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Mariam (マリアム, Mariamu) was the sister of Cassim.


In the manga

Mariam was a short young girl. She had black hair in dreadlocks and two ponytails. She had tan skin like her brother and wore a dirty sleeveless dress with a slash wrapped around her waist.


Mariam was a kind young girl. She would cry when her father would become violent. After her adopted mother, Anise, had died, she worked hard to make a living.



Mariam was crying when her father hit her brother, Cassim. He would hit her for crying and tell her to shut up. Anise then came and saved her and Cassim. After her father disappeared, she and her brother were adopted by Anise. When Anise had died from an illness, she began to work along with Alibaba Saluja and Cassim.[1] After Alibaba went to the palace, she had died some time after.[2]


Balbadd Arc

Mariam Kassim

Mariam's Rukh, alongside Cassim's, is brought back by Aladdin through the Wisdom of Solomon with the Great Flow of Balbadd. She appears in front of Alibaba.[3]


Mariam was shown to be a hard worker.



Mariam was the younger sister of Cassim.

Her Father

Her father was abusive to her and Cassim. He would hit her for crying.


Anise was Mariam's adopted mother. Anise would protect her and Cassim from their father and even adopt them after their father had disappeared.

Alibaba Saluja

Alibaba was her brother when his mother adopted her.


  • Mariam is the Arabic and Hebrew form of the name Mary.
  • Also the name Mariam came from the book of Exodus.
  • If Mariam was still alive, she would have been about the same age as Morgiana.


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