Muu Alexius vs Titus Alexius is the fight between Muu Alexius, a Fanalis from the Reim Empire and Titus Alexius, a magician.


While the Fanalis Corps are fighting magicians, Muu is looking for Titus, as part of his duty was to find him and bring back to the Reim Empire. When they finally meet, a battle begins.


Titus starts with attacking Muu by using Gravity Magic, but it does no damage. Muu tries to slash Titus, but he is defended by magic. The magician responds with Ice Magic and then Destruction as his final move.

During the battle, Titus somehow wants to explain his betrayal by saying that he became an independent human and found people who are important to him, so he can't lose even to the first subordinate of a person who he is cloned from. Muu says he is glad for him, but, as he adds, Titus can't live with them because his fate, the way his body is made and flow of time are unnatural; he also notes that it's the same for them, Fanalis, as well. He continues to mentally hurt Titus by making him realize what he really is - a monster who shouldn't have been born in this world. Thanks to this statement, Muu wins and grabs the trembling Titus' arm.


Aladdin comes to the place and clearly states that Titus is their friend. which takes Muu's chance of taking Titus back. Then, he begins to fight the Reim's Army.


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