Inside Alibaba (アリババの中, Aribaba no Naka) is Night 115 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Inside Alibaba, Aladdin sees Alibaba's memories, which makes him smile. He then spots Ithnan and asks him to leave Alibaba's mind, but Ithnan replies that Aladdin would be enough to make him vanish. He then says that he doesn't like this clear place and asks to let him disappear. Aladdin asks him why does he resent this world and forces him to answer. Ithnan calls him Solomon's proxy. In the meantime, Yamraiha notices that Alibaba's curse became weaker. Back inside Alibaba, Aladdin asks Ithnan why does he do such things, like bringing wars and puberty to this world, to which Ithnan answers that it's to free people from their destiny. Aladdin explains that he is misunderstanding it and explains what destiny really is. He mentions Alma Torran, but when Ithnan refuses to talk about it, Aladdin uses Wisdom of Solomon and gets the information by himself. Before disappearing, Ithnan is surprised that he's coming back to Solomon's side with such a calm feeling. Alibaba's curse vanishes as well. Before coming back from Alibaba, Aladdin thanks Cassim, whose part joined with Alibaba, for helping with slowing down the curse.


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