Morgiana vs Slave Traders is a fight between the Fanalis, Morgiana, and the Slave Traders who were in the way of a caravan heading toward Balbadd.


After finding out that the Slave Traders blocked the way of the caravan that is heading toward Balbadd, and, as a consequence, the caravan would change its route. Morgiana decides to go and fight them all by herself. At first she only asks them to go from there, but they start laughing.


One of the Slave Traders comes closer to Morgiana and pats her on her head, making fun of her. She gets angry and kicks him in the stomach. Another tries to hit her, but she dodges all of their attacks easily. She then jumps and the Slave Traders can't even touch her. She then kicks all of her opponents. Eventually a very big person, L Nando, appears with an axe and attempts to cut her, but she just kicks him several times. After that, no Slave Traders are left.


Desert Crow anime

Fatima hears that a certain girl is attacking and asks for the permission to capture someone from the Fanalis Warrior Tribe. Then, he whistles for a Desert Crow to attack and poison her. Asked by Morgiana if he's the leader of the group, he replies he's a Slave Trader. After that, he explains to her what he has done to her. As a result of poisoning her, she loses consciousness and is tied with shackles, which are nearly impossible to remove even by the Fanalis.


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