Muu, Myron & Lo'lo' vs Magicians is a fight between a three remaining members of the Reim Empire's Fanalis Corps, Muu Alexius, Myron Alexius, Lo'lo', and Magnostadt's Magicians.


Only a few members of the Fanalis Corps remain. Meanwhile, Aladdin is getting so much Magoi that his body is unable to cope. Muu decides that him, Myron and Lo'lo' will end the battle, while the other members, such as Yaqut and Razol, have to help the injured.


Some Magicians want to attack their opponents, but Myron activates her Household Vessel and hits one of them, destroying his Borg and killing him. Lo'lo' does the same to other Magicians with his Bard Kauza. In the meantime, Muu takes his Metal Vessel and kills a large group of opponents at once, threatening them that there is no place for them to run anymore. They continue to attack that way, destroying their opponents' Borgs with ease and killing them, like a beast.

Myers tries to oppose them. Lo'lo' notices her Borg is hard as he sends her flying. From behind, Muu appears and with his Metal Vessel, destroys even her Borg, seriously injuring her. Then, they proceed toward the next barrier surrounding Magnostadt. They are able to crack it a little.


Before the complete destruction of the second barrier, the Fanalis Corps are stopped by Aladdin's Magic, Ugo.


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