Kourin Ren (練 紅琳, Ren Kōrin) is one of the Kou Empire's eight princesses.




Kourin is the daughter of the Kou Empire's Second Emperor, Koutoku Ren.

Nothing is known about her history, except that she is already married.[1][2]


World Exploration Arc

Kourin and her siblings attend the funeral of the Emperor.[3] They are shocked to see what has happened to their father. She stays with her siblings during the confrontation with the newly appointed Empress, Gyokuen Ren.[4]

Second Balbadd Arc

She is mentioned by Kouen as a possible candidate for a political marriage with Alibaba Saluja, however Koumei says that is out of question and reminds him that Kourin is already married.[2]


  • Despite her appearance in chapters 146 and 147, her name is only revealed in chapter 210. However, it is not specified which of the princesses is Kourin.
  • Her name means Crimson Jewel
  • "Kourin" is the Japanese pronunciation; in Chinese her name would be Hónglín.


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