Magicians vs Reim Empire's Army is a fight between Magnostadt's Magicians, and the Reim Empire's army.


Scheherazade addresses to Magnostadt's Magicians. She warns them that the war will begin if they don't surrender, revealing that Matal Mogamett took the son of the Alexius' family hostage and smuggled magic items into Reim's territory, but the answer is clear. Scheherazade then orders her troop to start.


Reim's soldiers proceed but their long spears are blocked by Borgs, which protect the whole Magnostadt Academy. Scheherazade reassures them that a Borg in not invincible and can be broken with enough brute strength. They do as she says and it starts working, but then plants created with Life Magic by Doron appear. Some of Reim's soldiers are caught by it and are sent flying. Another Magician uses Ala Radon and shears part of the ground off. Then, he turns inward, killing soldiers which were on it. Clouds gather and acid rain falls on them, eroding their armor, which is Irene Smirnoff's spell, Shallal Merra. During this move, Magicians protect themselves with their Borgs. Myers comes and attacks her opponents with Lightning Magic. Mogamett calls them "Guardian Deities".

The Reim Empire's Army still tries to break the barrier, inefficaciously. One of the Magicians attack one of the Reim's soldiers. When the Magicians are planning their strategy, they notice that Reim's Army comes on balloons. They throw bombs, gunpowder and after a while, the barrier starts breaking. Reim's troops begin to advance.

To stop them, Magicians use Magic Tools, which look like spears with fire around them, and shoot the lines of Reim's Army. Then, a big robot-like Magic Item is sent to the battlefield. It gathers Magoi and then sweeps away its opponents with a giant attack, killing a large number of people. Before it can shoot another attack, the Fanalis Corps come and destroy it with a giant stone.


Scheherazade reminds the Fanalis Corps' members that their turn was after the destruction of the barriers, but they respond that they couldn't watch any longer. Then, they start their attack.


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