Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Official Fanbook: The Story of the Past and Present of Team Sindria (マギ シンドバッドの冒険 公式ファンブック: チーム・シンドリア今昔物語, Magi shindobaddo no bōken kōshiki fan bukku : chīmu. shin doria konjaku monogatari) is the official fanbook for the Adventure of Sinbad manga series. [1]


A copy of the prototype for the Adventure of Sinbad is included inside the fan book.

Preview Pages of the Guidebook

Adventure of Sinbad Height Comparison Chart.png
Adventure of Sinbad Height Comparison Chart
Sinbad's Height Chart.png
AoS FanBook Vol 2 Sketches.png
Vol 2 Sketches
AoS FanBook Vol 3 Sketches.png
AoS Vol 3 Sketches
AoS FanBook Vol 4 Sketches.png
AoS Vol 4 Sketches
AoS FanBook Vol 5 Sketches.png
AoS Vol 5 Sketches
AoS FanBook Vol 6 Sketches.png
AoS Vol 6 Sketches
AoS FanBook Vol 7 Sketches.png
AoS Vol 7 Sketches




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