Magoi (魔力マゴイ, Magoi) is the energy created from Rukh. Magoi is pure power. Concentrating Magoi and firing it is not that powerful and can only be used to give slight injuries. All living beings have Magoi inside their bodies, but only certain people with certain objects can call forth this power. Metal Vessels, Household Vessels, Magic Tools and Magicians all use Magoi to use Magic.


There are various ways to restore Magoi, of which include resting and eating to restore one's own physical strength. Magoi that has been stored inside a Djinn Metal Vessel can be restored by keeping it close to oneself for a few hours after restoring one's physical strength. [citation needed]

There is another way of recharging the Djinn Metal Vessel Magoi: by using the existing elements in nature as power. The element needed must be the same as the ability of the Djinn, and can only be used for one attack at a time. [citation needed]

Side Effects

Magoi Excess

Hakuryuu Ren suffering from overuse of Magoi

Usages of Magoi take toll on the user's body, especially when it is overused. This drawback holds true even if the person in question a Magi. The side effects of using Magoi includes the following. [citation needed]

  • Exhaustion
  • Straining of the body
  • Bleeding from the eyes and mouth
  • Coma
  • Shortens one's lifespan
  • Death


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