Magnostadt (マグノシュタット, Magunoshutatto), formerly the Musta'sim Kingdom (ムスタシム王国, Musutashimu Ōkoku), also known as the "Magician's Country", is the home country of Yamraiha. Its capital, Academy City, holds a population of 300,000 individuals.


Its capital, Academy City, is a huge city which is surrounded by a huge circular wall. The buildings in the country resembling small palaces, with some of the buildings floating in the air, which can be accessed by using flying carpets. There is a huge water stream with magic tools around it distributing the water around town. There is also cultivated land, with statues resembling three pregnant women embracing their hands to the land. The statues have a magic tool that is able to use the magic of life to produce the vegetable plants surrounding the statue.[1]

Magnostadt's territories are seen to be surrounded and protected by three strong magical barriers with the Academy City being in the center, the barriers being controlled by Matal Mogamett and his subordinates. It is possible to regenerate a broken barrier though it may take some time to do so.[2] The source of the barrier's power is the great quantities of magoi that is perpetually created within the city.[3]



Prior to the foundation of Magnostadt, the Magicians were discriminated and persecuted in the Musta'sim Kingdom. However, after learing the Musta'sim Kingdom's development have not been advanced for decades and being used as shield against the Parthevian Empire's army during a war, the Magicians decided to build a country of their own.

Magnostadt was just a Magic Academy from the former Kingdom when the Magicians and citizens, led by Matal Mogamett, rebelled and attacked the nobles and the Royal Family; the Princess Dunya Musta'sim was the only one who escaped and survived. Since then, a new country was founded by Mogamett.

In its recent years, Magnostadt began attacking and annexing smaller countries causing powerful countries to be vigilant of its activities.

Muu Alexius, a captain from the Reim Army, states that Magnostadt tried to attack the Reim Empire. In addition, Scheherazade defines it as a great abnormality, as the Kou Empire.[4]


Use of Magic

Magnostadt is a country where magicians belong at the highest order, they use magical tools to distribute the water around the town and use the magic of life to produce vegetables for the agriculture and flying carpets to carry good. Due to the use of magical tools, there isn't a need for slaves.[5] To power up the magic tools, they use the Magoi of the people in the 5th Level Authorization District, who are deemed worthless as they can't use magic or aren't able to pay their taxes.[6]


Magnoshutatt's Discrimination

Despite being a lively country there is a huge discrimination against Gois. Magnostadt citizens are divided into 5 different classes, and according to those classes, the places where you can enter, the place where you live and even who you can marry or how many children you can have are severely restricted. The principle to divide people into those classes is if they are born into a magician family or not.[7] These are the levels of citizenship of Magnostadt.

  • 1st Level of Citizenship: All the high level magicians under the Magnostadt Academy’s chancellor. There are currently 500 people in this level.
  • 2nd Level of Citizenship: It is extended to all the Magnostadt Academy’s second year students and above and to all the magicians who have the Magnostadt nationality. There are currently 3,000 people in this level.
  • 3rd Level of Citizenship: It is extended to all the Gois who have both their parents as magicians, to all the Gois who have some particular technical skills, to those belonging to the army or working for the government. There are currently 20,000 people in this level.
  • 4th Level of Citizenship: All the Goi citizens of Magnostadt. There are currently 80,000 people in this level.
  • 5th Level of Citizenship: The Goi citizens of Magnostadt who are not able to pay the tax liability. There are currently 200,000 people in this level.

Despite its discrimination against Gois, the Magicians improved their living conditions and the mortality rate were drastically decreased since the Musta'sim Kingdom's era. *Goi is the term for non-magicians.

Entrance Restriction

Aside from special exemptions, Magnostadt only allows Magicians to enter its borders in order to manage its population.[8] Those who wish to enter must pass the Country Entrance Examination wherein one must perform the defensive spell Borg, often called the proof of being a Magician.[9]


World Exploration Arc

Aladdin goes to Magnostadt for his studies of Magic.

Magnostadt Arc

It's been six months since Aladdin arrives at Magnostadt and the examinations take place with Aladdin entering from 6th Kodor to 1st Kodor in just a short time surprising everyone who is watching the act and Myers was also very proud of Aladdin. Sphintus Carmen has also gone into the 1st Kodor like Aladdin. As Aladdin continues his secret investigation of the city and its connection with the organization while hiding his real identity as a Magi. Aladdin also meets a Magi subordinate from the Reim Empire, Titus Alexius. Later, the war between Magnostadt and the Reim Empire outbreaks.

Second Balbadd Arc

After the war against the Reim Empire and the battle against the Medium, Magnostadt's city is now in ruins. For a while, Aladdin helped the people of Magnostadt to restore their country once more.

Magnostadt's "Level of Citizenship System" was also abolished, and Magnostadt continued to be a neutral power between Reim and Kou Empire. Despite being neutral, the Seven Seas Alliance and Reim Empire continued to support Magnostadt for its revival.

Final Arc

Magnostadt seems to be a research institute that receive fundings from different countries, to develop magic tools everyday and their stop relying on magic tools for everything, based in what happened in the past.


Musta'sim's Royal Family

Name Rank Status
King Deceased
Dunya Musta'sim Princess Deceased

Magnostadt Academy

Name Rank Status
Matal Mogamett Former Chancellor Deceased
Yamraiha Chancellor Alive
Titus Alexius High Class Magician Magi of the Reim Empire
Myers High Class Magician Defected from Parthevia Empire
Doron High Class Magician Defected from Parthevia Empire
Irene Smirnoff High Class Magician Alive
Clemens High Class Magician Alive
Mohja High Class Magician Alive
Connie Magician Alive
Pinocchio Magician Alive
Nero Magician Alive
Sai Lin Magician Alive
Muharaja Magician Alive
Choppo Magician Alive
Lilimana Magician Alive
Eberhart Magician Alive
Ashoka Magician Alive
Yakov Magician Alive
Fyodor Magician Alive


Name Rank Status
Marga Former 5th Level Resident Living in the Reim Empire
Geolga 5th Level Resident Alive
Otto 5th Level Resident Alive
Edda 5th Level Resident Alive


  • The current name of the kingdom "Magnostadt" is probably a combination of the Latin word Magnus (great) and the German word Stadt (city).
  • The previous name of the kingdom, "Musta'sim", is derived from Arabic مُستَعصِم Musta3ṣim (also written as "Musta'sim" in more common, but less precise transcription), an adjective describing one whom exercises restraint in face of temptation. The kingdom also shared its name with, Al-Musta'sim Billah the last Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad.


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