The Kouga Clan (黄牙一族, Kōga Ichizoku) is a horse raiding clan situated in a rural area of the Northern Tenzan Plateau.


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It is said that the Kouga Clan was previously known as the Great Kouga Empire, which was built by Chagan Khan (チャガン・ハーン, Chagan.Hān). They were once the strongest nation in the world. They were just like the Kou Empire with the ambition to unite the whole world under their name, but they failed and shrunk to being just a clan. As a clan, they were annexed by the Kou Empire.


Kouga Arc



  • The Northern Tenzan Plateau, where the Kouga Clan live, is based on Mongolia.
  • The Kouga Empire is a reference to the Mongol Empire. Its founder Chagan Khan is based on Genghis Khan, or Chingis Khan.
  • "Kouga" means Yellow Fang. In Chinese, it would be pronounced "Huángyá"
  • According to Goltas, the Kouga Clan shared a common ancestors with the Fanalis, making them possible descendants of the Red Lions, a powerful species from Alma Torran.


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