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Welcome to Magi Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about the manga / anime / game series Magi, and its spin-off/prologue Adventure of Sinbad that anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We currently have 74,534 edits to 1,280 articles and 5,112 images on this wiki.
Careful: This wiki contains SPOILERS, read with caution!

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Recent Magi Chapter

Night 350.png

Night 350: The Impossible Great Endeavour

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!

The group continues talking about how they could communicate with the other worlds. After Ugo finds a way, Sinbad finally decides for them to try it. However, Alibaba mentions he can't use the magic required for it. When everyone feels disheartened, he brings their moods up with an encouraging speech. Sinbad then shows them the magic that would return the world to the Rukh, but then cancels it. However, after he does, the magic resumes on its own.

Recent Adventure of Sinbad Chapter

AoS Night 135.png

Night 135: The Night's "Resolution"

Spoiler Alert! Read at your own risk!

With horror, Sinbad realizes the monster in front of him is actually auntie from Tison Village in Parthevia Empire. She tells him that she was brought here along other residents of the village, and that they are failed experiments. She begs the greatly disturbed Sinbad for help. When he returns from the island, he resolves to buy the island from Barbarossa, to make his dream become reality.
Recent Blogs

Takashichea Takashichea 26 October 2020

I'll be Working on Adventure of Sinbad Chapters

I don't know if we finished all of the Magi Ch pages. I'm just too exhausted. I know we finish the final arc's chapter summaries for Magi. I had to fix after someone added the chapter pages without any consultation or at least keeping the same coding formula.

While I'm working on the chapter summaries for Adventure of Sinbad, I'll try to work on the character pages. Character pages aren't my forte. That's why you see me working on chapter and episode pages.

Most of the damn traffic in anime wikias are on character pages. It's the sad truth. This is partly why other Wiki editors tend to plagiarize episode/chapter pages from other Wikias. I came to this Wikia after my episode summaries were plagiarized by Manikworld from Anime Vice. It was onl…

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Takashichea Takashichea 5 August 2020

Magi Wikia might have plagiarized content from JP Wikipedia Magi

While I was looking for Purson's Kanji and Romaji, some of the Google Translate content were very familiar to me. I recall seeing new wiki editors with bad grammar possibly plagiarizingマギ_(漫画) in the past.

This just adds more work on already too much stuff for this site. It's a shame that wiki editors continue to take short cuts and steal people's work. I already rework and rewrite everything from scratch when I work on Anime Vice Wikia and Magi Wikia. We had past cases where folks plagiarized Heroes or Villains Wikia and paste the stolen content on Magi Wikia pages. We did resolve them.

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Takashichea Takashichea 30 July 2020

Buying the Viz Media Magi Manga Online

During this pandemic, I still have my job. That's pretty lucky considering the huge unemployment issues in my home country. I'm thinking of buying the manga series legally from Viz Media to see what bonus chapters they have like omakes. I have no source (I can't read Japanese) to gather anything that's not on the scanlation chapters. Stuff like guides and such are untranslated. We don't know if there are any more official guides. We can't legally repost anything from Shinobu's Tegaki/personal blog due to copyright issues. Most of it is untranslated.

You know we just do the best we can and contribute information with references. That's all we can do. Everyone is busy with their lives especially safeguarding their health and others during thi…

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Takashichea Takashichea 7 May 2020

Nominate Scanlation Team for Adventure of Sinbad

Natichan and the senior admins went with fan translation notably Sense Scans for this wiki community. I came to Wikia after Manikworld didn't know the wiki policy and copied my episode summaries from Anime Vice wiki. In Anime Vice, we go with Viz Media and Crunchyroll translations. Fortunately, Sense Scans did finished Magi. However, we have a 2nd manga series. I don't want to imply it's lesser in significance. I haven't had time to read the series. Only watched the Netflix anime. Sense Scans stopped at Adventure of Sinbad Chapter 149.

We just need to pick a team. I'm not familiar with scanlation groups. I don't read manga at unofficial sites or really read manga a lot either. I mainly watch anime since it has more legal options. I have to …

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Tatabitha Tatabitha 11 June 2019

Season 2 Last War

I want to ask, did anyone know why Jafar,masrur,sharrkan,spartos,and pisti didn't show up in the last war in the season 2 ? 
Only Drakon and Yamraiha is join the war. .. I didn't read the manga,that's why i confused, i prefer the anime more than the manga tho.  So anyone know ? Are they left behind in sindria to protect the country,or- ? 

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