Kouha Ren vs 3 Black Djinn is the fight between Kouha Ren, the third Prince of the Kou Empire, and three Black Djinn created by Matal Mogamett from Magnostadt's citizens.


Kouha talks with his male attendant who says that no enemy is capable of opposing Kouha's Metal Vessel. Kouha thinks the same and says that he got this power by pure luck, but he feels like using it. Kouha then adds that he really wonders how he got this thing, and that he really doesn't get those Djinn. A while after, Black Djinn appear.


Black Djinn launch a merciless attack on Kouha and his army. Kouha saves the majority of his army by stretching Nyoi Rentou to an enormous size. However, after seeing the victims, he becomes furious and Djinn Equips Leraje, saying that he will kill the Black Djinn. He starts to slash one of the one of them multiple times, but it starts regenerating soon after. He then summons his Extreme Magic, Lelazzo Madraga. He hits the Djinn, making everything in the vicinity pulverized. The Djinn are all smashed into a crater in the ground, leaving just Black Rukh.


As the male member of Kouha's army is relieved by the victory, the Black Rukh leaves, which makes Kouha's attendants wonder where they are going. After a while, an army of bigger Black Djinn appear.


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