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Margaret (マルガレータ, Marugarēta) is a hostess working in Aktia Kingdom's Port City's pleasure house.


Margaret is a tall woman of muscular build. She has an irregular face. Like her sister, she has small eyes and mouth, but a huge nose. She has long hair which she puts in ponytails tied with ribbons. She wears a necklace and earrings.


Nothing is revealed about her personality.


Nothing is known about her history, except that at one point she became the most beautiful hostess in a bar Alibaba and Aladdin went to.


Pirates Arc

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After seeing how much pleasure and fun Aladdin has, Alibaba Saluja asks for the most popular hostess in a bar they're in. Margaret comes, making Alibaba spill out his drink. He then asks her if they have met before, thinking about Elizabeth, but she takes it as if he wanted to seduce her. Alibaba quickly denies but the service time starts and he cries in anguish.[1]



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