Morgiana vs Fatima's Animals is a fight between Morgiana, a Fanalis, and Fatima's Desert Hyenas, Maurenian Sabertooth Tigers and Namideian Condors.


As Nadja is about to be disposed of and eaten by Fatima's Desert Hyenas, Morgiana finally finds her resolve and finds a way to save her.


With shackles on her legs, Morgiana jumps right into the cage where Nadja is kept. Fatima orders Desert Hyenas to eat her immediately, but Morgiana defeats them all with her Battle Cry. She also breaks her shackles, making Fatima very mad, so he sends out Maurenian Sabertooth Tigers and Namideian Condors to re-capture her. Morgiana keeps kicking the Tigers and slicing off the Namideian Condors with her legs until they're dead. One of the Tigers tries to hit her in her stomach, but she kicks him in his neck right away and defeats him.


Morgiana, with Nadja behind her back, goes to the Fatima for keys. After failing to reason with her, Fatima slumps over and breaks down. Before that however, he promises to kill her. Morgiana and Nadja then go to free other captured slaves.


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