Magic Flute is a Magic Tool that Aladdin formerly uses to summon Ugo to help him in his early adventures. The Magic Flute can bring out all of Ugo or his limbs but never his entire head. [1] It served as a temporary metal vessel for Ugo. Ugo is able to move on his own and without Magoi support from Aladdin when he attacks Judar to defend Aladdin in Balbadd. [2] During the Balbadd arc, the Magic Flute ceases to function and Ugo cannot be summoned because Ugo has used up all the Magoi that Solomon had given him. With his remaining Rukh, he summons Aladdin back to the Sacred Palace in order to grant Aladdin, Solomon's Wisdom. [3]


Aladdin's flute sketch
Aladdin's flute sketch


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