Medoun Al-Samm (滅葬(メドウン・アルサーム), Medoun.Arusāmu, Funeral Destruction) is a Strength Magic used by Gyokuen Ren. While casting this magic, she absorbs all the Black Rukh around her, including those of people near her and crosses her hands near her chest, as her staff floats in front of her. When she is casting this magic, her hands turn black and devilish. This magic attacks the opponent in the direction of her hands destroying everything in its path to inflict a huge amount of damage to the opponent. This magic was so strong, that it heavily damaged both Judar and Hakuryuu Ren, leaving them extremely injured on the ground.


Absorbing Black Rukh
Absorbing Black Rukh From Hakuryuu's Djinn Equip
Casting The Spell
Activating The Spell


  • The "(Al-)Samm" element of the name derives from the Arabic word سم samm, meaning "poison".


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