High King (覇王, Haō) is Night 114 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Magic in bold denotes the magic's first appearance.


Sinbad orders Ithnan to release the magic on Alibaba, but he refuses. Sinbad then Djinn Equips Focalor. Ithnan thinks it's conceited of him to come just by himself. Sinbad explains what the barrier is, but soon falls in pain. Ithnan laughs that since Sinbad was given a curse, he can manipulate him. However, he quickly notices that Sinbad has already halfway fallen into depravity. Sinbad then summons his attack, Foraz Zora, and defeats Ithnan. He sees the doll and crushes it. In Al-Thamen's quarter, its members notice that it's still not over, as Alibaba's curse is progressing. Alibaba is seen painfully struggling with it. Yamraiha says that he may die if they're not skilled enough. Sinbad comes back and asks about his situation. Yamraiha tells him that his resistance to the curse is stronger than normal. In this case, Sinbad persuades Aladdin to use Wisdom of Solomon and save him. Aladdin agrees.


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