The Magnostadt Arc is the tenth story arc in the Magi manga series. This arc explores Aladdin at the Magnostadt Academy trying to figure out what connection it has with Al-Thamen, and deals with the war between Magnostadt, the Reim Empire and the Kou Empire.



End of the Year

Six months later in Magnostadt, Aladdin passes the Iktiyar by using Shallal Sarab to create a mirror image of the school. Later, after the Iktiyar, everyone is having a party. Sphintus Carmen compliments Aladdin for being the first seat while he barely made it. Myers then gives an announcement about how most of them will have to repeat a year while Aladdin and Sphintus will become second years. Everyone then congratulates Aladdin which he thanks them. Later that night, Aladdin writes in his journal about what has happened to him.

Graduation Ceremony

The next day at the ceremony, a teacher announces that Titus Alexius is the first seat of their year, which shocks everyone. Sphintus then complained, but the teachers says that Aladdin still has a long road of magic ahead of him. Titus then heads up to the platform, when Aladdin noticed the rukh around him. Afterwards, the students are all dismissed.

Aladdin meets Titus

Aladdin and Sphintus then head to the student's dorm. While walking, they wonder what the Second Level Citizenship thing on their graduate papers they have is about. Aladdin sees Titus and someone tells him that the two guys with him are his followers. Titus then notices Aladdin and walks over to him. Sphintus informs Aladdin about Titus' family in the Reim Empire. Titus tells Aladdin that he wants to be friends with him and extends him hand to shake hands with Aladdin. Aladdin extends him hand, but gropes Titus instead. Aladdin tells him that he thought Titus was a miss because of his high voice and large bottom. Titus then gets mad and says that he is going to kill Aladdin. Three people then decide to have Aladdin and Titus kill each other in a magic fight tomorrow.

The Battle Exam

The next day, Aladdin and Titus fight each other in a barrier. A teacher tells them that the fighting will not stop until the signal is given. The teacher also tells them that they will not be able to leave the barrier and will fight with all their strength in this death match. Before the match begins, Aladdin wonders why he has to face Titus. The teacher then starts the match.

The Night Before

The night before, Titus tries to attack Aladdin. Matal Mogamett comes and stops them from fighting. Everyone then bows, and Aladdin asks who he is. Sphintus tells him that he is the chancellor of the academy and the ruler of the country, Matal Mogamett. Aladdin thinks that he is the one who overtook the country. Matal then pats Aladdin on the head and asks that if he had a grandson and if he would be like him. A teacher then informs Aladdin and Titus that they will fight in a real battle exam. He then explains what the real battle exam is about and for.

Aladdin vs Titus

Back at the fight, Aladdin launches some attack type spells. Titus easily blocks them with the opposite elements of Aladdin's elements. The audience is amazed by their battle. Titus asks Aladdin if that is all he has. Aladdin then uses gravity magic to create a giant clay doll of Ugo. Aladdin then has Ugo attack Titus. Titus uses his Borg to block attacks, but Aladdin easily overpowers Titus. Titus' followers say that Aladdin's magic won't work but Myers tells them that it will work. Titus then activates a spell and destroys Ugo.

Titus then creates a small orb and launches it at Aladdin. When it hits the ground in explodes, which shocks everyone. Myers then explains that its Aberrant Magic and what it does. Matal then explains what Titus' magic, Destruction, does. Titus then launches another and tells Aladdin that he has never lost a magic battle. Aladdin then uses his own magic, Hadika Hadeka, to make his wand resonate. Aladdin then heads to Titus and breaks Titus' Borg. Aladdin then explains what his magic does. Matal then asks Myers if she taught Aladdin Martial Arts, which she answers yes. Titus is then shocked to learn that a Magician is using Martial Arts. Titus then cuts Aladdin's bandages. Aladdin then remembers what Yamraiha told him about not revealing the stone of his Magoi Reverse Tool. Aladdin then rips Titus' sleeve and sees that he has one too. Aladdin and Titus then cover their arms and clash again. Matal then stops the match.


Matal then walks up to Aladdin and Titus and tells them that the match is a draw. Matla then point out their strong points. Matal also tells them that he will recommend them both to a few offices, which shocks Sphintus and another. When Titus walks away, Aladdin stops him and asks him a few questions. Titus then raises his hand which Aladdin takes it. Titus then tries to kill Aladdin with Destruction. Matal then deflects the attack but it still hurt Aladdin. Sphintus, Myers, and another student rushes to Aladdin, while Titus looks shocked. Later that night, Sphintus and two other students are by Aladdin's side. One student asks about Titus, which Sphintus says that he has been imprisoned for the night. Sphintus then asks why Aladdin has not woken up yet.

Aladdin's Dream

Aladdin dreams about some people praising Solomon about the world becoming one. Solomon then talks with a women next to him and what she believes. Darkness then descends from the sky. Solomon then says that the magicians did not accept it in the end. Aladdin then sees a lot of dead bodies and wakes up. Aladdin then thinks about the dream he just had. He says the its about Magician and non-magicians fighting each other. He also comments about how he is different.

The Truth About Titus

In the prison, Titus is talking to Scheherazade. Titus asks her what to do, which she tells him to calm down. Scheherazade also tells him that he has to carry out his duty in order to protect the Reim Empire. Titus then leaves his imprisonment and heads to Aladdin's room. Titus heads in and tells Aladdin that they have to talk.

Aladdin and Titus Talk

Aladdin wonders why Titus came to him in the middle of the night. Titus then asks if Aladdin is alright, He says yes he is fine. Titus then apologizes for attacking him. Aladdin then wonders if Titus came to talk about him being a Magi. Titus then asks if Aladdin is the subordinate of either Yunan or Judar. Titus also tells Aladdin that he is the subordinate Scheherazade. Aladdin is shocked by this. Titus then tells him that he can communicate with Scheherazade with the crystals in his arms. Titus continues to say that he was given a mission and that he thinks that Aladdin is the same as him. Titus then asks who Aladdin is.

Aladdin Tells the Truth

Aladdin then tells Titus that he is a Magi. Aladdin also tells Titus that he came to this country to investigate the ominous weapons that are being created and the relations between those who are magicians and those who are not. Titus then says that Aladdin is the Magi working for the Sindria Kingdom. Titus then reveals that Sinbad had been sending letters to Scheherazade about forming an alliance. Titus then leaves and reveals his mission to Aladdin and to not get in his way. Aladdin then stops Titus and tells him he felt the same way as him. Aladdin also tells him that they should work together, which Titus then leaves.

Heading to the City

The next day, Sphintus invites Aladdin to go explore the city. Titus then shows up and apologizes to Aladdin for being late. Sphintus then stops them and asks why is he here. Titus tells him that he shouldn't get in their way and that they have a mission. Sphintus then asks Aladdin if its correct which he says yes. Titus then lets it slip that Aladdin is a Magi, but Aladdin quiets him down. Titus then says that they should do their best for their master, which Sphintus asks about the master thing. They then head into the city, which Aladdin thinks its the same as when first came to the country.

Exploring the City

They are then amazed at how the city looks. Titus then tells Aladdin that there are magical tool. They notice that they use magic tools for distributing water, cultivating land, and other stuff. Sphintus then wonders why they created a town full of magic tools, which Aladdin says that its easier. Sphintus then reveals that in his land gathering water and cultivating land are done by slaves. Titus the says that what they see is not the whole story and that the ones who know are the ones at the top. Aladdin then asks about the level of citizenship, which Sphintus explains it to him. Titus then notices a cat and get excited, which Sphintus wonders if he is alright. The three then explore more of the city. Sphintus is pampered, getting jewel, new clothes, and being praised for being a magician. Titus is interested at looking around the city and how the people live their lives. Aladdin finds it weird and asks some people about the 5th distract. They laugh and tells him that only garbage and outcasts live their.

Back at the Dorm

Later that evening, Aladdin and Sphintus are talking about the level of citizenship. Aladdin then asks a teacher about the 5th district but she can't disclose that information to him until they have completed the required ideology reformation. Aladdin then thinks that the behavior of the people was weird and that the key is in 5th level authorization district. Sphintus then tells Aladdin that they should eat and head to sleep, which he agrees. In Titus's room, Titus tells Scheherazade what he had saw today. Scheherazade then tells him that he has a mission to do and that he has to accomplices it. Titus then agree and has a weird look on his face afterwards.

Investigating the 5th District

Titus then goes and wakes up Aladdin. Aladdin asks him what he is doing, which Titus says that they should go to the 5th district. Aladdin, Titus, and Sphintus (Who was roped into it), heads to the first district to search for the location of the 5th district. Sphintus tells them that they can't enter the 1st district. Titus tells them that they'll turn into high level magicians with light magic. They head to the 1st district but can't enter the barrier. When another high level magician comes and who was with Myers, Sphintus uses Yoah Reg to put them to sleep. Titus then asks him what kind of magic he used, Sphintus tells him that its simple healing magic. Sphintus also explains how the magic works. They then realize that the silver accessory is the pass and head in.

Searching for Information on the 5th District

They then look for information on the location of the 5th District in the reference room. Aladdin then finds blue prints of academy city. They then notice that the 5th district in not on the map. They then find a document about the number of people with the city. They find out that there are 300,000 people within the city and that 200,000 of them are within the 5th district, they then wonder how they could quarantine that many people and where are they living in they city. They then find information on where the 5th district is located and head out.

The 5th District

The are fly through a tunnel that leads to the 5th district. While flying, Sphintus says that he doesn't believe that they are making 200,000 people live their. Titus tells him that they will know once they see it with their own eyes. They then enter the 5th district and are shocked to see that they built a city underground. They then head down to the city but keep their disguises on. They notices that its just like a normal city but one of them says it give him a weird city. Suddenly their magic disguises dissolving. Sphintus asks Titus if he cast the spell correctly, which Titus says that he doesn't know what is happening. Titus also notices that little by little magoi is coming out of their bodies. Aladdin then points to the people with they notice that magoi is leaking from all the people in the city. They then notices a little, which Sphintus says that she is going to die soon. The little girl asks for help, which Aladdin asks the people who she is but no one answers. Aladdin then thinks that no one whats to help, which Titus then decides to help her. They bring her to a building and Titus protects her with a certain of magic. Aladdin then asks her if she has any family, which she tells them that her mother died a little while ago.

About the 5th District

Aladdin then asks what the city is, since he never seen a city were magoi leaks from people. Someone then tells him that the 5th district is similar to a magoi production facility. He continues to say that the magoi that is leaked from the 5th district is used as a power source from that magic tools in the 4th and above districts. Sphintus asks if they are fine with living like that. Another one says that they don't have to work and get everything for free by the government. Someone then explains why they are down here and what happens to other people who can't pay the taxes. He also tells then that the girl they saves will likely die in a year or 2. Titus then tells them that they will leave after he cast some more on the little girl, Marga.

The Students and the Little Girl

Later Titus asks Marga if she likes books. Marga tells him yes but she can't understand the characters. Marga also tells Titus that she went to go learn the characters but collapsed on the way back. Marga continues to says that she wants to become a scholar or a doctor to go to the outside world. Titus asks her what she will do once she gets to the outside world. She tells him that she only knows what her mother told her but she wants to see normal city and that sky. Titus then tells her that is good. Aladdin then comes in a uses Gravity Magic to create an image of the outside city, which Marga thanks him for. They then talk to Marga about them teacher her, but she tells them to just come back from time to time because she is going to die soon.

Leaving the 5th District

Outside the build, the chief (Geolga) thanks Aladdin for helping Marga. Sphintus then asks him if he is happy living like that, which He says yes and explains how the old government used magic. He also tells them that the ones who are miserable are the second generation. They then notices a commotion which Geolga asks Otto what is happening. Otto tells Geolga that Titus plans to take Marga out of the 5th district. Otto then explains to Aladdin, Sphintus, and Titus what happens when someone plans to escape the 5th district. Titus then tells them that he can take them to the outside world if they want to go. Aladdin then wonders what Titus is thinking. The gate then opens and magicians come in.

The Magician's Patrol

Sphintus then wonders what is going on, which Geolga tell him that are their to check the number of dead people. Aladdin, Sphintus, and Titus are shocked and quickly hide. Sphintus then wonders about what to do, which Aladdin tells him that once the patrol leaves they will leave afterwards. While checking the numbers, The captain says that the volume of magoi is high. When the patrol notices that no one is has died and there are no Makbalah, they decide to head to the next district. Marga then suddenly collapses and the patrol decides to dispose of her. The people then try to beg the patrol to spare Marga's life but the captain through her into the hole saying that she and them are only livestock. Titus and Aladdin then jump into the hole. Titus then surrounds Marga in magic and hands her to a 5th district citizens.

Stopping the Patrol

A patrolmen tell Doron that Titus is student at the academy. Titus then launches an attack at the ceiling. Aladdin asks what he is doing which Titus tells him that he is going to break the ceiling. Doron the sentence Aladdin, Sphintus, and Titus to death for damaging Matal's magoi source. Doron then activate his magic whip and easily over powers Titus injuring him. Sphintus then heals Titus and tells him that if he gets expelled then he will blame him and his family. Doron then throws citizens from the 5th district into the hole, but Aladdin saves them all. Doron then asks Aladdin if he is will to an enemy of them, which Titus talks to him about his mission. Aladdin then thinks about his dream and is about to reveal his Magoi Reverse Tool but Myers shows up. Myers destroys Doron's whip and yells at him for sentencing schools of the academy to death. Myers then tells the 5th district citizen to back down and for Aladdin to drop his wand. Myers then takes Sphintus and Titus to the get healed, while Doron takes Aladdin to Chancellor.

Aladdin and the Chancellor

When they get their, Matal asks Aladdin if he infiltrated the 5th district. Aladdin tells him that he did infiltrate the 5th district. When Doron and the rest get mad, Matal tells them to forgive Aladdin and to leave. Matal then unlocks Aladdin cuff and they talk while having tea. Matal then asks how is Yamraiha. Matal then reveals that Yamraiha was his disciple and like a surrogate daughter to him. Matal then tells him that he want to get to know the people who come to this country to investigate it. Aladdin then notices that he has a gentleness like Baba and Alibaba and wonder who he is. Matal then invite Aladdin to the auditorium to learn more about the country.

Ideology Reformation

The next day at the auditorium, Aladdin meets up with Sphintus and Titus. Aladdin asks if they are alright. Sphintus tells him that they are alright and that they have permission to go to the 5th district. Sphintus revealed that Titus complained until the chancellor gave them permission to enter the 5th district. Matal then comes in and starts the lecture. Matal tells everyone that they are different from everyone else and why they were created into the world. Matal reveals that magician can do great things with rukh while Goi's can't. Matal also reveals that the Goi's have created empires while the Magician have not and explains why. Matal then shows them his past using Clairvoyance magic.

Matal's Past

Matal reveals that 70 years ago, he was worked for the old government and that he had a daughter. Matal tells them that the magicians were forced to work even until they died. Matal then reveals that they would research magic to help the people.They even proposed to the king of letting them us magic freely, which the king accepts. Matal also reveals that he told daughter that the rukh had given them an important mission and that magic is something magnificent. Matal then tells then audience that he once thought that the magician's job was to help the goi but that was a mistake. Matal then revealed that the magicians had worked hard enough to aristocracy status. Matal then asks Aladdin, Sphintus, and Titus about what they saw in the 5th district. Titus says that they oppress the people. Matal tells them that they Goi are nothing but livestock and that the Goi have a frightening desire for power. Titus says that its the same for magicians, but Matal tells them that magicians desire knowledge.

Continuing the Story

Matal then reveals that the bureaucrats had then spread a rumor that the magicians are the cause of the disease at the time. Matal also says that he, his daughter, and his disciples had to retire their status but were able to start a small school. Matal then reveals that 30 years later, the magicians were used as shield when war broke out with the Parthevia Empire. Matal also tells them that his daughter had died during the war. He then starts to wonders if the magician's missions was to help the Goi. He then realizes that the Goi's are nothing but livestocks and decided to create a country for magicians. They then stop the lectern for the day. The students then discussed what they had learned.

End of the Lesson

The next day, Matal continues the lecter. Matal reveals that after the war, they had turned the people against the nobles and started a rebellion. Aladdin then knows that Matal had started the conflict that happened to Dunya Musta'sim. Titus then confronts Matal about Marga and that 5th district but Matal tells him that he can take Marga out of the 5th district and if he is just helping her to heal an injury within his heart. Aladdin then says that he had experienced that same as Marga and tells him that Matal is wrong. Matal then tells Aladdin that there are fewer deaths now then in the past. Matal then tells everyone that the magician have to guide the world to peace.

After the Lesson

After the lesson, the students discuss their views. Sphintus reveals how magicians are treated in his country and what happened to his grandfather. Another reveals how she was treated by her parents because she has special abilities. The views that then split, with some say that they can't make a decision until they see the 5th district. They then head to 5th district, which the people reveal that they don't want to go outside. Titus then wonders why he wanted to help Marga. Matal then shows up in the and tells Aladdin to take him to Marga. Titus then gets into an argument with Matal, which Matal reveals that he knows that Titus is a subordinate of Scheherazade. Matal also tells them his views on the magicians of other countries. Matal is then taken to Marga. Matal then picks Marga up and gives her to Titus, who takes her outside. They then leaves, ignoring the other children. Aladdin then realizes that Matal doesn't see non magicians a humans anymore. Once outside, Marga gets excited and points to stuff she find exciting. Aladdin then asks Sphintus if he agrees with Matal. Sphintus tells Aladdin that he does agree which Aladdin becomes upset.

Zemi Lessons

Later, a teacher tells the students that the zemi lessons with start tomorrow. Aladdin thinks that there is a lot he wants to know and that he can't leave the 5th level district alone. Aladdin the asks if Titus is alright which he says yes. Sphintus then tells Aladdin and Titus that they are the only one that haven't chosen a class yet. Sphintus reveals that he has one recommendation and that he will attending the 8th type high level healing magic. Aladdin and Titus then decide to tells each other about the classes they take. Titus then decides to attend the magic item production class, while Aladdin chooses the Rukh's properties and alteration class.

Rukh's Properties and Alteration Class

Aladdin then meets the teacher for the class, Irene Smirnoff. Aladdin remembers her and tries to be friendly to her but Irene brushes him off. When Aladdin asks why, Irene says its because he had tea with Matal, which she dreams of. Irene then takes Aladdin to the class, which he sees black rukh after entering. Irene then starts to explain how they are able to completely control the black rukh and how they can create Djinn with it. Irene then asks Aladdin if he knows anything about what she talked about. Aladdin then asks if Magnostadt is connected to a certain organization. Irene denies this and dismisses the class. Aladdin then thinks that Magnostadt is connected to Al-Thamen.

Titus and Marga

At night, Titus is report to Scheherazade about what he found out, when Marga interrupts. Scheherazade asks who was that, which Titus tells her that its Marga, a little girl that he is taking care of. Scheherazade then reminds Titus that he only has a little time left. Titus then heads over to Marga and asks if she is okay. Marga tells Titus that she is fine and asks if they will be together forever. Titus then telsl her that they will be together forever. Then next day, Marga is healed by some magician. Titus asks Matal if it will work, which Matal explain that it will and that she will need to be treated periodically.

Reporting the Lesson

Later that night, Titus reports to Scheherazade that Magnostadt is manufacturing magic tools. Titus also tells her that they had gotten their hand on some magic tools 12 years ago but only started manufacturing them 2 or 3 years ago. Scheherazade then tells Titus to find more proof and that when his mission is done with, his role with also end. Scheherazade also tells him to come back with that happens. She then asks if there is anything else, but Titus says no.

Friends come to visit

The next day, Marga is playing with Sphintus while Aladdin and Titus discuss what they learned from their lessons. Sphintus then accidentally hits Aladdin which Aladdin yells at him. Aladdin also says that Sphintus is only useful with healing magic. Sphintus then proves him wrong by making a stew. Sphintus and Titus then get into an argument which ends up with Sphintus talking about the Reim Empire. Aladdin then says that he has a friend working hard in the Reim Empire. Aladdin also says that he will introduce Alibaba to them. They then continues to eat their meal.

Marga's Promise

Later after Sphintus and Aladdin have fallen asleep, Marga and Titus have a talk. Marga then asks Titus if he will wait for her to grow up. Marga also promise to return all the favors he did for her when she grows up and asks again if he will wait for her for the next 5 or 10 years. Titus then tells Marga that he will wait for her.

Magnostadt and Reim Empire

Later, Titus meets with Matal and tells him that he doesn't want to die. He then tells Matal that he is a clone that was create from Scheherazade. He then explains that he envies Aladdin, Marga, and Sphintus, which Matal then notices that Titus's rukh is turning black. He then tries to help Titus but Scheherazade takes control of Titus's body. Scheherazade then explains how she took control of Titus's body. Scheherazade then asks Matal to make Magnostadt a vassal state of Reim Empire, but Matal declines. Matal then explains that he can't live in a country where a goi is the ruler. Scheherazade then tells him that she won't let Matal to bring Titus on that path of destruction and asks Matal to return him, but Matal declines. Matal then forces Scheherazade out of Titus's body and then tells Titus take all magicians are his children and that Titus is not worthless.

Aladdin and Matal Talk

Later, Matal calls Aladdin to him and tells him Titus's situation. Matal then tells Aladdin that Scheherazade's true aim is the Kou Empire. He then tells Aladdin that it is fine if he follows Kou or Reim, or leave Magnostadt. Matal then asks Aladdin if there is something that he wants to asks him. Aladdin then asks who taught him about the ways to create Black Djinn. Matal tells him that is was Ithnan and himself that created the black metal vessel, but they have cut ties with Ithnan join long ago. Aladdin then asks why Matal sold the vessels to thieves. Matal tells him that its was to create funds and that he only cares about the magician. Aladdin then says that Matal is a suitable king for magicians, which Matal says that Aladdin is a magician and that he will never lie to magicians. Matal then says that he wants to protect this country and that he will need Aladdin's help.

To War With Reim and Magnostadt

The next day, Matal announces to everyone that they are going to war with the Reim Empire. The crowd that shouts that they want a country for magicians and will protect it. Titus then apologizes and tells them that can't win against the King Vessels in Reim Empire. In the Reim Empire, Scheherazade talks with the King Vessels, Nerva Julius Caluades, and Ignatius Alexius, that they need to get Titus back. Muu Alexius then comes in with his forces and explains that they will handle it. Nerva then insults them, which Lo'lo' then scares him by growling at him in close range. Lo'lo' then get into an argument with Myron Alexius, which Muu breaks it up. The Fanalis corps then expresses that they will make Magnostadt kneel before the Empire.

Preparing for War

Kouha Ren is informed that Magnostadt is going to war with the Reim Empire. He then tells him attendant that he will go and do something about it. In Magnostadt, People are preparing for the war, while some are trying to leave. In the Academy, the students all discuss on what to do. The professors then come in and stop them from arguing. Irene Smirnoff then informs them they have stored a lot of power in order to defeat the arrogant goi kings. Aladdin then wonders what she means. Aladdin and Titus then notice that Titus is dress like a high class magician. Titus's explains that he became a high class magician and that he broke off communication with Reim. Aladdin then asks if Titus is will to fight against Reim and Scheherazade, which Titus grabs him and tells him the he will. Titus then says that he can only thing about himself, which Aladdin tells him that he will fight for the feeling that was entrusted with him from the ones that are dear to him. Titus then wonders what Aladdin is. Aladdin then tells Titus and Sphintus, that Reim is not the real threat there is something dormant somewhere in the city and that he will stop it. Later, Matal gives a speech that they have to win this war or the magicians will sink into the darkness the next 1000 years if they fail. He then tells them to take up their staves and prepare for war. Meanwhile, the Reim Army is sailing to Magnostadt. Lo'lo' asks Muu if he can row the boat faster, but Myron tells him that only the purebloods have that kind of strength. Lo'lo' and Myron then get into an argument, which Muu tries to break up. When Lo'lo' accidentally sends Muu flying, Alibaba Saluja helps him up. Myron the asks who he is, which Lo'lo' tells her about Alibaba.

The War Begins

The Reim Army finally arrives at the westernmost district of Magnostadt. Back at the Reim's capital Remano, Scheherazade uses magic to tells the magic that Mogamett has kidnapped a son of the Alexius Family and that he has smuggled the magic tools into their territory. She then tells them to surrender. Matal says that they already know the answer. Scheherazade the tells the Reim Army to begin the assault. Aladdin, who is in Magnostadt, notices that the war has started. Sphintus ask his if they should help Titus, but Aladdin tells him that he is the only one who can stop the chancellor's power. Back at the war, the Reim Army runs into a barrier, which Matal tells them that its a three layer barrier. Scheherazade then tells them to use the spear, in which they are able to break through.

The Guardian Deities of Magnostadt

The Guardian Deities then start to attack the Reim Empire. Doron uses his life magic to attack the soldiers with plants. Another one use gravity magic to lift up the ground underneath the soldiers. Irene Smirnoff uses water magic to make it rain acid. Myers then summons a large amount of Lightning and expresses that they are the shield that will protect the city. When the Reim Soldiers wonder who they are, Matal tells them that they are the guardian deities of Magnostadt. He also tells them each on of them has the capability of defeating an entire company of soldiers. Matal also tells them that they have prepared to fight against Reim and Kou by being able to produce food and water within the city. He also tells the soldiers that they will get tried and will have to return to their country. A soldier then wonder how they will make it fall, but Scheherazade smile and says that it will fall. The magicians then tells their soldiers to fall back because it is them that will the citizens of Magnostadt. Scheherazade then announces that she hates Matal. The magicians then notice something in the sky.

Reim's Counterattack

The Reim Airships drop bombs on the barrier. The magicians wonder if it is magic but Scheherazade says that its not magic. Scheherazade then remembers that Ignatius had showed her that the Reim Empire had created gunpowder a year ago. Ignatius also tells Nerva what Scheherazade told him about how she entrust the future of Reim to the people and live their way. At the battlefield, the Reim Army is launching more bombs at the barrier. Matal then wonder how the Reim Army are able to counter the magicians. Scheherazade tells him that even without magicians, people will still find a way to live a better path. The Reim Army then was able to break the first barrier. The Magnostadt soldiers then asks the magicians on what to do. In the city people are says that the magicians will make it alright while that people in the 5th district says that its none of their concern. Matal then smiles and says that the magicians carry everything on their shoulders and that they will win against Reim with the power that they have created.

Aladdin Enters the Battlefield

Aladdin and Sphintus come across the wounds soldier of the Magnostadt army. Aladdin and Sphintus notice one of their teachers spitting up blood and head over to him. He tells them to not to worry about him but to not leave the country behind. Sphintus then decides to help out the army. Aladdin then heads out to the battlefield. Aladdin thinks about how Titus is the same as him when he left the solid room, but that he had Ugo with him and that he doesn't have a shorted life span. He then decides to help Titus out. When Aladdin reaches the battlefield, he notices that the Magnostadt Army are using Magic Tools.

Magnostadt's Power

Irene the orders the Magnostadt Army to pierce through the Reim Army lines. The magicians then bring out a large magic tool, which the Reim Army wonders what it is. Matal then order the tool to attack, which it wipes out a part of the Reim Army. Aladdin then thinks that its not a defensive war but genocide. Matal then says that they created the weapons for mass destruction. Matal then orders another attack but large pieces of earth block the attack. Scheherazade tells the Fanalis corps that they turn was when the barriers were broken, but Myron says that they couldn't bear to watch anymore. Muu then orders the Fanalis Corps to hunt down the large magic tool, which the Fanalis Corps charges.

Fanalis Corps

He flies further and notices that Magnostadt's warriors are holding Magic Tools. Eventually a big Magic Tool appears and wipes out Reim's soldiers. Aladdin comments it's not a defensive war but genocide. Then, Fanalis Corps comes to the battlefield justifying themselves that they couldn't watch it any longer. Fanalis Corps are doing their best at fighting Magicians like a beasts. Lo'lo' says it's been a long time since he felt like a Fanalis. Myron comments he must have a boner but can't lose and acts as he does, but quickly reprimands herself that she must be refined to not ruin Muu's reputation. Meanwhile, Muu searches for Titus. In the meantime, Aladdin tries to fight Magnostadt's Magic Tool.

Titus' Existence

Then, Titus attacks Muu. During the battle, Titus wants to explain his betrayal by saying that he became independent human and found people who are important to him, so he can't lose even to first subordinate of Scheherazade. Muu says he is glad for him, but, as he adds, Titus can't live with them because his fate, the way his body is made and flow of time are unnatural; he also notes that it's the same for them, Fanalis, as well. He makes Titus realize what he really is, a monster who shouldn't have been born in this world. Muu then grabs an arm of trembling Titus. However, Aladdin comes to that place and clearly states that Titus is their friend. Even if he's different from others or alone, there will be people who say that they don't care about it. He then asks Titus to fight together. Myron says he's traitor and wonders if he's really worth such a sympathy, but Aladdin encourages them to think together about a solution.

Aladdin's Decision

Muu asks for what reason did he come here. Aladdin replies that the reason is to stop this sorrowful war. Aladdin takes off the stones which blocked his powers as a Magi, but he gets Magoi from Rukh very slowly. Aladdin and Titus are soon assisted by Myers and others Magicians. Aladdin realizes that using his real powers isn't the only way to fight. Muu announces that they won't retreat since Magnostadt is useful to Reim. Aladdin then asks why is Scheherazade is doing such arrogant thing. He thinks that even though Magnostadt isn't correct, if countries like Kou or Reim won't stop, Magnostadt's people never change their way of thinking.

Fanalis Corps vs Magicians

The battle begins with 59 Magicians versus 22 members of Fanalis Corps. Myron notices that Borgs of different people aren't the same. Fanalis Corps advance. To stop them, Aladdin connects a place where they are with water, remembering that Fanalis aren't good with it, as it was in Morgiana's case. It does no damage to them, so Myers and others use Lightning Magic to finish still wet Fanalis off. Myers explains that even if single Magician is weak, if they cooperate their power can be multiplied. What's more, weather, water and other natural phenomenons are Magicians' ally. At the same time, Aladdin powers as Magi comes back.

Only a few members of Fanalis Corps remain. Aladdin's getting so much Magoi that his body is unable to cope. Muu decides that him, Myron and Lo'lo' will end the battle. By using their Household Vessels, Myron and Lo'lo' quickly defeat a lot of opponents, and so do Muu with his Metal Vessel. They proceed and wipe out Magicians. Then, they head toward a second barrier. They are stopped by three big Ugos created by Aladdin.

The Power of Magi

Aladdin demonstrates his power, which shocks everyone. Then, he tells Mogamett he's not suitable for the role of the King, and that Magnostadt can't become one with the world, as it's consumed with hatred. After realizing Aladdin really is a Magi, Muu accuses him of being Judar and spying for the Kou Empire. He attacks Aladdin's Ugos along with Myron and Lo'lo'. They are quickly defeated by Har-Har Infigar. However, Muu, Scheherazade and Mogamett are wondering if a Magi only amount to that. Muu notices that if he just kills his enemies, he will be the same as Mogamett. Aladdin replies that he will stop the war without killing anyone.

Fighting Spirit

Alibaba watches the fight between Magnostadt and the Reim Empire from Reim's fleet. He realizes Aladdin is there as well, and, despite Muu's warning, decides to go there to meet him. Meanwhile, Muu asks how Aladdin is going to stop the war, something neither Mogamett or Scheherazade could do. Then, Aladdin watches his surrounding and tells Mogamett they will protect the city once again. The Reim Empire's army starts to attack Aladdin, who, as they think, want to wipe them out. Magic Ugo then starts crumbling down and becomes sand which sweep away soldiers outside of the barrier. Aladdin threatens to do it every time, killing the fighting spirit of Reim's soldiers. Then he wants them to go back to the Reim Empire. Muu prepares his Metal Vessel.

Aladdin vs Muu

Muu decides that Aladdin is the real threat to the Reim Empire and Djinn Equips Barbatos. He then attacks Aladdin, who can barely protect himself. As Muu is going to kill the Magi, his Djinn Equip starts coming off, so he decides to use his Extreme Magic and kill the whole city. In the last moment, he is stopped by Alibaba, who surprises not only Muu, but also Aladdin.

Scheherazade Appears

Myron proclaims that Alibaba is now the enemy of the whole Reim Empire. He apologizes. As Reim's army is wondering what to do next, Scheherazade comes to the battlefield. Aladdin demands she stopped the war as terrifying things will happen. She retreats her troops for now and wants to talk with Aladdin, Titus and Alibaba. On a boat, Alibaba and Aladdin talks how they changed. Scheherazade smiles as she sees their happy quarrel, shocking Titus at the same time. Then, Alibaba says he decided not to meet Scheherazade in Reim because she would find out him being Metal Vessel user, but she explains she's only one of clones of Scheherazade's real body, which is too old to even move.

The Dark Spot

She then asks Aladdin about Mogamett's intentions. Meanwhile, Mogamett sees numbers of dead Magicians. Aladdin tells the story he was shown in Balbadd. He hopes Mogamett won't realize Al-Thamen's wish and "the scene of tragedy" won't happen in their world. He then explains about a war that happened in Alma Torran, another world, and Al-Thamen's connections with it. After that, Alibaba gets angry at Aladdin for hiding something like this for so long, and hits him in head, saying he will help him find a solution. After that, Scheherazade asks Titus for a talk. There she says how Alibaba resembles the first person she chose and how she came to love the Reim Empire. She then apologizes to Titus and says she wants him to live longer, but it can't be done due to upcoming death of real Scheherazade's body. As she announces Reim's army retreat to Aladdin and Alibaba, messenger from the Kou Empire arrives. Meanwhile, Mogamett is notified about the same thing.

Matal Mogamett

When the magicians find out that the Kou Empire's arriving with a huge army, they ask for help to Mogamett. He says there's no need for worry and he will get rid of both, Reim and Kou's armies. Mogamett heads to the 5th district, and reminds when he was young. He helped with other magicians to make the people who couldn't use magic happy, and he wished to protect them. While he goes downstairs Mogamett thinks, and realizes that now the only ones he wants to protect are his brethren, the magicians, because he hates the goi, and thinks that now the magicians are dying in the war. He's thinking about this when the people living in the 5th District, with Geolga in the front, stop him and beg his help because lots of people are dying in the district because of the magoi absorption. When the magicians that accompany Mogamett say that the magicians are fighting for the country, some people, like Otto, are enraged, because they have to live confined in the 5th District and the magicians drain their magoi. Otto shouts to Mogamett that, because the magicians decided the way to do things now they have to do something about what's happening outside. The other citizens agree with Otto, and then Mogamett is overwhelmed and loses his composure. He shouts at them and proclaims that the only ones he wants to save are the magicians, he doesn't care about the goi. He calls them vile and greedy. Both magicians and goi are stunned, and Mogamett falls into depravity, with the contrast that, while when he was young he wished to protect everyone, now he only wants to save the magicians. He arrives at the deepest sector of the 5th District where there's a great amount of Black Rukh, with the form of Dark Djinn.

Titus' Decision

Scheherazade explains to Aladdin that Titus has only a few days to live and will come back to Marga's place, as she wants him to spend it in peace. Titus apologizes to Aladdin for this saying he would like to go together with him to fight against the threat sleeping in Magnostadt, the Kou Empire or even to stay together with Scheherazade to protect Reim's fleet. As he's currently unable to decide, he wants a time to think about it. Aladdin takes his hands and reassures him he understands. He adds that he will wait for him if he desired to use his powers to help them, for which Titus thanks him. Then, the four of them notices Black Djinn above Magnostadt.

Black Djinn

Magicians wonders if they are Reim's, but one of them explains that Mogamett completed this technique 12 years ago with a certain organization. Irene wants to know why they haven't used them against Reim. A flashback occurs where it's revealed that Mogamett, in order to obtain Black Rukh, decides to force criminals, war prisoners and 5th level authorization district's citizens to fall into depravity and by using mental disturbance spells from the Life Magic, immerse their body with the Black Rukh. Mogamett says that in order to manipulate them he will have to fall into depravity himself, which means that it will end his life as well. After this, the flashback ends. Oblivious magicians are happy and wants Black Djinn to kill Reim and Kou's armies.

Real Objective

Alibaba and Aladdin flies on Aladdin's Turban. He asks his friend what's wrong with this country, since something like this happened. He mentions Kassim and asks if weak people here are, similarly to him, forced to think of themselves as trash by the mere fact they're born. When Aladdin answers positively, he says he can't forgive them. He then notices that Black Djinn, who moves with a great speed, aren't headed toward Reim's army. Aladdin says that their true objective is Kouha.

Kouha Ren

Then, in the Tenzan Plateau, Kouha's three female subordinates advices him to use palanquin instead of horse, because it makes his hair messy. He answers he has so large army that he can't do that, since someone has to lead it. He then praises them for a good job they did by staying in Magnostadt, which makes them cling to him. After shaking them off, Kouha talks with a male attendant who is certain about their victory wants Kouha to leave everything to them. He adds that at any rate "those people" said that they would lend them their power. Kouha says that there is no need for this, as he will bring Magnostadt down with the vanguard alone. The male attendant agrees and adds that no enemy is capable of opposing Kouha's Metal Vessel. Kouha thinks the same and says that he got this power by pure luck, but he feels like using it. Kouha then adds that he really wonders how he got this thing, and that he really doesn't get those Djinn.

Then, a next flashback occurs. Leraje tells Kouha that if she was a normal Djinn she would choose Kouen, but he is a cheater for already owning three Djinn. She adds she doesn't want to see a world ruled by a single and absolute king but a king and his strong retainers who wouldn't even lose to him and work together in order to build the world. Kouha proposes to become part of Kouen's household, but Leraje concludes he isn't fit to be the household member. She says she understand what kind of person Kouha is by looking at the eyes of his men.

In the next flashback Kouha is seen being reprimanded for bringing all kinds of people who shouldn't have lived anymore, such as failed experiments, to his army. Then, Kouha talks with his new army. He clearly states that no one expects anything from then and they will live in the shadow, but if they want to live in peace, they should be ashamed of themselves. He tells them to raise their head and fights. A flashback ends when Kouha's attendants think that even if no one will choose Kouha as King, thinking of Leraje's words, he's their King. Then, Black Djinn appear and launch a merciless attack on them.

Kouha vs Black Djinn

Kouha saves majority of his army by stretching Nyoi Rentou to an enormous size. However, seeing the victims, furious, he Djinn Equips Leraje, and says that he will kill the Black Djinn. He slashes them and reduces them to tiny pieces. His attendants are happy because of a victory, but the fight still goes on as Black Djinn are quick to regenerate. Kouha summons his Extreme Magic, Lelazzo Madgara, and smashes his opponents into a crater in the ground. To help their tired and running out of Magoi Prince, his Magician Attendants want to give him their Strength Magic.

As the male member of Kouha's army is relieved by the victory, the Black Rukh leaves, which makes Kouha's Magician Attendants wonder where it is going. After a while, an army of bigger Black Djinn appear. The explanation from Matal Mogamett is given, which says that he is able to create countless Djinn. Due to their synchronized attack on Kouha's Metal Vessel, his arm is broken. He is then saved from being killed by a quick slash from the behind, which turns out to be a move from Djinn Equipped Alibaba Saluja. He addresses to Amon, saying to chop those Black Djinn down together.

Alibaba's Help

Alibaba slashes off the Black Djinn but they keep regenerating. Reirei wonders if he's an ally while Kouha wants to know what a Metal Vessel user is doing there. A flashback with conversation between Aladdin and Alibaba occurs, where Aladdin tells Alibaba about Magnostadt's way of doing, mentioning children like Marga or Titus. Seeing even more Black Djinn, Aladdin notes they're similar to what he saw in Alma Torran. Alibaba then Djinn Equips, saying that he's faster in that form and it's not the time to save up his Magoi. He adds that he'll stop the Black Djinn. Back in the present, Alibaba continues slashing his opponents, but Kouha realizes that they keep regenerating. Alibaba then changes his sword from Amol Saiqa to Amol Dherrsaiqa and fires a powerful attack, burning the Black Djinn with just a single thrust.

After finishing off some of them, 30 more Black Djinn come. Alibaba starts summoning his Extreme Magic, what is quickly caught by Aladdin and Kouha. Alibaba tells Aladdin that he'll lose a lot of Magoi, but it's not the time to keep hiding his trump card. Aladdin reassures him he will help him restore his Magoi with his Heat Magic. Alibaba exclaims that he will defeat Al-Thamen and the Black Djinn, and starts his attack. The attack is fired, but not by Alibaba.

Kouen Ren and his Household

Kouen Ren and his Household interfere in the fight, making Kouha regret that he troubles him, even though everyone else is happy because of his presence. Kouen says that if these enemies are too much for the others, they will deal with them with their strength. Meanwhile, Alibaba is watching what happens, with the Metal Vessel symbol still behind him, and is greatly confused, asking "Eh? Eh...? Eh!!?".

Kouen's Household Members oppose the army of Black Djinn after changing their appearance with the power of their Household Vessels, much to the surprise and amazement of Alibaba and Aladdin. Alibaba comments that even the Dungeon monsters met in Balbadd can't be compared to them. Meanwhile, Kouen comes to Kouha, who asks for forgiveness at failing in such an important mission, and heals his broken arm with the power of his Djinn, Phenex. After giving some orders, Kouen notices Alibaba and Aladdin. Alibaba also realizes who he is. In the same time, Mogamett gets even more Black Rukh and everything is going according to his plan. When Kouen's army surrounds Aladdin and Alibaba, Kouen gives them a sign to stop, while Mogamett screams to destroy the "Goi" kings.

Short Life

On the Reim Empire's ships, Scheherazade decides not to retreat but instead use last shards of her power to fight the Black Djinn. Fanalis Corps come and decide to join her. In the meantime, Titus is sitting in his house with worried Marga, suffering. Scheherazade and Fanalis Corps are struggling against Black Djinn to protect the Reim Empire's fleet when it's retiring. Myron is angry at Titus for not helping them, but Scheherazade thinks it's her fault because Titus' life was too short and he, unlike everyone else, only recently found people he holds dear.

Titus and Marga

Meanwhile, Titus is suffering that everyone is putting their life on stake while he's pathetic guy, scared not only of death, but also that everything will end with him doing nothing. Marga brightly smiles and wants to go with him. She reassures him that he's not pathetic and tells him that him loving all people is something fantastic. She also says that the world with him sparkles and not being able to do things you want to, when your world doesn't sparkle, is like being that. After a while, Titus takes her hand and the two of them head towards the battlefield, with Titus' comment that Marga is already an adult, much older than he is.

Titus' Sacrifice

In the meantime, everyone else is doing their best against Black Djinn. Titus finally meets Mogamett and firmly states that killing him is not his intention. Mogamett wonders why Titus protects Marga, when she's mere Goi. He wants to use Magoi of all 200,000 Goi from the 5th District to obtain even more powerful power, but Titus exclaims that he won't allow that. He says that he likes Mogamett, but understands that his kindness was only because Titus is Magician. Mogamett wonders why he hates that, when their relationship is close, while they and Goi will never be able to understand each other. Titus contradicts him, saying that he is different from Marga, Aladdin or Scheherazade, but they're dear to him. Mogamett says that he used to think the same thing, but people will drag down others with natural ability or manipulate them, and eventually end up despising them. Even with people they hold dear, people can't be equal. Titus thinks that Mogamett's sad face is a proof for him to just being sad for not being able to live with Goi, the ones he loved, on equal terms. Titus then releases the Magoi Scheherazade accumulated into him and uses the biggest Aberrant Magic of Scheherazade's body replica, which rejects Mogamett's Black Rukh. However, this act costs Titus life, as he turns into a skeleton.

The Medium

Titus' sacrifice stops the absorption of Magoi. However, the furnace doesn't need Mogamett as intermediary, instead, it became independent of him. Mogamett is shocked to find out that it still wants Magoi. He wants to know who is on the end of the tunnel. It leads to the Kou Empire, where Gyokuen is sitting, crying and smiling at the same time, saying, "We finally meet, «Father»."

A ball appears above Magnostadt, which is getting destroyed. The roof of the 5th Level Authorization District opened. Two members of Al-Thamen wonder who supplied Magoi in order for the furnace becoming "medium" for their "Father"'s descend. Gyokuen, still crying, explains that it's because of Magoi accumulated in Magnostadt that became a scapegoat for the people underground. She says that this furnace was active for 10 years and continued to grow. She tells her people that Magnostadt's people did it by themselves, what is partial gift of Ithnan, who betrayed Solomon, as thanks to him, people opened the "Black Spot" by themselves. Happy, she cries even more and screams that she and "Father" finally meet. She says that the world will change, just like Alma Torran.

Alibaba and Kouen

Kou's soldiers are confused by Alibaba who revealed his identity as the Prince of Balbadd Kingdom. They recall the situation three princes are in. Alibaba thinks that even though he could get away with words, he can't turn his back on Kouen. He says that he stepped on the battlefield to save Kouha's life, but isn't believed by most people. Kouen asks if he isn't looking down on him as he already lost his country, what makes Alibaba embarrassed. Kouen thanks Alibaba for saving Kouha. Seishuu is angry that Alibaba didn't even thank Kouen and Kin remarks that Alibaba was the one whose intentions were seen through and he was embarrassed from the deepness of his heart.

The Djinn's Assemble

The western sky turns black. Aladdin orders old man Kouen to send back his troops. He summons his Djinn to make him believe him. Along Astaroth, Agares and Phenex, Aladdin summons Amon and Leraje. Amon says that the world will be annihilated if the Dark Spot won't be closed. He explains that the incarnation of evil will make the world devoid of life. Asked, Amon tells the gathered that the way to stop it is to stop the "Medium", the trigger to bring the incarnation of evil to their world and the reason of Al-Thamen's actions. He warns them that even with Aladdin, Solomon's proxy, it'll be a hard fight. Kouen orders Aladdin to tell him about Alma Torran, and he promises to do so if Kouen helps they with the battle. He agrees and, by using long range Clairvoyance Magic, summons Koumei, Hakuryuu, Hakuei and Kougyoku to come to him. Koumei, Hakuei and Kougyoku respond that they got Kouen's orders. They Djinn Equip, followed by Kouen, Kouha and Alibaba. Then the group, led by Aladdin, heads towards Magnostadt.

Against the Medium

Gyokuen is notified about the inability to locate the Magi and about the disappearance of all Dungeon Capturers. She decides to ignore them and focus on burning in their memories the moment they were eagerly waiting for. The Black Djinn attack Magnostadt. Magicians try to protect the citizens, also those of the 5th Level Authorization District, while retreating. Scheherazade tries to save some of people by herself, realizing that the reason why their enemies are so big is that they stole Titus' Magoi and screams to give back her son to her. She gets hurt when her Borg is broken, but Alibaba saves her. He notes that he can't use his fire powers with people getting into his way, and Aladdin can't do much without proper staff as well, so to not hurt others. Some of the Black Djinn are pushed out by Djinn Equipped Hakuei, while other Djinn are defeated by the rest of Kou's Dungeon Capturers. Then, Hakuei is surprised to see Aladdin. She explains to Koumei that he saved her life. Meanwhile, Alibaba spots Kougyoku, who is happy to see him. She tells Kouha that they're good friends. Kouen declares that he will obtain the truth about the world on the other side and the light that shines on their future's history. Gyokuen appears awkwardly smiling while the group faces an overwhelming amount of Black Djinn coming from the sphere.

Dungeon Capturers fight against the Black Djinn. Koumei uses Big Dipper Transfer Circle but gets tired easily. Alibaba cooperates with Hakuei to slash them, but much to his surprise, even Amol Saiqa isn't able to cut them. Gyokuen explains that it's useless for 6 Metal Vessel users to fight against it. Aladdin also explains that their enemy is living creature and creating Black Djinn and defensive wall consume its Magoi. It will be able to created about ten thousand more Black Djinn, which is impossible for already exhausted warriors. Then, Kouen comes and destroys several Black Djinn. He then switches his Djinn Equip to Agares, digs a hole in the ground and pulls out the lava flow to use it for his Flame Metal Vessel. Alibaba wonders who the hell Kouen is.

Kouen goes around and destroys multiple Black Djinn by constantly relishing his Magoi and attacking. Aladdin says that they have to stop him, as he's getting closer to death this way, but Koumei explains that he won't listen to him, since Kouen doesn't mind hurting himself, making Alibaba sentimental. However, Kouen makes exited face and can't wait to the conversation he's going to have with Aladdin. He then grabs Alibaba to have his support. Kouen helps Alibaba with replenishing his Magoi and the two of them use their Extreme Magics. Kouen destroys all Black Djinn outside the defensive wall and Alibaba, after a help of Kouen, is able to open cracks in it.

Alibaba and Kouen were able to destroy the pillar that connected the thing in the clouds with the Medium. Kouen explains that his white flames last eternally unless he orders them to disappear. He then reminds Alibaba to go and recover his Magoi, but as they reach the volcano, the fire in it disappears thanks to several big hands. The Medium absorbs his Black Djinn, much to Aladdin's and Kouha's surprise, and turns into a huge, slim doll. First, it takes the Rukh from Astaroth's flames and then proceed to others lifeforms. Realizing what's happening, Aladdin warns everyone that whatever it touches, let it be the trees or people, the victim's Magoi will be taken which will result in death. Gyokuen explains that the Medium is already adapting to their "Father".

Alibaba tries to attack it, but soon gets caught by himself. The same happens to Kouen, and their Djinn Equip gets stripped from them, resulting in the skin being teared off and bleeding. Seeing them, Kougyoku goes into rage and attacks the Medium with Vainel Arros and Vainel Al-Salos, successfully spearing her opponent.

Much to everyone's surprise, Kougyoku's attacks works. Aladdin realizes that attacking other parts of the Medium's body than hands, it'll work. He summons three Ugos and attacks them with Har-Har Infigar, but the enemy takes Rukh from sand. Kouen orders Koumei to direct others' attacks. Hakuei, Kouha and Kougyoku summon their Extreme Magic, and Aladdin attacks with Har-Har Infigar, able to attack thanks to Koumei. Meanwhile, Kouen and Alibaba watch them from faraway, amazed. Kouen restores Alibaba's arm, while Alibaba is amazed by Kou's strength and wonders if they could oppose Sinbad and others. He also realizes that Hakuryuu is missing and asks Kouen whether he will come or not, but Kouen isn't sure. He then exclaims that they have to move as well and Alibaba agrees.

The whole group attacks the Medium at once, with their moves being directed and combined by Koumei's Big Dipper Transfer Circle. After piercing the enemy, it starts stealing the sea's Rukh and becomes even bigger than before.

The whole group is at their limit. Aladdin still believes that they will be able to win, even though the shape of the "Medium" is different from Alma Torran. He reveals that the 72 Household Members of Solomon became Djinn in order to fight against it in the past. Afterwards, Hakuei is attacked, but Aladdin protects her. Kougyoku, thinking that she's unworthy of living as she's been reduced to such a sorry state near the sea, attacks it, but her water blades are useless. She gets caught in the Medium's hands, but Kouha tries to save her, cutting it off. However, he gets caught as well, and while Kougyoku's skin gets teared off only on her legs, Kouha's whole body is damaged. Koumei teleports a mountain, but the Medium is unharmed.

The Treacherous Magi

Gyokuen is watching the battle via the Black Rukh. She wonders who Aladdin is. Upon learning that he's a Magi whom Solomon let sleep in the Holy Palace and obtained Solomon's Wisdom, she comments that Solomon was arrogant after all. She says that she knows Aladdin because she also served under Solomon in Alma Torran. She gets her staff back and recalls the day when she betrayed him; while being one of his three wise Magi.

The Hour of Downfall

The Medium is bringing an end to the world. Gyokuen wants to crush Solomon's arrogant will and to let the world sink into darkness along with Aladdin. Aladdin realizes what is happening. The scene is watched by the people in Magnostadt, including Myers and Doron. At that time, Sphintus looks at Titus' remains with tears welling up in his eyes. However, the Medium is stopped by fully Djinn Equipped Sinbad, who came along his Seven Seas Alliance Metal Vessel users. Aladdin realizes that Yamraiha and Drakon also tagged around. Gyokuen is wondering how Sinbad dare to bring Djinn and their masters in one place. Sinbad states that he is grateful to the two people who quickly realized what was happening and brought everyone there from all across the world. Yunan replies that it's good that they made it in time, as he was very worried. Meanwhile, when Alibaba is relieved after the winning the battle, he runs out of Magoi and starts falling down after his Djinn Equip wears off. Much to his shock and confusion, he is caught by Morgiana, who appears before him brightly smiling.

The Last Fight

Seven Seas Alliance Metal Vessel users Djinn Equip, followed by their Household Members. Alibaba is shocked to see Household Equipping, but Morgiana says that she will be like that in the future as well. Yunan reminds her that it's not a good idea, as she won't be able to go back to her human form. She opposes him by saying that she wants more strength and then starts flying. Sinbad asks Yunan what unnecessary hints he gave her and he explains how she can properly use her Household. Morgiana attacks the Medium and other Household Members do the same, breaking a bit of the Medium's Defensive Wall. Muu comes along with the reinforcements from Reim and breaks it completely. Meanwhile, Scheherazade releases all of the accumulated Magoi in her which she had as a clone of real Scheherazade, and by this, helps restore the Magoi of those already exhausted, however, with her own life as a price. Then, all of gathered Dungeon Capturers able to perform Djinn Equip combine their Extreme Magic to give the Medium decisive blow.

The Medium's Hesitation

The Medium begins to fall to pieces. When the gathered start thinking that it's the end, the Medium regenerates. Gyokuen laughs, saying that there's no way for 13 people to kill it when 72 had problems. Muu curses that even with Scheherazade's last Magoi they couldn't do it. Asked by Aladdin what he meant, he explains that they were able to use their Extreme Magic thanks to her, but with her dying. He also mentions that Titus died a while back as well. Meanwhile, Sphintus regrets that he went to the battlefield, as he couldn't help Titus.

The Medium stops moving. Yunan explains that it's because of the white light inside it and the fact that the human that became its core is hesitating. Aladdin realizes that it's Mogamett and goes inside it through Wisdom of Solomon, taking Yamraiha with him. There they meet Mogamett's Rukh surrounded by the people whose Rukh also became part of the Medium. Aladdin notices who stopped Mogamett, Titus.

Around Magnostadt, Judar and Hakuryuu are watching the battle. Judar says that he wanted to see the power that changed his life again.

Mogamett's Realization

Judar asks Hakuryuu if he doesn't want to rush over his sister's side, but he replies that it's not the reason for their visit, with which Judar agrees.

Mogamett is wondering why he was thinking that he was living the more correct life than others. He realizes that his hatred has taken lives of both Magician and normal people. He says that he wanted to realize the wishes of Goi and understands that even if they are imperfect, he was the only one building the wall between them. Aladdin apologizes for saying that he wasn't fit for a king of Goi, as even now, a lot of people is relying on his teachings. He wants Mogamett to go with him and save Magnostadt, as he is the only one that can do it now. He recalls that for that reason, Titus risked his life and is stopping him even now.

Mogamett however explains that he can't do that, because he cannot atone for his sins; he guided a lot of people into depravity and while he himself can return to the white Rukh thanks to Titus, others can't. Aladdin only confirms it. Mogamett, after realizing the sign of Titus, asks Aladdin to search for a way to make a Black Rukh return to white. He asks if it's impossible to bring them to where their families are resting, much to Aladdin's confuse. He realizes that there might be a way, but no one found it yet and finds his resolve to do it.

The Chancellor thanks Aladdin for letting him meet with Yamraiha once again, even if he isn't worth it. Yamraiha explains how she was abducted from the Royal Palace of Musta'sim. Mogamett apologizes for stealing her life, but she exclaims that she was happy. Aladdin adds that a lot of people were able to find hope and feel warmth around them. Mogamett starts disappearing. He thanks Aladdin once again, also for protecting his country. Aladdin is also asked by him to tell the Magicians, "No one is superior in comparison to others. No matter if he is a Magician or not... No matter if he has ten or a hundred time more power than anyone else... No matter if he so dazzling... Don't abandon yourself to him. Because someone who lived without being wrong once in his life doesn't exist." He then disappears with a smile.

Meanwhile, the Medium starts breaking and collapsing. The Black Rukh disperses and there's no trace left after the Medium. Gyokuen comments that the weak "core" is useless after all and they have to do everything by themselves. Al-Thamen's member informs her about the death of the Reim Empire's Magi, Scheherazade, saying that her Rukh went to that place, what makes Gyokuen happy.

Welcome Home!

In the meantime, Titus arrives in the Holy Palace and is greeted by Ugo.

Marga dreams of her promise to meet Titus again and then, be together forever. A Magician tells Sphintus not to worry as she will survive, but Sphintus replies that when she wakes up, Titus won't be there. Meanwhile, Sinbad and Kouen stand against one another. Kouen reminds everyone that Magnostadt was their original objective. Sinbad reveals that Reim and the Seven Seas Alliance are now allies and they have to use their all powers to return Magnostadt to its former glory. Kouha realizes that he just wants to seize it for himself. In this case, Kouen tries to take Aladdin with him. Then, Magicians join them.

Gyokuen is happy about the outcome, Scheherazade's death. She notes that they haven't wasted their time and they'll be easily able to invite "their Father" later. Al-Thamen's members think that Solomon might revive Scheherazade. In the Sacred Palace, Scheherazade points out that it should be Titus to become a new Magi, what Ugo does. He sends Titus back to the Reim Empire, from where he is sent to Magnostadt, completely confused about why he is alive. There he is warmly welcomed by Aladdin, Sphintus and Marga, who tells him, "Welcome home!!". Then, they tightly hug him.

Over the country, Judar collects the Black Rukh. As he's done, he wants to leave with Hakuryuu. Hakuryuu apologizes to Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba for choosing other way after all and bids them farewell.


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