Morgiana vs Fake Zagan is the fight between the Fanalis Morgiana, and Fake Zagan, a creature from the Dungeon Zagan.


Morgiana is able to save Alibaba Saluja, Hakuryuu Ren and Aladdin from falling into Fake Zagan's mouth. She then decides to go and fight him all by herself.


Morgiana finally reaches Fake Zagan's mouth thanks to her chains, but she has no idea what to do next, even though she is very close to the monster's gastric juices. Suddenly, her shackles feel hot and she hears a voice saying he's the Familiar born from the flame Djinn, Amon, her fully activated Household Vessel called Amol Selseila. She lets her chains out and ties Fake Zagan up. Then, she burns him by sending a fire through her chains.


Magoi Excess1

Morgiana is extremely happy she can finally use her Household Vessel, as she will be able to be more useful to everyone. When she says aloud that she did it, she starts bleeding from her mouth and eyes, thinking that Alibaba says she did great. Shortly after, she loses consciousness from losing too much of her Magoi at once.


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