Kouha Ren vs Multiple Black Djinn is a fight between the third Prince of the Kou Empire, Kouha Ren, and multiple Black Djinn created by Matal Mogamett from Magnostadt's citizens.


After the victory over the 3 Black Djinn, the Black Rukh leaves and merges into an army of multiple Black Djinn.


Black Djinn start to step on and kick Kouha's army. As they are closer to still Djinn Equipped after the previous fight with Kouha, he increase the size of his Djinn Equip Nyoi Rentou and makes them stand on his weapon. Kouha soon trembles as their weight is too great for him, and, as a result, his arm breaks. To kill him, the next two Black Djinn step on Nyoi Rentou, however, someone slashes them up.


A Djinn Equipped Alibaba Saluja interferes with the battle, saving Kouha from death. Then, he addresses to Amon, saying to chop those Black Djinn down together and starts to fight the Black Djinn Army himself.


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