Dungeon Conqueror (迷宮攻略者, Meikyū Kōryakusha) is Night 105 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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A snake slithers from Ithnan's dismembered head. Meanwhile, Alibaba's group rushes to find Zagan who apologized for his actions. Zagan begins healing Morgiana, and he selects Hakuryuu as his candidate to king based on Hakuryuu's amount of Magoi and Ki Manipulation. While the Torran villagers are being reunited with their families, including Tiare. Alibaba wonders what has he accomplished upon reflecting on Zagan's words. Then, a snake bites Hakuryuu's left hand. When Zagan notices Hakuryuu is questioning himself, Zagan reassures him that he will be a kind king.


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