incredulous. Yamraiha then asks Dunya to believe in her master. Later, Ja'far announces that now Dunya has enough strength to talk, but she becomes weaker and weaker everyday.

Next, Alibaba and Morgiana talk with Hakuryuu as he announces he's going to depart from Sindria. He explains that he wants to join his sister. When asked what Alibaba and Morgiana are going to do, Alibaba says with a smile that they're going to stay there a little longer and asks Morgiana if he's right, but she can't answer. Hakuryuu then asks Alibaba if he's okay with Balbadd's situation, but he quickly says he believes that Alibaba has some plans about it. Then, he voices his thoughts about Alibaba, but Alibaba says that Hakuryuu already told him that, back in the Dungeon Zagan. Hakuryuu ends the conversation with a statement that Alibaba will surely follow the path he believes in. Alibaba doesn't have much words for this.

Later that day, Alibaba chats in a bed with Morgiana and Aladdin. Alibaba informs his friend about Hakuryuu's decision and says that he will miss him. Aladdin tells them that he will go on a journey alone.


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