Magic Turban (魔法のターバン, Mahō no Tāban) is a magic carpet that, when infused with Magoi, can be used for flying. It can hold a lot of weight.


  • Aladdin has a Magic Turban which he is usually wears around his head. After training at Magnostadt Academy his turban is now large enough to hold at least 50 persons and capable of holding more.
  • Judar uses his Magic Turban, but he can also use his Gravity Magic to get around.
  • Kougyoku Ren also possesses a Magic Turban, it was the largest seen to date until Aladdin's training in Magnostadt as it was capable of carrying over half a dozen people, some were of a considerable size.
  • In Magnostadt, Magic Turbans were are a common sight since they were widely used by the citizens as a form of transportation or used to carry different goods around the city.
  • After the rewriting of the Rukh has been canceled, Arba and Nerva are seen holding a conversation on a Magic Turban. [1]


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