Morgiana vs Zurmudd is a fight between Morgiana, a Fanalis, and Zurmudd, a member of Al-Thamen.


After leaving Zagan's Dungeon, Aladdin, Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana and Hakuryuu Ren are attacked by the members of Al-Thamen, Zurmudd, Apollonius and Byoln. When they are about to kill Alibaba and Aladdin, Morgiana, whose wounds are lighter, gets up and tries to fight them to rescue her companions.


Morgiana starts by trying to punch and kick Zurmudd, only to be grabbed and punched in the gut multiple times, while being upside-down. He then holds her head in his hand and tries to kill her, but is stopped by one of Sindria's Eight Generals, Masrur.


Morgiana gets closer to Alibaba when Masrur, Yamraiha and Sharrkan come, but quickly loses consciousness. Masrur then challenges Zurmudd, enraged by Zurmudd's insults towards Morgiana and the rest.


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