Engrave her cruelty, disappear under queen's crushing grief!

—Kouha's Extreme Magic Chant

Lelazzo Madraga (如意練鎚レラーゾ・マドラーガ Rerāzo Madorāga, "Refined Hammer At Will") is an Extreme Magic from Kouha Ren's Djinn, Leraje. When using this Extreme Magic, the Metal Vessel Symbol appears in a wide area above whatever he attacks. Kouha comes smashing down, which causes a large amount of Strength Magic to pulverize everything within the vicinity of the Metal Vessel Magic Symbol and push everything into a deep crater.


Lelazzo Madraga
In the manga
Smashing Down
Smashing down
Getting Squished
Everything getting pulverized
After Effect


  • The name of this Extreme Magic is a corruption of the Arabic phrase مَطرَقة لِلَزَّ Maṭraqa(t) Li-Lazza, which means "A hammer for cramming things together", probably referring to the cramming caused by the Strength Magic.


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