Life Magic (命魔法, Inochi Mahō) is a type of Magic where the magician orders the Rukh that produce Magoi to change into Life Magic. It is the eighth type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity towards this type are called "Purple Magicians". Eighth-type magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the fourth type.


Life Magic allows Mages to utilize life force as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their wands or vessels, and manipulate them. This Magic is used to create and manipulate various life forms; such as monsterous fungis from pre-existing materials whether big, microscopic or nothing. Purple Magicians are capable of increasing the growth rate of cells of plants, animals and humans. Users of this Magic are also able to manipulate the Rukh and therefore the mental state of a living being even their memories and senses.

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