Kouha Ren vs Thieves is the fight between Kouha Ren, the Kou Empire's Third Prince, and thieves who attacked his caravan going to Magnostadt.


During Aladdin and Kouha's trip to Magnostadt, thieves appear and attack Kouha's caravan. Aladdin wants to fight them, but Kouha cuts the roof of the caravan to see what's happening, and, after noticing them, decides to fight them alone.


One of thieves charge at Kouha, but he is quicker and cuts the man into two. He then has fun with the others. After this, he activates his Metal Vessel, Nyoi Rentou, and makes it very long, but isn't able to hold it, so the sword comes back to its normal length. Then he attacks them again, but this time he makes his sword long right before the slash. He repeats it until only some of the thieves are alive, then puts his sword in the ground, makes it bigger while being on the top of it, makes it smaller to let himself fly for a little, then makes it much bigger and hits the ground. He breaks it, causing some survivors to fall into the water.


Kouha asks who this little dirty brat, Aladdin, is. He is informed that Aladdin has been traveling with them for a while, but he doesn't seem to care. After that, some conversations strike up and continues during their travel for eight days until they reach Magnostadt.


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