The Kou Empire Arc is the thirteenth story arc in the Magi manga series. It deals with Hakuryuu Ren and Judar making a revolution towards the Kou Empire to take over the throne and kill Gyokuen and Kouen. It introduces Hakuryuu's second Djinn, Belial.


Hakuryuu and Judar forms an alliance as the two prepare to conquer Belial's Dungeon. Seeing the illusions of Morgiana and Hakuei, Hakuryuu destroys them upon rejecting them and remaining on the path of revenge. Judar assists in subduing Belial and declares that he will make Hakuryuu his king. Hakuryuu states his only goal is to kill Gyokuen and will accept being king if that will help him reach his goal. [1]

In the battle against Gyokuen, Hakuryuu and Judar barely defeat Gyokuen as Gyokuen manage to fight them without using Magoi. The Rukh inside Gyokuen's body explodes when Hakuryuu decapitates her. 7 days after the battle, Hakuryuu converses with Judar in which he declares that he will strike down Kouen Ren and become the emperor. [2]

Alibaba visits Hakuryuu to catch up on old times while Aladdin and Judar watches the two from the skies. Hakuryuu then asks Alibaba for the true reason of his visit, and Hakuryuu asks Alibaba whether he wanted to claim Balbadd by joining his alliance. Alibaba explains he is here to persuade Hakuryuu from waging war with Kouen in order to avoid the disaster of the Alma Torran. However, Hakuryuu remains unconvinced and declares Alibaba his enemy. [3] A fight emerges between Hakuryuu & Judar and Aladdin & Alibaba. The outcome is costly as both Hakuryuu and Aladdin lose both of their friends. Furthermore, Hakuryuu loses his legs in his match against Alibaba. Alibaba's soul is forcibly sent to another dimension of which Hakuryuu does not know. Aladdin has sent Judar flying out of their world with his magic, Dhoruf Asshara. [4]

In the Kou Empire civil war, Hakuryuu's army clashes with Kouen's army until Sinbad and the Seven Seas Alliance arrive. Sinbad declares they will end the internal strife of the Kou Empire and stop Kouen. Hakuryuu announces that Al Thamen was controlling the Kou Empire in order to destroy the world. [5]

As a result, Kouen has surrender to Sinbad. In his interrogation of Kouen, Hakuryuu learns the reason why Kouen had not fought Gyokuen and why Kouen didn't seek becoming an emperor. [6]


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