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Morgiana (モルジアナ, Morujiana) is a pure-blood Fanalis. She was formerly a slave of Jamil, along with Goltas, when she met Aladdin and Alibaba Saluja. Morgiana is a member of Alibaba's household. During the past three years, she stayed in the Kou Empire with Aladdin, and a year ago, they mysteriously vanished.[5] Later on, it is revealed they disappeared to the Dark Continent where they trained. She is the tritagonist of the Magi series.


Initial Appearance
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Current appearance
Morgiana's current full apperance.png
Morgiana's current full appearance

Morgiana has red hair and eyes (both pink in the anime), like all of the Fanalis. She wears a short white dress with a rope tied around her waist. Her eyelashes are long and unique, thus signing that she's a Fanalis. She wears her leg chains, which are now a Household Vessel, on her wrists, and a backup vessel, which is a necklace, around her neck. She always goes around barefoot. She has a sturdy yet petite build and is very strong.

During her travel to the Dark Continent, Morgiana started wearing a white sleeveless tunic over her dress, tied with a longer ribbon. Her hair also grew longer, reaching down to her mid-back. She now wears her Household Vessel on her legs.

In the Final Arc, Morgiana's hair is cut short, almost like an apple cut, layered with a ponytail on the left side. The ponytail on the left side is much longer than her normal hair. She still wears a white dress with a unique ornament such as a feather on its belt. She's also wearing the necklace that Alibaba gave her with armlets on both of her upper arms.


Morgiana is a quiet girl who rarely talks. She likes strange things. Instead of choosing jewelry for her Household Vessel, she considered two devilish looking manifers (though possibly only because Alibaba recommended them). When mad, she usually puffs up her cheeks or stomps her feet, breaking the ground.

Even though she is physically and emotionally tough, she does have moments when she acts vulnerable. This usually happens when anything regarding Alibaba takes place. It is hinted that she has feelings for him and this is proven when she rejects Hakuryuu's proposal. Eventually, he realizes that she refused to marry him and go to the Kou Empire because she is too attached to Alibaba and very concerned for Aladdin.

She is secretly very insecure because she always deems herself to be useless compared to the others. Her biggest wish is to be useful to Aladdin and Alibaba, most likely because she wants to repay their kindness towards her. She is flattered but frightened by Hakuryuu's feelings for her, and she stated that becoming Empress was impossible since she used to be a slave, showing aspects of her inferiority complex.


Young Giana anime.png

Most of Morgiana's past is still a mystery, except that she is originally from the Dark Continent.

Master Jamil.png

At a young age, Morgiana was taken from her mother and father and was sold at a market as a slave. One of the things that happened to her while she was there was being stripped and shown off naked. During that time, she used to cry out for her mother and father to save her.

At some point, Morgiana was sold to Jamil, who abused her to the point of her being terrified of him, something that still haunts her. Like Aladdin pointed out, Morgiana had invisible chains on her, set by Jamil. She had something similar to Stockholm syndrome, where the captive starts to sympathize with the captor.


Dungeon Arc

Mor Introduction.png

During shopping, Aladdin fools around with a weapon and makes Alibaba fall. He bumps into a girl who carried fruits and whole basket lands on ground, along with the girl. She quickly collects them and after hearing an apology from Alibaba, who thinks she is cute, she continues her job. Then, Aladdin noticed she has chains on her legs. She gets ashamed, but while trying to hide it, she trips and Aladdin decides to break her chains, not knowing that it is a crime.[6] Budel comes by and stirs up trouble with Alibaba, who is indebted to him. He proposes Alibaba to become his slave and shows how tough it is by abusing Morgiana. Aladdin stops him by hitting him with his metal flute, but they are soon chased by guards. Aladdin gets frustrated and calls out Ugo. Taking a chance of such ruckus, she gets away and comes back to Jamil's place. She reports to him what happened. He asks her if she wants a dinner, but she refuses. He comments that she's cute when she's aloof.[7]

In the cave, when Alibaba is taking care of sleeping Aladdin, Morgiana is able to locate Alibaba, using her sense of smell. Alibaba notices that she's the slave they met earlier and asks what she is doing there, to which she obviously doesn't respond.[8] She silently watches as Alibaba is trying to talk with Jamil but shows surprised face seeing how Alibaba can move with his knife. She then proceeds along with Alibaba, Jamil, Goltas and sleeping Aladdin. Alibaba is ordered to overcome a trap, but he falls in another, which is hidden door in a ground. Later, Jamil asks her how she had knew about it and she says she smelled "death".[9]

Denies that she smiled.png

After Aladdin wakes up, Jamil introduces her and Goltas to him. After they find themselves in a certain point of Dungeon, Jamil decides to go only with Goltas and orders Morgiana to take care of Aladdin. Aladdin doesn't like the silence and Morgiana's lack of emotions, so he tries to make her smile. He makes stupid faces and eventually is able to achieve his aim. Morgiana quickly covers her mouth and denies what she has done. Aladdin then asks her about the "Dark Continent" Jamil mentioned before. She explains it is an underdeveloped land, but it's only what people say. She tells him about beautiful scenery there is, but admits that she doesn't remember much of it in her thoughts. Aladdin says he wants to go to a place like this and asks if he could go with her, when she will do it. She answers it's impossible because she is a slave and can't run away. Aladdin is optimistic about it and thinks that as long her legs won't be tied with chains, she could go. She replies that Jamil is so scary she could never do it. In the ends Aladdin says that he thinks that Jamil has tied her with invisible chains. Morgiana warns Aladdin to not go against Jamil or he will end up like his friend. She says it with pained expression.[10]


However, Aladdin escapes using his magic carpet when Alibaba reveals himself. She wants to catch them and climbs on the wall, but they are able to run away. Morgiana immediately reports this to Jamil. They chase after them, but are attacked by monsters. Jamil asks if she could find them, but when he hears negative response, he kicks her.[11] Even though they have a bad time with monsters, in the end, they are able to find the Necropolis and its storage room.[12]

Mor defeated.png

When Alibaba defeats Jamil, he wants Aladdin's flute back. Jamil cries out for Morgiana and she immediately comes, almost sending Alibaba flying. Alibaba notes she is a freakishly strong monster. Alibaba then proposes her to join hands with him, to break free from Jamil and fight for her dreams. She gives him her answer by throwing him into a pillar but hesitates when Jamil tells her to execute him. Because of all tragic memories Jamil planted in her, she is prepared to follow this order. In the last moment Aladdin takes the opportunity to break the sword.[13] Aladdin then demands that Jamil would give him back his flute. Morgiana attacks him but is quickly cornered and defeated.[14]

Mor after being freed.png

She is frightened when Amon appears, but he quickly judges she can't became his King Vessel. When Dungeon starts to collapse, she still worries about Jamil and wants to save him. She hesitates when Alibaba points out that he caused her only bad memories up till now. She starts to trembling but then Goltas stands before her to shake her off. He tells her that about himself and bad things he has done thanks to Jamil but adds that Morgiana was able to hold on to her pride. As his final desire he says her to return to her homeland and then cuts off her chains. She goes to Alibaba and Aladdin, but watches Jamil with a painful face. After that, she finds herself outside of town.[15]

Three days later, she goes to visit Alibaba and asks him why he bought Jamil's place and freed all slaves. He says that this is what he would do and asks what is she going to do right now. She tells him she's not sure because she never though of anything but being slave, but she is probably going to find a new master to work, this time for wages. She tells him she is grateful to him for what he's done and that she feels like there is now a reason for her to be alive. Alibaba says to keep on walking on her pretty legs. Asked where she wants to go, she says she plans to visit her homeland, like her saviour wanted. Alibaba thanks her for that, because she helped him deciding what to do now. The next day, she wonders what he meant by that and hears that he went to Balbadd, after using the other half of his treasure as base salary for the newly freed slaves. She starts to run.[16]

Morgiana Arc

To your homeland.png

In the night, Morgiana is haunted by nightmares. She dreams of Jamil brutally abusing her. However, when sunlight falls on her, Goltas appears in her dream. He tells her that Jamil is not here anymore, but if she is still scared, she should look ahead at her homeland. He then says she should go there to find out real meaning of freedom. Still asleep, she cries.[17]

In the morning, Morgiana is seen working, along with Leila and Sahsa. They express how glad they are that she joined their caravan. She did so in order to go to the Dark Continent through Balbadd. They met half a year earlier in Qishan, when she suddenly stopped their caravan after getting to know their direction. To express her gratitude, she kneels with her head close to the ground, surprising other girls. Leila comments that she would be happy if Morgiana stayed with them even after they reach Balbadd, but she clearly declines.[18]

At bazaar, they meet Fatima, a slave trader, who goes with a great number of slaves. Morgiana looks at him with hatred. Then, she sits alone and wonders why she was once a slave and why there are slaves to begin with. She also thinks that her scars won't disappear quickly. She remembers Aladdin saying her that slaves could go anywhere if the chains were broken and wonders if he's okay. She then thinks the same for Alibaba.[19]

Fighting Thieves.png

After going back, she finds out that group of tough thieves blocks caravan's way, so they are taking another route. Asked where her homeland is, she keeps quiet so they wouldn't find out she was a slave. Morgiana decides to shut down the thieves, and in the middle of the night, attacks the base.[20] She makes quick work of most of the thieves. She explains she began to understand differences between her and other people, her outstanding physical strength, but she's not sure why they exist. She runs into trouble when Fatima's Desert Crow poisons her, as Fatima has to have a girl from "Fanalis Warrior Tribe". When she's carried to a prison, Fatima comments about how Fanalis are living weapons, making Morgiana very valuable. In her sleep, she once again dreams of Jamil, crying. Unknown girl looks at her with very pained expression. She wakes up in specials chains built to hold Fanalis in an isolation cell with a little girl named Nadja.[21]

Morgiana meets Nadja.png

Nadja tells Morgiana her story. After that, Morgiana realizes that she can't break her shackles. Nadja asks her what will happen to them, and Morgiana in details explains how people became slaves. She knows she has to hurry up to not let it, but then she hears Nadja's crying. She's not sure what to do. When Nadja mentions her parents, Morgiana remembers that she used to cry for her parent's help when she was at slaves market as well. She trembles and suddenly puts her hand on Nadja's shoulder. She quickly understands what she's done and takes it off, but reassures Nadja she will help them. She brightly smiles to do that, so Nadja's hugs her. She thinks she definitely won't become a slave once again. She then takes care of Nadja for a few days.[22]

Breaking Shackles.gif

5 days later, Nadja becomes feverish and Morgiana asks Fatima for help. He decides that she's useless and to kill her instead, dropping Nadja into a cage full of Desert Hyenas and forcing Morgiana to watch. Morgiana becomes angry and tries to break the shackles, but it seems useless effort. After trying for some time, she concludes that she can't break them no matter what. However, after dropping few tears, she hears Goltas's voice telling her that her shackles should be removed already.[23] Morgiana doubts it, so Goltas's voice continues. He says that she fears the past and asks if she's hasn't changed since that days. As her master is already dead, he wants to know what kind of problem does she have with those shackles. Still tied, she decides to help Nadja. She jumps and stops hyenas, and in the end, uses Fatima's monster's strong cage to break her shackles.[24]

Mor and Aladdin.png

Fatima orders some Maurenian Sabretooth Tigers and Namideian Condors to attack her. She then thinks strongly that reason of her outstanding physical strength is that she's from champions tribe, Fanalis. During that inner monologue, Morgiana defeats monsters and takes the key away from Fatima to free the other captured slaves. Before going, she clearly states she's not a slave anymore. Then Morgiana, accompanied by Nadja, goes to see other slaves. The key they were given won't fit, so she just breaks the door with her kicks, to which Nadja comments, that the key wasn't even needed. As they enter the room, she notices Aladdin there.[25] Morgiana frees Nadja's parents, and smiles seeing them. She also hears the story of Aladdin, whose caravan was also captured.[26]

The thieves try to lock the slaves away, however Aladdin summons Ugo and allows everyone to escape. After the battle, Morgiana and Aladdin meet up with Leila and Sahsa and their caravan. Leila thinks it's a amazing coincidence that they were able to meet, but Aladdin explains that people are bonded by a strong guiding force. Even if separated, people's spirits are always by their side. As she hears it, Morgiana thinks of Goltas. Later tonight, both caravans have a huge party, and Aladdin and Morgiana decide to travel together to Balbadd. Drunk Leila cries saying she will be sad after Morgiana leaves and clings to her. After that, the four of them have some fun. 5 days later, Morgiana and Aladdin bid Leila and Sahsa farewell. After that, Aladdin wants Morgiana to take care of him. He then asks her if he could call her something different as "Morgiana" is too long. Her nickname is decided to be "Mor".[27]

Balbadd Arc

Meeting Sinbad.gif

Aladdin and Morgiana continue their journey towards Balbadd. Aladdin asks if she's going there to return to her homeland. She replies that she indeed is, but she also wants to thank Aladdin and Alibaba. She explains Aladdin what Alibaba did for her and how happy she is about it. Aladdin says it's good, but he, as well as Alibaba, doesn't need any praise. When happily they head towards Alibaba, they come across a naked Sinbad, who introduces himself as "Sin". They instantly see him as an enemy, but Sinbad assures them that he isn't. Aladdin lends Sinbad some clothes. Then, Sinbad tells them his view of what an adventure is. Listening to him amazes Morgiana a little. Then, she notices that Sinbad is glaring at her, but he replies he was just thinking about this adventure and meeting such a lovely lady. As they continue walking, they arrive at Balbadd. They look around until they make their way to the hotel Sinbad is staying at. Morgiana is worried about the charges, because she doesn't have much money herself, and so is Aladdin. Sinbad says he will pay for anything they want including food and board. When they are about to enter, the hotel security stops Sinbad for looking suspicious. Two of his assistants, Ja'far and Masrur, show up and calm the situation down. Before leaving Aladdin and Morgiana, Masrur looks at Morgiana, and she, surprised, does the same.[28]

Aladdin and Morgiana are guided to their room. A maid explains to them that there's a man called "Wonder Man Alibaba", who is currently known as Balbadd's number one criminal and the leader of the group of thieves.[29] For the rest of the day, Morgiana plays with Aladdin and Ugo. In the morning, Aladdin explains that Ugo isn't nervous around Morgiana since they become companions. They then talks about what they heard yesterday. Aladdin says he's sure it's not the same person as his friend and Morgiana agrees. She then seems down when Aladdin recalls it was the thieves' fault that boats to the Dark Continent are suspended.[30]

Morgiana Too.gif

Later, the two of them are having lunch with Sinbad and his subordinates. Sinbad officially introduces Ja'far and Masrur to them. He addresses to Morgiana and tells her that Masrur is a Fanalis like her, and the two awkwardly greet each other. Aladdin summons Ugo for whatever reason and Sinbad realizes he's a Magi. This surprises Sinbad and he mentions knowing another Magi. Sinbad reveals himself as the King of Sindria, famous Dungeon Conqueror who cleared seven Dungeons. Because Sinbad doesn't have any Metal Vessel due to them being stolen, he asks for Aladdin's help to capture the Fog Troupe.[31] Aladdin asks Morgiana what do do, and she replies it might be good, because after solving this problem, they might ask for help with searching for Alibaba. Sinbad comments that, unlike Masrur, she's clever. He then promises to asks the current king for help and furthermore, he will arrange a boat to the Dark Continent. Then, he wants Mor to stay at hotel and wait, which first surprises her, but then visibly annoys. She breaks the ground saying she wants to fight too with her cheeks puffed out in anger. Aladdin then explains she took care of the group of thieves that even captured him.[32] Sinbad reluctantly lets her come along, although looking a bit flustered and comments that Fanalis were scary.

Afterwards they decide to go over a battle strategy. During the talk, Morgiana asks if it's alright to capture citizens' heroes and Sinbad explains his view on the matter as the king would. Morgiana's group, consisting of her, Aladdin and Ja'far, meets with the Fog Troupe. They are attacked with Zaynab's Sekigen Mutou, fog that makes one hallucinate,[33] Morgiana smells it and escapes, but first wonders to who Aladdin, affected by it, is speaking to. Ja'far explains what it is and says it must be work of one of Magic Tools. Then, they attack the Fog Troupe, however, soon they are stopped by Cassim's Kokubaku Mutou. Once Ja'far and Morgiana are successfully pinned down, Aladdin wakes up and summons Ugo. At that moment, Alibaba reveals himself as one of members of the Fog Troupe. As Aladdin and Ugo block the way, Alibaba asks Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin does so with no problem, which Morgiana does not approve[34]. Then, Alibaba and his men escape thanks to Alibaba's Wall of Flames.[35]

Morgiana came to "pick" Alibaba up

After sniffing around, Morgiana decides to go for Alibaba, she hides on ceiling of his room until he notices her. before he could, she clamps her hand over his mouth, warning him not to make a sound or she could "end" him. Then, he asks her how she found him, she replies that she followed his scent and orders him to tell her the reason why he became a thief and an enemy to Aladdin. He warns her that she should go from the enemy's lair if she doesn't want to be killed, but she still asks him for an answer. She recalls how he wanted to meet Aladdin back in Qishan, but he only replies he won't tell them anything. He then adds this matter should be solved by men and women, especially the one who has nothing to do with him, should stay away. Hearing this, she breaks the floor, picks Alibaba and takes him on night fly to Aladdin's place.[36]

You were kind.png

After the end of the journey, Morgiana throws Alibaba by window. When he and Aladdin starts talking, Morgiana gets angry and pressures him, but he gets annoyed by her and says that now he doesn't feel like explaining anything anymore. Morgiana tries to tell him the real consequences of his doing, recalling the squalor of Balbadd's people and slave hunting, thinking about Nadja. She screams she never imagined he would be kind of person who doesn't care about others' well-being and cries. Alibaba has nothing to say in return. Morgiana is then calmed by Aladdin, who tells Alibaba what happened during their 6 months separation. After the atmosphere is lighter again, Aladdin asks Alibaba to tell them the truth. Alibaba starts talking about his friend, Cassim, and about his past.[37] He recalls his mother, how he become a Prince of Balbadd, about the incident caused by his ignorance and naivety. Morgiana listens attentively, from time to time showing surprised or heartwarming expressions. After the end of his story, Morgiana tells him she still doesn't understand why he decided to join hands with Cassim despite his betrayal. He replies by telling them what happened when he returned to Balbadd after capturing the Dungeon. She then watches as he gets emotional until Aladdin calms him down.[38][39]

Cassim then breaks down the door, to get Alibaba back.[40] Morgiana asks Alibaba if he wants to go with him. The Fog Troupe then starts to attack the hotel they were staying at. Cassim grabs Alibaba, but Morgiana notices and attacks him. Alibaba saves him, advising him to run, and Sinbad, Masrur and Ja'far appear to fight the Fog Troupe. She is amazed as she watches Masrur's strength in battle. After the fight, Sinbad says that his job is done as long as he hands over the Fog Troupe to the military and tries to get the confirmation from Alibaba.[41] Sinbad then asks Alibaba for a duel. Morgiana doesn't want to let it happen, but doesn't do anything seeing how Aladdin does nothing. She wonders why it's that way, since Alibaba is in danger. She then watches their fight. When Alibaba is defeated and Sinbad decides to join the Fog Troupe, she notices Aladdin's happy face and asks about it, hearing that Sinbad is interesting.[42] When Alibaba is taken to Balbadd's Palace by Sinbad, she stands with Aladdin and others people there, wondering how their friend is doing.[43]

What to do.png

After the negotiations, Morgiana looks at silent Alibaba and wonders if it failed. She's surprised seeing Aladdin asking him directly about it. She then hears his depressing response and Aladdin's trying to cheer him up. She notices he still needs to tell people about the failed negotiations to people. He answers he doesn't even know where to start and she understands, but then Ja'far and Masrur comes to convey Sinbad's message which contains announcing it to the Fog Troupe. As Sinbad tells what Alibaba couldn't, she stands and listens him in awe.[44]

Then, Judar comes and starts his own conversation with Sinbad. Learning that Aladdin is a Magi, he starts looking for his King Vessel. Realizing it's Alibaba, he comments he remembers him from before. He starts laughing and insults Alibaba, who is eventually protected by Aladdin. Judar wonders if he's really such a wonderful guy and attacks him. As his attack punctures Alibaba's chest, he hugs himself in pain. Morgiana keeps close to him during the whole fight between Aladdin and Judar, stunned by what she hears or sees. When Ugo is out of control, Morgiana saves Aladdin from Judar, making him recognizing her outstanding skills. She then saves Alibaba and Aladdin, as well as other members of the Fog Troupe from Ugo's Heat Magic. When the eight Princess of the Kou Empire, Kougyoku Ren, appears, she fights alongside the others with Engi, Enshin and Entai, sent by Kougyoku.[45]


After the battle, she helps with dressing the injured. She feels useless as she couldn't do anything, and decides to help Aladdin and Alibaba out before she goes back to her homeland. She then goes to Alibaba to check up on his injures and notices him in a very strange manner, with his bottom completely exposed. She screams at this sight, asking what is he doing. He answers that he was just checking his wounds. After calming down, she reassures him that if it's bandaging, he should have left it to her. He then asks about Aladdin's condition. She answers that he looked very tired so he's probably worried about Ugo, but Alibaba doesn't think that it's the case. He recalls that the same thing happened in Amon's Dungeon. The two of them decide to go and check up on him, only to notice him in a very bad shape. Terrified, they quickly come closer to him. Sinbad then comes and tells them to take the flute away from him. Aladdin is confirmed alive, but Alibaba, worried, asks what happened, since it's even worse that in the Dungeon. When Sinbad answers it's because he overused his Magoi to help Ugo, Alibaba gets emotional and tells them that for Aladdin, Ugo isn't only a flute but a very important friend.[46]

Let's stop it.png

She's present when Barkak and Sahbmad Saluja come to visit Alibaba. She hears about Balbadd's current situation, arranged marriage with one of the Kou Empire's princesses, and about enslaving citizens program. Morgiana then asks Sahbmad if the reason why he's here is to asks them for a help, and when he nods, she tells Alibaba to do it. SML Nando brothers wonder if she's angry because she remembers them what she hears and confirms. She asks them why they are with the Fog Troupe, but when she gets more and more annoyed, she is stopped and calmed by Sinbad.[47][48]

It was him.png

After this, she goes to Sinbad. Being angry, she tells him that treatment of injured has been completed and asks about Judar and others. Hearing that he will tell them about this matter later, she takes her leave but before this she asks him to explain it in full details as she wants to understand her opponents clearly. She then adds that even though Alibaba looks like he has no confidence, he saved her when she was a slave. She states it wasn't just anyone, but him. She says she feels that the one who will be able to save this country is him. After this, she finally leaves the room.[49]

Later, she sits along with Alibaba and Ja'far, and listens to what Sinbad has to say. She learns about the Kou Empire's expansion which happened recently, about Judar and the real meaning behind the term "Magi". Sinbad also briefly tells them about himself. Then, he tells about Ahbmad and Balbadd's connections with the Kou Empire. After realizing that Ahbmad and Kou are the real threat to Balbadd, Morgiana and Alibaba take their leave. She eventually goes alone as Sinbad wants to talk with Alibaba in private.[50]

Some time later, Morgiana goes into Aladdin's room, wondering how he's doing. She is surprised when she sees Alibaba there. She asks him if something is wrong, but he reassures her he was just worried about his friend's condition. She then tells him that he should have a rest, as he had his training the whole day. Alibaba replies he rested a little and says that he has dragged Aladdin into a terrible mess. At first, she doesn't say anything, but then tells him that Aladdin thinks of Alibaba as his most respectable friend, and reassures him that Aladdin surely doesn't feel he's been dragged into anything. Alibaba then thanks her for it. Morgiana wonders what he meant by it. She recalls that when he said something like this before, in Qishan, the next step he has done was to go to Balbadd alone. She then surprisingly screams that it's impossible, realizing something.[51]

Morgiana finishing off the monsters

Morgiana goes towards Balbadd's Palace. She appears before Alibaba and kicks one of Alibaba's opponents. She asks him if he doesn't think that coming here alone is a bit too much. As they fight hand to hand, he asks her why she's there. She replies she wishes to become his strength. He says he didn't tell her he was coming there because he knew she would say something like this and asks if she doesn't get that he has to do it alone. She answers she knows and understands it, but adds that fighting these monsters isn't what he has to do. As he realizes that he's true aim is Ahbmad, Morgiana offers to fight them in his place, to which he doesn't want to agree. She uses her Battle Cry, smiles and full of pride, says that despite her looks she's actually very strong. He, with a strange expression, says he understands, but adds he knew that already. She then picks him up and throws him over the gate. Then, she addresses toward her opponent, saying that they still hasn't seen her true strength.[52] After the fight, she thinks it's all she can do with her strength alone. She pleads Alibaba to somehow be able to accomplish what he came here for.[53]

Mor vs DD Kassim.png

When the civil war outbreaks, she goes to Sinbad to tell him what's happening. As she hears what Alibaba wants to do, she seems completely surprised.[54] Then, Morgiana is stunned seeing Cassim as Black Djinn. When he starts attacking, she saves a few people and screams to Alibaba to make him get hold of himself. As Cassim heads toward Sahbmad and Ahbmad, she quickly jumps and kicks it. She says to Alibaba to kill him, and when he manages to cut off on of his arms, she tells him to do it one more time. However, Cassim supplies his Black Rukh and recovers. She notices that she has to quickly attack him again but gets caught into his field of Gravity Magic and sent flying. She hits the wall. She then notices what Cassim has done and realizes that that Alibaba won't be able to cut it.[55]

Preparing to throw Alibaba

Morgiana then catches Sinbad when he is shook off by the Dark Djinn. She watches the battle worried and angry[56] until Judar appears and attacks Alibaba with his Ice Magic, when Morgiana is able to rescue him. She realizes that this kind of attack can be avoided only temporary. Then, Alibaba asks her to throw him up. She tries to stop him because of the increasing number of enemies and the lack of the injuries in it. She doesn't want to let him do it even more when he wants to even exhaust his Magoi, because she's aware that it may lead to his death. She's surprised by his determination to even sacrifice his life to protect things that were protected by others until now, and, being pleaded one more time, she decides to do as he says. She throws Alibaba at him, but the only thing it does is cutting his sword. Morgiana again can't believe when he wants to do it one more time, but eventually does it everytime.[57]

Mor hugs AliAla.png

She continues to make Alibaba's wishes come true until Aladdin appears and decides to help Alibaba.[58] She attentively watches his fight with Judar until Aladdin asks her to take Sinbad to the town. She hesitates at first, but is quickly reassured by him that it'll be alright.[59] After the fight is over, she comes along with Sinbad, Ja'far and Masrur. She runs towards Aladdin and Alibaba with a worry on her face, shouts their names and hugs them.[60]

Sindria Arc

Mor shackles.png

Morgiana is training with Masrur, 6 months after the events in Balbadd. They sense Sinbad's return to Sindria and decide to go and greet him.[61] Then all of them go to see Aladdin and Alibaba. After weeks of training to lose their weights, Alibaba is successful, but not Aladdin, who notes it must be because he hasn't used the power of his belly lately. Morgiana seems very worried, intertwines her hands and starts to encourage him, telling him to cheer up.[62] Later, she goes to Sinbad and asks him how to become stronger. He tells her to use a Household Vessel. They go to meet with Alibaba and together head to the Treasure Room, where she watches Alibaba deciding what to use as his new Metal Vessel and obtaining it from Sinbad. After that, she considers using two manifers Alibaba recommended to her as her own, asking if they suit her. Sinbad explains to her that her Household Vessel should be something she worn for a long time. She decides to use the shackles she had back as a slave, commenting that they are filled with the kindness from her most important people.[63] Later, Sinbad tells her he gave them to the craftsman. She then talks with Masrur, but they got news that Sindria is under attack from a Southern Creature. She goes there with Alibaba and is surprised that people are so happy. She silently watches Sharrkan defeating it. Seeing the relationship between Sharrkan and Yamraiha, Morgiana says she's happy she has Masrur with her.[64]

Mor dancing.png

At the Mahrajan festival, Morgiana is dressed in the female attire, which consists of exotic outfits and a mask. Dressed like this, she gives Alibaba flowers, but he can't recognize her. When Alibaba asks where she is, she tells him she was next to him for a while. He comments that she is so beautiful that he thought she was someone else. Morgiana turns away and blushes.[65]

Alibaba asks her whether it's alright for her to be with them, because she wanted to go back to the Dark Continent before and asks if there are ships going there from Sindria. She explains that it's possible to take a direct ship from Reim Empire. She responds that she wants to fight with Al-Thamen alongside Aladdin and Alibaba and asks for their permission. Aladdin happily answers that she can, and asks Alibaba if he isn't happy that she wants to do that. He answers that he indeed is. She understands that she never needed their permission and could be their companion as long she wanted be. This makes her so happy that she doesn't know what to do with it. She starts dancing and Alibaba says she is beautiful, which makes her smile. When he compliments other girls she is notably upset over this, stomping the stage with her foot and causing others to look at her with surprise.[66]

Later, Alibaba and Aladdin disappeared from her eyes, so she looks for them. She is troubled by being in such lively place alone. Along the way, she meets Masrur who gives her food and eats at another table. Sharrkan suggests Masrur that he has lewd thoughts about her as he trains with her every day. He answers that Sharrkan is wrong and to not group him with people of Sharrkan's kind. After that, when Alibaba and Aladdin come back, Sinbad properly introduce Eight Generals to them. During that, Morgiana asks who Gladiator is, as Sinbad tells them that Masrur was one in the past. During blessing for Sinbad, she is amazed by fireworks. She looks a little dumbfounded when Aladdin says that Sindria is a small island but a big country, to which Alibaba agrees.[67]

AmolWorn anime.png

After the feast, Morgiana and her friends are told that a Prince from Kou Empire will come. She wonders what kind of person he is.[68] She curiously watches the situation where Kougyoku accused Sinbad of shaming her. When Yamraiha shows them what happened, at one point her eyes are covered by Masrur.[69]

Morgiana gets her Household Vessel back and wants to quickly try it out. Along her way she meets Alibaba and Aladdin. She recalls craftsman saying he will make it leg ornaments with Dark Continent's emblem on it, God of Sun, Phoenix. Aladdin tells her her shackles are beautiful and to try them out. She puts it on her feet and tries to kick, but she ensnares Alibaba and Aladdin. Aladdin suggest she puts them somewhere else so that they won't get in way , but she gets depressed, because no matter where she puts them, they are only ornaments and she doesn't know how to use them in a fight. Aladdin asks what she wants use them for and says that Yamu told him that if you want to created a new magic, you should know what you want to do with it. She replies she wants a strength that will be useful for the two of them. Alibaba replies she's strong enough, but remembers that he was able to fight with the enemy in the air thanks to her throw. Aladdin says he was saved by her mid-air as well and that it's incredible when she's with them, because it's like they have wings. She imagines herself as a big monster, smiles and says to them that she will become their wings,although Alibaba is worried about what she might have imagined.[70]

Mor is like wings.png

When Morgiana, Alibaba and Aladdin trains, they are interrupted by Hakuryuu and Kougyoku. Kougyoku asks Aladdin if they could get along and Aladdin answers that she is right. Morgiana seems to be notably surprised about this. She is even more surprised seeing Aladdin being cold toward Kougyoku and follows them. However, she doesn't go far and hides herself when she hears Alibaba and Hakuryuu talking.[71] When Alibaba declares that he decided not to hate Hakuryuu, she has no words beside his name.[72]

Later, she is asked by Sinbad to capture the Dungeon Zagan along with the rest of her group.[73]

Zagan Arc

Morgiana watches in amazement Pisti as she fights the Southern Creature. After that she looks at Alibaba and Aladdin as they play in the water. Pisti asks if she wants to try it as well, but she says she never swam in the sea. Pisti explains that it's all right because dolphins are docile thanks to her Household Vessel, but, in the end, Morgiana doesn't take the proposal. After Pisti repines why Aladdin doesn't call her "Miss" and gets response that it's because of her small breast, she complains to Morgiana about it. Morgiana only responds that she wonders about it as well. During a lunch prepared by Hakuryuu, she comments that she imagined someone entirely different.[74]

Morgiana Household Vessel.png

As the group reaches the Torran Island, she wonders what kind of people are they.[75] During meeting with Alibaba's brothers and Torran Village's chief, she's staying silent, occasionally showing face of surprise or confusion.[76] When Torran's people leave Morgiana, Alibaba, Aladdin and Hakuryuu on Zagan's Island, she reassures them that she will carry them from reef to another, even though Alibaba says that he told them he will light up a fire when they are needed. Aladdin notices that she put her Household Vessel on her arms and she nods with a sentence that they still can't do anything particular.[77]

Morgiana and Alibaba.png

The group climbs up to the Dungeon Zagan. As they reach the top, Morgiana notices something, what catches Alibaba's attention. Asked about it, she replies that she saw something shining and right after that, they're pulled to the Dungeon's sacred gate.[78] Morgiana arrives as the first in Dungeon Zagan and holds Alibaba until he regains consciousness (he thinks of her hands as strong, like of magnificent hero). After that, Morgiana picks up the other three to take them down, but Hakuryuu starts complaining about how heavy they must be - even though they're not for Morgiana - and Alibaba calms him down by saying that otherwise she'll punch him.[79]

She is amazed by Dungeon Zagan's appearance and smiles seeing how happy Aladdin and Alibaba are by being there.[80] When the group meet a talking turtle, she notices that creatures of Dungeon Amon could speak too. After seeing how Dungeon's creatures live, she finds a hidden path.[81]

When the four encounter a giant Bear and get attacked by it, she saves Hakuryuu, who thought about fighting it alone, and leaves everything to Alibaba and Aladdin. Morgiana is then apologized to by Hakuryuu but she says it was nothing.[82] Next, they meet Zagan and witness Zagan and Amon's (who borrowed Alibaba's Magoi to materialize) discussion.[83] The company enters to the next room and meets docile rabbit-like creatures, which are sitting on flying cubes. Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu decide to go that way, but Zagan raises the level of the Dungeon and creatures become furious.[84] Morgiana saves Hakuryuu once again. She holds him a bridge-like style and fights a monster. For the remaining battle she just watches Alibaba and Aladdin defeating them.[85]

As the company continue their Dungeon conquering, she asks Hakuryuu if he's alright. He responds with a request to the whole group if they could let him conquer this Dungeon without lending him their powers. As Alibaba wants to tell him his story they are interrupted by Zagan, who decides to divide them into two groups.[86] She goes with Hakuryuu who tells her to concern just for herself. She doesn't understand why he's so reserved but thinks she already had this conversation with someone before.[87]

Hakuryuu & Morgiana.png

Morgiana and Hakuryuu encounter the big, tough Golem created by Zagan. Her kicks don't work on him and only make her injures bigger. In this moment Hakuryuu comes in with his Magoi Manipulation ability and is able to successfully defeat them but it quickly exhaust him. When she learns that this ability shortens his lifespan, she looks very worried and tries to help him, but he just tells her to shut up and let him do it alone. She realizes that he is the same as Alibaba in Balbadd and, annoyed, says it has to do with her and that in place of people who want to help Hakuryuu, she will help him now. She cleverly picks one Golem up and throws him on others, destroying them.[88] During the time they were fighting, Hakuryuu seems to have lost consciousness so she carried him to the end of split path.[89]

Later, when Zagan calls Hakuryuu a weakling and he starts crying, she is, like the rest, very surprised. During his emotional break he insults Alibaba and she tries to stop him by saying that it is too much, but, as a results, gets called "super-woman" and taken aback. When he calms down a little, she looks worried, and even more when Alibaba starts crying as well while talking about Balbadd's events.[90]

Next, Aladdin and company, after eating, discuss what they will do if the food runs out. They also talks about how creatures in Dungeon resembles humans. Not much later Zagan explains to them that they indeed are humans. Morgiana, as well as other, looks terrified. Alibaba decides to fight Zagan and everyone else agrees. Morgiana is glad to see that Alibaba and Hakuryuu are now able to cooperate and atmosphere is better. To keep up with them, she starts fighting, but soon is reminded by Alibaba to not get too far a head. She answers that she's really happy and thinks that it's because she can fight on par with all of them. This makes Amon to lend her his power to her Household Vessel, but she doesn't realize it yet.[91]

Mor saving friends.png

The group finally finds Zagan's body. Alibaba, provoked, slashes his head and makes everyone surprised it went so easy. In the next moment, they are proved wrong. Zagan makes multiple versions of himself[92] and hurts Alibaba and Hakuryuu. Aladdin proposes to retreat for the moment and Morgiana agrees, taking two Princes with her. When they try to run away, Zagan split a ground and they fall down. Zagan warns them that it's his real body and if they fall in his mouth, his gastric juices will kill him. Aladdin unfurls his Turban, but it hooks on branches and they keeps falling. Morgiana is unable to caught them and she thinks that her important people will disappear along with the future they sworn to live together. She laments that she can't even touch a wall to jump, that she can't fly and can't reach them. She remembers Aladdin saying that she's like a bird and wishes for a wings. It makes her Household Vessel to activate. She catches them with chains from her shackles from one arm and keeps herself in the wall thanks to the other one. They are successfully able to come back to the place they started falling from.[93]

Morgiana decides to fight Zagan all by herself, even when he thinks they were able to escape because of a fluke. He threatens her to turn her into skewer and eat her. Fanalis girl is able to go down by piercing a wall with her chains. She comments that she can move it like her arms and realize it's her Household Vessel. She has no idea what to do as she almost reaches Djinn's gastric juices. Suddenly her shackles feels hot and she hears a voice saying he's the Familiar born from the flame Djinn, Amon. She lets chains out and tie up the monster, burning him using her fully activated Household Vessel, Amol Selseila. She's extremely happy she can use it, as she will be able to be more useful to everyone. When she says aloud that she did it, she starts bleeding from mouth and eyes, thinking that Alibaba says she did great. Shortly after, she loses consciousness from losing too much of her Magoi at once.[94]

Mor be of use.png

Later, she is found by very worried companions. Alibaba nervously holds her, tries to wake her up and asks what happened, while Aladdin is wiping her blood. He comments that she doesn't seem to have any Magoi left, so she used too much Magoi on that move and that she probably didn't have much Magoi to begin with. Hakuryuu says that if you do something like that, you could even lose your life. What's more, she can't recover by herself and has to see a doctor. Morgiana wakes up and tries to stand, but is quickly stopped. She weakly says that she it's hard to believe she could finally be use to everyone and falls asleep again, leaving Alibaba trembling. He takes her hand says she did enough and assures her to immediately takes her from there and heal her. Hakuryuu asks how since they killed Djinn, but Aladdin tells them it wasn't real Djinn. Alibaba leaves Morgiana in Hakuryuu's arms and goes to Aladdin. Then, Fake Zagan appears and tells them the truth. With him is a little Torran girl, Tiare, that came with them and got caught by him. Morgiana is now held by Aladdin.[95]

During the fight with Dunya Musta'sim, Isaac and Ithnan, Hakuryuu is ordered by Alibaba to take Morgiana and Tiare to a safe place.[96] They are attacked by Dunya once, but she misses.[97] Later, Hakuryuu leaves her with just Tiare and joins others in the battle.[98] After Dunya is defeated, Alibaba holds Morgiana as they run toward Treasury Room. He tells her to hang in there, but Tiare says her state is worsening. Alibaba is now even more nervous than before and even begs Amon to let him know the location of the real Zagan. He is able to find him. Zagan apologies to Aladdin for what happened to them and people from Torran Village. As remedy he gives part of his Magoi to Morgiana and heals her, and even though she's still unconscious, she looks much better. After Zagan decides to choose Hakuryuu as his master (Alibaba couldn't be one because of his lack of ability to handle even one Djinn and Zagan's bad relationship with Amon), they leave the Dungeon.[99]

Morgiana almost killed.png

When Alibaba arrives outside of Dungeon Zagan, he sees Morgiana, Aladdin and Hakuryuu and bad state. Aladdin explains that they were attacked by Al-Thamen and soon after, he gets defeated as well with Extreme Magic, Al-Yad. When one of three members of Al-Thamen who came to them, Zurmudd, is about to kill Alibaba and Aladdin, Morgiana wakes up and thinks she can still fight because she was covered by Alibaba, so her wounds are lighter, and a little of her Magoi returned to her. She starts with kicks, but can't do much to him and is soon caught and brutally punched in guts several times. From being killed she is saved by Masrur. She gets closer to Alibaba and smiles with him seeing that Yamraiha and Sharrkan came to help them as well.[100] They don't have much power though, and even though Alibaba is able to stay awake the whole time, Morgiana soon falls asleep and stays unconscious during the whole fight. However, she is the reason behind Masrur's overwhelming rage which drives him into activating his Household Vessel, Bararaq Kauza.[101] After all the battles against Al-Thamen's members, Morgiana is hold by Masrur.[102]

Second Sindria Arc

Ryuu wants to depart.png

Morgiana is unconscious when Alibaba and Sinbad got cursed during Dungeon Conquerors' Feast.[103] She is first seen silently watching Alibaba as he gives coronet for Kougyoku. She then rapidly turns back and thinks she must become stronger. Hakuryuu is unable to keep his spear in his hand, and she hears it falling down. She goes to him worried and eventually gets thanks for it. She then sees him accidentally performing Life Magic, which surprised both of them.[104] Next, she is present, along with Alibaba, when Hakuryuu announces he's going to depart from Sindria. She asks him if he's going to go back to the Kou Empire, but he explains he's wants to join his sister before. When asked what Alibaba and Morgiana are going to do, Alibaba says with smile that they're going to stay there a little longer and asks Morgiana if he's right, but she can't answer. She doesn't say a word when Hakuryuu tells Alibaba what he though of him.[105]

Later that day, Morgiana chats in a bed with Alibaba and Aladdin.[106] Aladdin decides to tell them that he will go on a journey alone, and she seems surprised. When Alibaba asks her if they're going with him, she hesitates but answers positively in the end. She seems rather surprised by Alibaba's strong opposition of his friend going alone and by Aladdin's valid argument involving how little people they could save in Balbadd with their current strength. She follows with Aladdin's logic, although she probably wasn't able to fully understand this sudden situation, but remembers Sinbad saying that they should think alone what they want to do.[107]

Mor training with Masrur.png

The next day, she trains with Masrur martial arts, because the toll her Household Vessel takes on her is too great. She is full of thoughts about Alibaba's morning behavior, but doesn't fully agree with him. She asks Masrur what kind of place the Dark Continent is. She listens to his story with blush on her face but her mood changes as she hears that there aren't any Fanalis there. She is disappointed but Masrur advices her to go there at least once instead of regretting it later. She then remembers her friends encouraging her to do it one way or another.[108]

After Dunya Musta'sim's funeral, she talks with Hakuryuu. She listens as he says that he could end up like her if borrowed Al-Thamen's power. He asks her if she heard of Kou Empire and Al-Thamen and she replies she indeed knows about them. Hakuryuu explains this matter further. She can't believe when Hakuryuu tells her that his family was murdered by them. After hearing the whole story, she asks why he said her such things, and he answers it's way of thanking her for her help in Dungeon Zagan, even though he wasn't completely honest with her.[109]

Being encouraged by Hakuryuu

To change a topic of this strange discussion, as he names it, he asks her about her country and family. She doesn't reply immediately, but soon lightly smiles and answers that she doesn't have a family. She explains that it seems like all Fanalis were made into slaves, but Hakuryuu can't believe it. She tells him that even though such things never reached countries like Kou, Fanalis are that kind of race now. She then says she was slave herself as well not even year before. Morgiana says she envies Hakuryuu, because she almost doesn't remember her family and hopes he will take care of his sister. After shocking him, she bows and apologizes for talking about something like this, because she didn't have anything to speak of in return and looks very run-down, not smiling anymore. However, Hakuryuu doesn't take this apology but instead raises her spirits by saying that she might have siblings too, and even if she can't remember her parents, they still exists and might be alive somewhere or even freed like she was. Morgiana then smiles brightly, tearing up a little, and thanks him.[110]

Later, when Aladdin and Hakuryuu prepares for their journeys, she asks them if she could go for a half of it. She says she decided to go to the Dark Continent to see it with her own eyes and calms her feelings. She then thanks Hakuryuu for what he said earlier, because it she was able to decide her move after that. He blushes and she can't understand what Aladdin means by saying his Rukh is pink. After that, she asks what about Alibaba, but Aladdin replies he couldn't talk with him. The atmosphere was awkward up to the day of Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu's departure. Before boarding the ship Masrur warns her of the Reim Empire's slave hunters. Morgiana wonders if Alibaba is still angry at them for having to part ways, but Sinbad is surprised when he hears them and says something to them. They are sent off with wishing a save trip by Sinbad, his Eight Generals and Sindria's citizens.[111]

Already on ship, she reassures worried Aladdin that they will be able to talk with Alibaba later and straight things up, to which he replies they she's right and they will meet each other again because of Rukh's Guidance. The three of them smiles while being watched by Alibaba.[112]

Pirates Arc

Morgiana, along with Aladdin and Hakuryuu, goes to their room and is happy about the possibility of sleeping in one room with them. Even though Hakuryuu protests, she says she doesn't mind sharing a room with a guy. During their talk about Alibaba, Morgiana recalls seeing him in a strange manner, when she saw his bottom openly exposed during their stay in Balbadd. After that, they go to look at Alibaba in his worst, and she looks curiously at him. Aladdin explains to him that they were just joking, but Morgiana puts Alibaba into very awkward situation by telling that what she said the truth. Later, she is intrigued by Alibaba's story.[113]

Saving ship's captain.png

The next day, Morgiana is able to see fire at the port from a great distance. Olba, one of Umm Madaura's children, appears and says she has a great eyes. He attacks a boat they're on alongside his comrades and introduces everyone as pirates. When the ships' captain is attacked, she kicks the opponent and saves him. She fights alongside her friends against pirates. Finally, Olba gets angry and uses Ala Rasas. Alibaba is able to destroy his floating ball, but only to fall to the sea. Morgiana tries to catch them with chains, but is attacked from behind and falls herself.[114] She, along with Alibaba and Aladdin, is soon saved by Hakuryuu, who makes plants, kind of Life Magic. Then Hakuryuu almost successfully defeats all opponents, but they take a captain as a hostage. The group decides to halt the battle and pirates are able to escape.[115]

After that, the Aktia Kingdom's Navy comes to them and takes them to the Aktia Kingdom. They then hear about Umm Madaura's acts of kidnapping children.[116] The group is amazed by Hakuryuu's ability and plan to search Umm Madaura. After seeing how badly people from slums are treated by the Aktia's Navy, Alibaba decides to help them and no one opposes. Later, she watches as Aladdin is talking with Yamraiha and Sinbad thanks to the Eye of the Rukh. During that time, Alibaba presses Hakuryuu, wanting to know if he had completed Djinn Equip. However, Hakuryuu refuses to say the truth and plays with Alibaba. Morgiana sees that as they made up with each other and is happy about it.[117]

Defeating pirates.png

When they arrive at pirates location, they are instantly attacked. Thanks to Aladdin's Har-Har Rasas they seem to have an advantage, but it doesn't last long. After some time pirates retreat and they are left alone. Opponents however have only hidden. Morgiana notices this and warns Aladdin about enemy behind him, but says it a little too late. Aladdin and the others are attacked, but pirates still hide themselves. Then, Morgiana starts running and climbs to one of holes and without any problems, she defeats them, saying that theirs balls are too fragile. She spots other groups and eventually defeats them all, breaking walls. Aladdin and Alibaba happily exclaim it was incredible and great respectively while Hakuryuu looks completely frightened.[118]

Next, Umm Madaura appears and breaks the ground, making Morgiana and company fall into water. Morgiana can't swim, so Alibaba and others want to quickly take her from that place. They are however attacked by Umm Madaura, who uses Roaring Cold Wave Cannon, similar to Judar's attack and calls it Thalg Al-Salos, which is the same name which uses the mentioned Magi. During Alibaba and Aladdin's fight, Hakuryuu takes care of already unconscious Morgiana, but when they're attacked as well, Alibaba activates Amol Saiqa to defend them. It's useless to use Heat Magic underwater, the same goes to Aladdin's Har-Har Infigar. Eventually Alibaba defeats them thanks to borrowing pirates' Magic Tool.[119]

After being taken out of water, Aladdin asks Morgiana, who is coughing, if she's alright and she answers that she is. On the enemy's boat, they are attacked by Umm Madaura's children. They are able to escape, but Hakuryuu comments that even following orders of the one who raised them is no good reason to hurt people. Morgiana says she also used to hurt people because of the very same reason. After that, Alibaba tells them that he always listened to his mother and asks Hakuryuu if it was the same for him. The Kou Empire's Prince replies he doesn't know what it is to have a real mother because his sister raised him. Morgiana recalls the conversation she had with Hakuryuu, during which he had told her about his family's tragedy, and wonders if his mother was killed as well. Hearing how Aladdin says that he used to feel lonely because he doesn't have a family and that he would be incredibly happy if a mother appeared, Morgiana recalls Masrur's words about no presence of other Fanalis in their homeland. Alibaba comes to a conclusion that Umm Madaura took an advantage of this feeling and Morgiana comments she won't forgive her.[120]

Under Aum Madeura's spell.png

The group finally reaches Umm Madaura. Before they are able to do anything, Great Holy Mother uses Magic Tool, Holy Mother Halo Fan and casts a spell on them. Morgiana is very quickly affected. She falls on her knees and calls Umm Madaura her mother as she trembles. Alibaba tries to shake her out of that state and says to her that this is obviously an enemy's trick. He cries in the process, without being able to realize why.[121] Morgiana comes closer to Umm Madaura and cries, calling her "Mama". After Aladdin's speech, on who the spell was much weaker due to him never meeting his real mother, he is able to break it on Alibaba. He then proceed and tells Morgiana to remember important things she received from other, notably Goltas. Thanks to this, the three is able to break free. Umm Madaura comments that they are still physically children, but they have the mentality of adults.[122]

Right after that, Hakuryuu, who still is under the spell, attacks them.[123] He Half Body Djinn Equips and fights against them. Eventually Alibaba unleashes Amol Saiqa, but can't cut Hakuryuu's spear. Morgiana notices it's because of its surface, which is strengthened thanks to Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation. Alibaba can't understand why Hakuryuu is doing something like this so desperately.[124] Near to the end of the battle, Morgiana is terrified seeing that Hakuryuu is at his limit of using his Magoi. When Alibaba cuts Hakuryuu's spear, Morgiana and Aladdin gets closer to this. Hakuryuu, before losing consciousness asks if it's Alibaba who did "this" to his mother and Morgiana is sure he meant the one who killed her.[125]

After that, Aktia Kingdom's Navy intervenes and captures Umm Madaura and her crew, which was due to their diplomatic relations with Sindria. Already in Aktia, Morgiana asks what will happen to the children. In response she hears that they will probably be imprisoned. Then she goes to Hakuryuu and asks if he's alright. After seeing how citizens want to kill Umm Madaura, she is stunned, and even more when Hakuryuu brutally cuts off her head.[126] After talking to Alibaba about what he has done, Olba suddenly attacks him.[127]

Mor kissed by Hakuryuu.png

After the scene, Hakuryuu leaves that place and Morgiana follows him. She asks him if he is departing alone like this and in return hears that he can't be with everyone anymore. He then thanks her for what she has done up until now. She exclaims she doesn't want to bid a farewell to him like this. Hakuryuu tells her to come with him to the Kou Empire and confesses that he likes her.[128] He describes her as magnificent woman, strong, gentle and beautiful. He then takes her hand and says that he want to ask her to become his wife. Morgiana is too shocked and asks him if he's alright because he seems strange. He answers that he is serious and tells her that since their talk after Dunya's funeral, he wants her to became an empress of the nation he will build. She can't believe it and tries to decline his offer by saying she was once a slave and thus can't become an empress, but he exclaims he doesn't care about that and forcefully kisses her. After that, he proclaims that she will become his empress.[129] He demands her answer, but she hesitates and apologizes to him. When he once again says to come with him, she begs him to stop and cries. She then hears words of apology, but he soon adds he is serious about this. She says she is happy about his confession and it's the first time a man said something like this to her, but still, she can't go with him. She doesn't respond when Hakuryuu asks why. She then smiles and wants to convince him to go back, optimistically believing that Aladdin and Alibaba will listen to his troubles. Hakuryuu thanks her, saying she really is a gentle person and that's one more reason to not give up on her. He then tells her to give her friends best regards, and, with tears in his eyes, says that will surely come to propose to her once again.[130]

After parting with Hakuryuu, she comes to Alibaba and Aladdin and explains Hakuryuu's situation. When Alibaba wants to go to him, thinking he resembles Cassim, Morgiana hugs him and begs him no to go with tears in her eyes, shocking him. Aladdin asks if it's alright with her if he goes, but she doesn't answer.[131]

Forced to eat.png

The night before farewells, the group decides to spend in port city of Aktia. Morgiana seems to be in a bad mood. When the party is eating, Aladdin asks Morgiana if she is alright because she hasn't touched her food. Alibaba happily takes a plate with fish and says that her strong point is her physical strength, so she has to eat to her heart's content. When she answers she will be okay and tries to turn down the fish, he says that if she says so, he will have to eat that delicious fish. He then slaps it on her face and annoys her, so she eventually eats every fish he serves her. After some of them, she asks if he is now satisfied and he exclaims with a big smile that she is great.[132]

Having fun.png

After that, Aladdin says he will take a route toward Magnostadt, and asks if Alibaba and Morgiana are going to the Reim Empire together. She explains that they are going to different parts of Reim, so they will take different ships as well. Alibaba says that he intends to return in no more the year and the same goes to Morgiana, who wants to go to Sindria as soon as she will see her home village. Aladdin confesses that he will take much more time, but they are tied by destiny so they will surely meet again. Alibaba suggests to make a promise and Aladdin agrees. The three of them hits their fists saying they will surely meet again and in one piece. Later, the group starts to have fun. Alibaba laughs at Morgiana's funny way of eating. Then, they watch Aladdin dancing. To have some fun as well, Alibaba takes Morgiana's hand and invites her for a dance. She seems curious by his behavior but doesn't protest and blushes a little. Soon, the whole group is happily dancing.[133]

Later that evening, when the group heads back to sleep, Alibaba notices something. He asks Aladdin to take a detour, to which his small friend says it's alright with him. Morgiana says it's okay with her too, but Alibaba says she should go back and rest because she wasn't feeling good before. She answers she's alright now, so he uses another argument, being that it's dangerous for a girl. When Aladdin is surprised that Alibaba wants to let Morgiana to go home alone in the dark, he says that if someone attacked her, Aladdin should be worried about that person. Morgiana is even more irritated. Aladdin then notices that Alibaba is contradicting himself, but is soon whispered something. Now even Aladdin says she should go, as they have some men talks. They confuse her even more and then leave her alone. She decides to follow them and sighs seeing that they went to pleasure house. She doesn't go back, but instead watches what they are doing. She realizes that every little thing Alibaba tells the girls on spun of the moment, is exactly the same thing Hakuryuu told her earlier. First, she tries to shake her head, but in the end gets so annoyed that she stamps on the ground, leaving lots of people thinking it was an earthquake. Before the morning comes, she is seen sleeping peacefully.[134]


In the morning, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana are finally forced to bid their farewells. When Aladdin and Alibaba exclaim they will become strong the next time they meet, Morgiana says she also will become stronger so she won't lose to them. Alibaba sinks her zeal by reminding her that her objection is not training and asks if she wants to become even stronger. Then, Aladdin says goodbye to them and Morgiana and Alibaba send him off with a smile. After that, Alibaba is boarding his ship as well. Morgiana tightens her fists on her dress, as if she wanted to say something, but then Alibaba turns around. He tells her that he remembered something about her Household Vessel. He says that as long he will keep his Metal Vessel at hand, she will be able to use Amon's power. She says she understands, but Alibaba reassures her not to worry, confusing her. He exclaims he will never let go of his Metal Vessel, because, even though she is already strong, he wants to become her strength whenever she is in danger. Morgiana doesn't know what to say so she simply thanks him. She is then given a beautiful necklace and said to always bring it with her, in case her current Household Vessel broke and she needed something to transfer the Household Spirit. She puts it on, smiles and deeply bows to a ship which Alibaba boarded.[135]

World Exploration Arc

Morgiana reaches the place called The Great Rift, the province of Reim Empire. Two months earlier, when she arrived at Cathargo, she couldn't find any Fanalis there. Some man wondered if she was a Fanalis and other was surprised, because he thought they were all captured. She was able to overhear that on the other side of The Great Rift Fanalis were still there.[136]

Mor looking at The Great Rift.png

During her journey she was warmly welcomed by Torran's people, who taught her some of their words and took care of her. She thanked the people of Torran for what they've done for her. One boy, who was talking to her the whole time, and it seems, spent with her the most time, takes her hand and says that she is a good person, a friend. He declares he's worried because no one have ever returned from going to the valley. She stares at it frightened, wondering if there really is something beyond there, as it looks as worlds end there. What's more, it seems like there is no sunlight. However, wanting to confirm what she has heard about Fanalis, she jumps.[137]

Morgiana uses chains in her Household Vessel to go down. Still being able to see light, she wonders why Torran Village was in such a remote place and why they are speaking another language than the rest of the world. She wants them to teach her more when she'll come back. Some time later, she looks much more tired and there's no sunlight already. After that she began to wonder if she's still going back, and if there's really bottom in this rift. She thinks that if not, she will reach the land of dead and panics saying she wants to go back while she still has a time. Then she reaches the bottom of the valley. She feels relieved that this place is a valley after all. She decided not to use Amol Selseila to make light and instead uses her Echolocation. She realizes that there is a wall behind her so she has to go forward. She decides not to hesitate anymore and reach to her destination, no matter where it is.[138]

Dining with Yunan.png

After she continued on her way for a while, she got a little hurt by stepping on a ground. A source of light appeared and she saw a house with a man standing in the doorway, who looked surprised seeing her. He tells her that she did a good job coming there, calling her by name. She tears up a little seeing a person. He invites her and prepares a tea for her. He asks how it taste and tries to justify himself by saying he hadn't had a guest for a long time. She answers that it's delicious and asks who he was. He introduces himself as Yunan, the guardian of the valley. Morgiana wants to know why he knew her name and gets the reply that he overheard it from Torran's people, while still being in his house. He tells her he also knows that she is going to meet the other Fanalis on the other side of the Rift. Surprised, she stands and asks if "the other side" really exists with Fanalis there. Yunan demands to know if she really wants to go and meet them, and she happily exclaims she want and to let her go. However, she won't be able to come back, or, at least, Yunan wouldn't want to bring her back. He says that it might be better for her to never go back, because of all bad experiences she, as a Fanalis, had to go through. She looks terrified, but Yunan also adds that a great war, which will involve the whole world, will begin. When she wonders what he is talking about, he says her that Emperor of Kou Empire is dead.[139]

Magnostadt Arc

Mor saves Alibaba in Magnostadt.png

Morgiana arrives in Magnostadt along with Yunan, Sinbad and the Seven Seas Alliance members. She catches Alibaba in the mid-air, when he, after exhausting battle, runs out of Magoi and his Djinn Equip wears off. She asks him if he's alright. In shock and confusion, Alibaba asks "M-M-M-Mo...?! Morgiana?!". With a bright smile, Morgiana replies, "Yes!".[140]

Mor about to attack.png

She watches the Seven Seas Alliance's members' Household Vessel Equipping. With serious expression, she states that she will become like that in the future as well. Yunan suggest her to not become one. He reminds her that once she achieves "assimilation", she won't be able to go back to her human form again. He mentions that Alma Torran's soldiers who achieved such a state sadly called it "the ultimate measure". Morgiana however says that she wants to become stronger. She contains her flames around the chains and by manipulating the airflow with the heat, she starts flying. She heads towards the Medium and manipulates the shape of her chains and attacks the Medium with powerful flame attack which comes from Amol Selseila, without giving it much damage.[141]

Mor watching the Medium's end.png

She then watches the Medium after the attack of combined Extreme Magic of all gathered people capable of using it, as it is falling to pieces. However, it's not enough to finish it off. She watches Muu Alexius as he curses that even with Scheherazade's "last Magoi", they weren't able to kill it. After Aladdin learns that Titus Alexius is dead, Morgiana takes him back to reality and points out that the Medium is behaving strangely. As Yunan explains that it is hesitating because of white Rukh and someone's interruption inside of it, Aladdin and Yamraiha go through Wisdom of Solomon inside it to meet Matal Mogamett. When Aladdin loses consciousness, Alibaba and Morgiana stay by his side, with Morgiana holding his hand.[142] After Aladdin's success, she watches the Medium's destruction.[143]

Mor and Mu introduced.png

She listens to Kouen's original objective, which means taking Magnostadt, shocked. Yunan tries to stop Sinbad, mentioning that they took precautions so they wouldn't end up fighting against Kou, what Morgiana confirms. Alibaba asks her what is she talking about and in her place, Sinbad explains that Seven Seas Alliance and Reim have formed an official confederation. After the matter with Kou and Seven Seas Alliance is solved, Alibaba introduces Muu to her, who stretches out his hand towards her. When Titus comes back alive, she watches him and his friends meeting with her usual expression while staying close to Alibaba.[144]

Second Balbadd Arc

Mor learning about Alibaba's girlfriend.png

Morgiana comes with Alibaba and Aladdin to the Sindria Kingdom, where they are warmly welcomed by Pisti. She stares at Masrur when they arrive. She comes to Alibaba when he is meeting with Toto, where she learns that Toto is someone he met in Reim, and watches them happily interacting with her fists clenched. Aladdin happily exclaims that Toto seems like an interesting person and tells Morgiana to talk with her later. Morgiana, after a little moment of hesitation, agrees. She is surprised when Sharrkan asks Alibaba if he became a "man". She becomes more and more confused as Alibaba starts denying it and blushing. When he however confirms that Toto is his girlfriend he got in the Reim Empire, she shows utterly surprised expression.[145]

As the group hears more of Alibaba's story on how he came to like Toto, Morgiana presses her hand over her heart and wonders what this feelings is and she begins recalling the times she had with Alibaba. The next day during training, she has bags under her eyes, and is promptly awoken from staring into space by Masrur who clapped his hands loudly. When he asks if she is well, she replies she couldn't sleep last night. As Masrur asks if it's about Alibaba, she says yes but quickly corrects herself and denies it. She explains that she came to ask him something.[146]

Her master losing his way.png

Morgiana tells Masrur about the Household Vessel assimilation and about already assimilated people who kept asking her if she hasn't done it yet. Masrur explains that it's not only Drakon, as there are others among the Eight Generals who have half assimilated. He says the more they use it, the less human their bodies become. Even though Morgiana acknowledges the risks, she says she still wants to be stronger. Masrur tells her that Alibaba wouldn't want that, and that he is strong like Sin, and probably would be fine if they weren't around. She becomes a bit sad at hearing that but allows Masrur to keep explaining. He tells her their role as household members is to not become an emotional "risk" to their masters. He gives her an example asking her that if her master "loses his way after suffering a lot... can you still be his friend". She becomes confused so Masrur tosses in "even if Alibaba has found another woman for himself", causing Morgiana to shout out in anger.[147]

During breakfast when Toto tells everyone that she's not Alibaba's girlfriend, but Garda, an ape twice as large as Toto and Morgiana's masters, Morgiana becomes confused, asking "Alibaba is dating... an ape lady?? What's the meaning of that...?". She then thinks to herself what this feeling she has inside is. As Alibaba is crying his "manly tears", Morgiana is seen to be sighing in relief.[148]

Mor and Toto.png

Morgiana is watching Alibaba's training with Sharrkan, sitting next to Toto. Toto cheerfully explains Alibaba's abilities while Morgiana is staring at her. She is surprised when Toto suddenly turns around. Asked why doesn't she speak and if her stomach hurts, she denies everything and admits that she's not good with talking to people she just met, as she doesn't know what to say. With a bright smile, Toto tells her to not be like that. She also says that in Remano's gladiator training there aren't any women and Toto really likes her. She mentions Morgiana's age and favorite dish, confusing the Fanalis girl at the same time. Toto explains that Alibaba has told her about Morgiana in Reim, that he had a friend called Morgiana who has quick temper and is a little scary, but is unexpectedly cute. At the same time, Alibaba is being tortured by Sharrkan, making Morgiana to shout his name, with her face red.[149]

Half a month later, a letter from Kouen arrives. He asks to send him an escort from Sindria. Morgiana reacts rapidly when Sinbad tells them that Kouen's escort are supposed to be Alibaba and Aladdin, but Sinbad calms her down. She is shocked when upon hearing that the place the letter invites them to is Balbadd. Much to her surprise, Alibaba decides to go alone. Afterwards, he apologizes and explains to Aladdin his reasons. He also tells Morgiana to not come with him, as Balbadd is dangerous place, where they could be killed at any time and she should stay here with Aladdin. Morgiana doesn't answer.[150]

Mor wants to help.png

She appears in front of him the following day, on the ship, with her luggage fully packed. He sweats and, a bit irritated, shouts that he told her not to come. She however says that she will do it, because she was once told by the two of them to do what she wants. She says that she wants to help him. She's is doing it for Aladdin as well, as he really wanted to come with him. The ship is soon boarded by Toto, Olba and his friends as well. Send off by Sindria's citizens and Aladdin, Alibaba's group heads out towards Balbadd.[151]

The next day, Alibaba is standing alone. Morgiana comes to him alongside the rest of the group. Seeing how her friends is spacing out, worried, she recalls the conversation she had with him the previous night.[152]

Mor worried.png

She mentioned that Aladdin felt really worried after it was decided that he would go to Balbadd, but he replied that he's fine. After a moment of silence, he admitted that he proudly told him to not think about complicated matters but he, himself, is a little scared of going back to Balbadd, much to her confusion. He explained that back in Reim, he was looking for a way to help Balbadd but heard nothing about a bad government. He said he is scared that there might be nothing left for him to do, even though he understands it's quite selfish of him; to have such a role. He began to question if there is even a meaning to him having a Metal Vessel, despite him knowing that he still should fight against Al-Thamen.[153]

From her thoughts Morgiana is waken up by the notice of the pirates' arrival. She fights by using her kicks. The battle is won thanks to Olba and Toto's Household Vessel activation.[154]

Aren't going there alone.png

Later, the group celebrates the activation of the Household. Morgiana tells Alibaba that she is glad, as he has more allies now. He wonders how many Household Vessels it can produce. Morgiana says that they all adore him. With a small blush, she notes that he isn't going there alone, and he responds similarly, nodding. Then, Toto and Olba announce that they decided to become a couple. She watches them hugging with a surprise on her face.[155]

The next day, she watches Alibaba, hidden from him, worried. She notes that he is looking like he isn't feeling well. She thought he would be better because two more people were just added to his Household, but it doesn't seem so. She wonders if he's still worried about Balbadd.[156]

Mor training.png

She is then seen training when Alibaba approaches her and starts running around her. Confused, she asks him if he needs something. He replies that the breeze feels good today, but Morgiana notes that there is no breeze. He adds that more than breeze, it's sun that is really dazzling. She answers, "I see!" but still questions his weird behavior. After a moment of silence, she tells him that she has something to tell him. She says that from now on, he will get even more allies. He is a person that can give people things which can't be obtained with money, just how he warmed the hearts of people of Balbadd as well as Toto's, Olba's and her own. She continues saying that one day, a lot of people will gather around him and she will become a really small existence among them, but asks if it would be possible for him to let her stay by his side.[157]

Mor crying.png

Alibaba thanks her and admits that he's happy about her feelings. He says that she's special to him, she is always there for him when he's in trouble and she always helps him in making decisions. She's strong and cool woman, someone he can rely on, but for those reasons, he asks if she is sure there aren't better ways of living than with him. Shocked and depressed, Morgiana wants to know if he's saying that she can't be with him, but he denies it. He says, "I want you to be by my side forever. No matter what happens from now on, I will always be with you, Morgiana!". A tear drops from her eye and she starts trembling and crying. As she tries to wipe out her tears, she thanks him and says that she's really happy. Much to her surprise, Alibaba hugs her and she continues crying in his arms.[158]

As a member of his Household.png

Alibaba continues sticking to Morgiana. She notes that they will soon reach Balbadd, what he confirms. Whatever Morgiana does, Alibaba still clings to her. At some point she tells him that it's strange and asks him to stop. Alibaba blushes and replies that it's normal, now that they become lovers, or married couple and just a moment ago she even proposed. Morgiana, confused, says she doesn't remember anything like that and asks if he hasn't misunderstood something. Alibaba, confused, recalls what she said just 15 minutes before and she confirms that she did say it, but she meant it as a member of his Household and she just wants to serve under him in the future as well. Hearing that, Alibaba, flustered, starts shouting, crying and ripping his own hair out. Morgiana tries to calm him down, but he only screams that he doesn't want this anymore and wants to know why is he the only one who must go through such pains. He adds that everything is horrible and runs away.[159]

The rest of the company arrive next to Morgiana, and watch Alibaba's behavior dumbfounded. Asked what happened, Morgiana starts explaining, but everyone understands before she says something more. Toto tells her that Alibaba was very happy to get the lover for the first time in his life and when he understood it was all a misunderstanding, he was embarrassed and deeply hurt. Morgiana, confused and shocked, asks if she should apologize, but Olba interrupts saying no, bows and explains that it's his fault, as he said something unnecessary to him. Toto tells everyone to go look for Alibaba.[160]

Alibaba is found hiding among barrels, where he trembles in fear. Toto explains that he's so scared and hurt, and if they don't do something, he could die. Morgiana looks at him, worried. Toto tells him that it's not like Morgiana hates him and Olba adds that they all love him, but he only screams. Toto gets irritated and says that if he wants a girlfriend so badly he should just say "Let's go out", sure that Morgiana would be fine with it, what she confirms, because she will follow Alibaba everywhere. Alibaba interrupts them, saying that it's not what he meant. He tells them that he was never loved by a single woman in his life, he just want someone who looks just at him, he wants that kind of relationship. He asks if there's something wrong with him and screams that he wants to be popular, be pampered and have a girlfriend.[161]

More time.png

As she listens to Alibaba's complains, Morgiana thinks of Hakuryuu and comes closer to Alibaba, deeply bowing and apologizes for creating such a misunderstanding. She explains that just a few years ago, she was still a slave and never considered being with someone of her own free will, so she's not capable of imagining something as amazing as being with him, but if he's willing to teach her about such things, she can learn them little by little. She then asks him if he could give her more time before she can properly learn to be with him and adds that it's because she really likes him. As he hears it, Alibaba starts trembling and crying, but says that he will wait. Morgiana holds his arms. Then, Olba's group voices their opinion about Alibaba, what he takes as making fun of him. Morgiana however adds that she likes that completely honest part of him as well. Then, Toto announces that they are almost in Balbadd.[162]

Alibaba's group arrives in Balbadd's port. Seeing the country, she asks, "This is... Balbadd!?".[163] Olba asks her if there is something wrong, looking at Balbadd which resembles the Kou Empire, and she honestly answers that the appearance of the city is completely different. She wonders why Alibaba isn't surprised by the change. When the group is notified that Kouen can't meet them now and Toto starts making a ruckus, Morgiana, alongside Olba, tries to hold her.[164]

A slave in Balbadd.png

The next day, Morgiana goes with the rest of the group towards Kouen. On their way, a child is run over by a wagon and is on the verge of dying. She helps with treatment of his wounds while Alibaba checks his condition. As she learns that no one wants to help him because he is a slave, she is speechless until she hears about Balbadd's slaves origin, when she mutters, "No way." She then enters the Palace.[165] When Alibaba is put between an argument whether he should prostrate in front of Kouen, Morgiana comment that if doesn't do that, it'll be a declaration that he's no longer related to Balbadd. She is surprised by Alibaba's lie to win this situation, but soon after smiles. She then meets with Kin Gaku and others from Kouen's Household.[166]

After Alibaba goes to talk with Kouen, she stays in the state guest lodgings. Much to her surprise, Muu appears. She asks why is he there and in response hears that he has something to tell her, as a fellow Fanalis.[167] As they are walking alone, Morgiana asks him if she should keep silent about meeting him there, to which Muu comments that she's smart and kind. He reveals to her that he came to meet with Kouen and Sinbad will probably hear about it. He adds that he is fine with it and asked why, he points out that Reim is now in a difficult position with Scheherazade dead. He says he doesn't want both Kou and Sindria stealing its power in front of his eyes. Morgiana notes that they are allies, but Muu explains that they pose no threat to Sindria and Kou and are no more than a third power. Once the Reim Empire relies on either of them, the biggest war will begin. Morgiana comments it with "That can't be...!!".[168]

Mor 211.png

Muu says that he was hesitant to tell her the truth about the Great Rift before it happens. In Magnostadt, Morgiana told him what she has done to meet her brethen and Muu reveals to her that he himself had tried journeying to the other side of the Great Rift when he was around her age, much to her shock. He ignored Yunan's warning and saw the scenery that lies behind the valley. Morgiana asks him why he kept quiet about it in Magnostadt. He replies that he is still unsure if he should tell her, but she has the right to know and to decide her future after the summit. In his story, Muu's journey was much like Morgiana's, but as he was reaching his destination, he felt that he was becoming a beast and realized that the Fanalis on the other side were not humans but beasts. He was teleported back by Yunan before crossing fully to the other side.[169]

Great heroes.png

After hearing it all, Morgiana thinks that it's alright and as long as she won't cross the valley, she will be able to live together with them. She asks Muu what will he do, but he replies that nothing, believing that he has duties left unaccomplished. He recalls his past with Scheherazade and concludes that now that she died, he will protect the Reim Empire. Morgiana inquires how many of his men abandoned everything and went to their homeland after hearing his story. Muu answers that none, and Morgiana says that it's the same for her; there are two great heroes for her on this side. With a smile, Muu tells her that he knew she would say that and warns her of Sinbad.[170]

Alma Torran Arc

Final Arc

Yunan reports to Alibaba that only a year ago after Hakuryuu's mysterious disappearance, Morgiana along with Aladdin vanished as well.[171] As Alibaba looks around for Sindria, he wonders how everyone has changed and imagined Morgiana a bit taller with more muscles.[172] After Alibaba establishes the Kou Trading Company Aladdin is seen speaking with Morgiana after his message was intercepted by Arba.[173] When Aladdin, Hakuyruu, and Morgiana challenge Arba she is shown to have a great increase in her physical capabilities being much faster and stronger than Arba. This was a result of her training with the Fanalis in the Dark Continent.[174] When Aladdin, Hakuryuu, and Morgiana celebrated being reunited with Alibaba at a nearby tavern, Alibaba surprises everyone by proposing to Morgiana. Morgiana accepts by saying she will not let him die again and that she already decided how she felt about him when traveling to the dark continent. The two become engaged and everyone cheers and congratulates them.[175]

On their next stop to Heliohapt Kingdom, Aladdin, Morgiana, and Alibaba visit their mentors: Yamraiha, Masrur, and Sharrkan. Masrur remarks how Morgiana came back stronger while Morgiana shares about her adventures in their homeland.[176]


Physical Abilities

As a Fanalis, Morgiana is very strong when it comes to fighting, being able to carry up to 7 people at once, take down a large number of opponents with her kicks and even break adult Fanalis handcuffs and chains when she got angry. She has even underwent martial arts training under Masrur.[177][178] Since training under Masrur, she is able to defeat dangerous beasts in a single hit and her strength has further increased. Morgiana was also born with exceptional speed, being able to close large gaps in an instant and intercepting quick attacks by people. Since training with Masrur, her speed and leg strength have increased further.

Morgiana has also shown superior hearing, smelling, and sight, as shown when she was able to locate Aladdin and Alibaba in the Dungeon Amon, where they were hiding in a cave[179][180] and when she notices fire in the Aktia Kingdom's port before anyone else.[181]

  • Battle Cry: Morgiana has a battle cry that she uses to fight against, and scare monsters. She has scared off monsters up to 2 to 3 times her size.
  • Echolocation: An upgraded version of her Battle Cry, Morgiana uses this along with her senses to see her surroundings when shrouded in the pitch black of the Great Rift.[182]

Advanced Intelligence

Morgiana is intelligent enough to know how to read and speak the Torran Language. She learned it from Yunan.

Household Vessel

Morgiana uses the powers of Alibaba Saluja's Djinn, Amon. Amon lends his power to her Household Vessel, Amol Selseila. Initially, Morgiana has stated that since her Household Vessel takes too much out of her, she would rather just increase her martial art abilities.[183] After her time with Yunan, she has learned how to use it without depleting so much of her magoi, as well as manipulating it much better.

  • Amol Selseila (Flame Wings of Iron Chains): Morgiana has a Household Vessel from Alibaba's Djinn, Amon. Since it was best to use something one has a attachment to, she chose the leg chains she had as a slave, as she has had it for a long time.[184][185] Alibaba gave her a second Household Vessel from Amon, a sort of necklace with the same Fanalis Symbol as her chains, its abilities are still unknown. It was meant to be a spare in case her bracelet got broken. Morgiana is able to use the chains to climb, swing, and even to attack by wrapping up her enemy with them. Additionally, she is able to summon Amon's flames to burn her enemies with a huge amount of fire. This, however, consumes a lot of Magoi. After getting advice from Yunan, she learned how to use Amol Selseila on her legs without getting extremely tired. She even learned to manipulate the heat generated by the chains to fly in the air, and found out how to manipulate the chains' shape into wings of fire and increase its size at will to create a wider range of attacks.


Quantity of Magoi
Fighting Ability
Physical Strength
Leadership Ability



Alibaba Saluja

Morgiana was grateful and loyal towards Alibaba. She usually tried to assist him as much as she can, even if it means acting against his will, or carrying him like a princess. She was hinted to have romantic feelings for him. This was shown to be likely true, when Alibaba misunderstood a question of hers as a confession, and he got upset when corrected, she explained that she simply wasn't mentally prepared for a relationship yet, and asked him to wait for her to be, since she really liked him. Later it was revealed while she talks to Hakuryuu that she is, in fact in love with Alibaba.[186]

In the current arc, Morgiana and Aladdin had reunited with Alibaba after the battle with Arba. Alibaba also proposed to Morgiana in Qishan, which she accepted.[187] At the end of the series, Alibaba and Morgiana married. [188]


Aladdin was Morgiana's important friend. She fondly remembered the time that Aladdin broke the chains she wore as a slave. He gave her the nickname Mor. His scent reminds her of a warm sunny day and sheep's milk.[189]

They lived in the Kina Kingdom (Flying Island) with the Fanalis Beasts.[190] Morgiana helped a wounded Aladdin from a battle with Sinbad.[191] Later it was seen that Hakuei (Gyokuen) found them, and Hakuryuu told Morgiana to run with Aladdin.

Hakuryuu Ren

Morgiana saw him as one of her friends, and she strived to help him when he is in trouble. In the Zagan Arc, she told Hakuryuu that she wished to protect him in the place of those who hold him dear. Later, she was grateful when Hakuryuu declared his feelings for her, but admitted she did not feel the same way. When Alibaba became distressed because Morgiana did not want to be in a relationship with him at the moment, Hakuryuu suddenly came to her mind. However, she felt guilty.

Later, Morgiana re-encountered Hakuryuu to tell him that she was sorry for letting him go on a rampage and will be watching him very closely from then on. She stated that she doesn't hate him when he asks whether or not she despised him for killing Alibaba.


Masrur was Morgiana's combat mentor. The two were fond of each other, and they behaved like affectionate (albeit reserved) siblings. Sometimes, Morgiana consulted him for advice.[192]


As her slaveholder, Jamil abused her violently. She was so scared of him that, when given a choice, she could not think to let him die.


Before dying, Goltas wished her to be free and see her homeland. He believed that she hadn't done anything bad enough to die, unlike himself. Morgiana was also saved by Goltas' guidance multiple times.


When Morgiana traveled to the Dark Continent she met Yunan who was surprised to see how far she had traveled and took care of her. He hinted that something bad was going to happen to her in the future but doesn't bring that topic up again. During the fight against the Medium, Yunan had showed Morgiana how to use her metal vessel without depleting so much of her magoi. Morgiana shows to trust Yunan as she and Aladdin entrusted Alibaba's body for him to look after.

Muu Alexius

They had a fairly good relationship. Morgiana seemed to like the company of all of the Fanalis Corps, and Muu also respected her as a Fanalis. This was shown when he visited her (a few days before the meeting between Kouen and Sinbad) to reveal the truth about the Fanalis' homeland in the Dark Continent. Also, Morgiana seemed to have a deal of respect to him, calling him "Lord Muu".


  • Her name is based on Morgiana (Arabic: Marjāna(t) مَرجانة), from the word Marjān (مَرجان) meaning Coral, a clever slave girl who served Ali Baba in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves from the One Thousand and One Nights.
  • Her special skill is kicking.[193][194]
  • Her hobby is muscle training.[193][194]
  • Her weaknesses are improvisation[193][194] and that she can't swim.
  • Her favorite type of man is "I'm not really sure",[195] and she dislikes slaves owners.[194]
  • She enjoys spending her days off on training with Masrur.[194]
  • She is worried about what she has to do to become even stronger.[194]
  • Her favorite food is fish and she dislikes corn.[194]
  • She dislikes loneliness.
  • The person she is interested in is Masrur, because they're both Fanalis.[196]
  • Her most important property is her Household Vessel.[196]
  • It's hard for Morgiana to do delicate tasks (like lifting dominoes up carefully),[197] that's why she’s not good at cooking. She gets frustrated measuring things precisely so she ends up just measuring things by eye.[194]
  • According to Alibaba, Morgiana is a sound sleeper.[198]
  • Morgiana does not wear any undergarments.[199]
  • Her character song is called "Fanalis".
  • In Volume 27's omake, when asked who they wish were their real sibling, Morgiana chose Masrur and adds: "It's embarrassing, please, don't tell him." Masrur comments: "Oh, is that how you've been thinking of me?"


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