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Mina (ミーナ, Mīna) is a little girl that was traveling with her mother, Alibaba Saluja, and Budel.


Mina manga
In the manga

Mina is a small young girl. She has brown eyes, and short, dark brown hair.

In the anime, she is a slave and her feet are shackled.


Nothing about her personality was shown, but she does like to hear stories about Dungeons and the treasures within them.


Nothing about Mina's history was explained.


Dungeon Arc

Mina and Morgiana

Mina is in the cart with her mother, Budel, Aladdin and Alibaba Saluja when they are on their way to Qishan. Along with her mother, she is listening to Alibaba's explanation about Dungeons, curious if such things are really there. Her mother tells her to asks laster, as he is working. When a Desert Hyacinth appears, it pulls her down into it's mouth; in the anime, it pulls Morgiana too, as Morgiana tries to save her.[1] Alibaba attempts to grab her, but he is pushed by Budel and unable to.[2]

Mina's Mother

Nobody else is going to save her, despite Mina's mother's crying, until Alibaba finally gets tired of waiting for someone else. He punches Budel in the face and takes his wine to get the Desert Hyacinth drunk. He then grabs Mina and hands her over to her mother. Mina seems to be really enraged when Budel asks what is more worth, his wine or Alibaba's life, when Alibaba himself gets caught and Aladdin tries to save him by taking all of Budel's wine. She is then with her mother when she thanks Alibaba for saving her daughter.[3]


None, if any, of her skills were shown.



Mina and her mother love each other very much. When Mina fell into the mouth of the Desert Hyacinth, she was distraught and screamed and screamed for her. She even tried to jump in too, to save Mina. When Mina was saved, her mother and her both cried in each others arms.


  • Mina was not named in the manga, but in the anime.
  • In the manga, when Mina fell into the Desert Hyacinth, she fell alone but in the anime Morgiana fell with her trying to catch her.
  • In the manga, Mina and her mother are free citizens, but in the anime, they were slaves.


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