Kokuton, Seishuu, Kin & Shou vs Multiple Black Djinn is a fight between Kokuton Shuu, Seishuu Ri, Kin Gaku, Shou En, members of Kouen Ren's Household, and Multiple Black Djinn created by Matal Mogamett.


During Alibaba Saluja's fight against the Black Djinn, Kouen and his Household interfere with Shou's attack, not letting Alibaba use his Extreme Magic. While Kouen is taking care of Kouha Ren and other matters, in Alibaba's place, Seishuu, Kokuton, Kin and Shou decide to fight against Mogamett's Djinn by themselves, so Kouen's hands wouldn't get dirty.


Kin, Seishuu and Kokuton use their Household Vessels and change their appearance, becoming huge monsters. Kin catches one of the Black Djinn and eats it. Kokuton rips one of his opponents with his claw. Meanwhile, Seishuu attacks them with snakes who come from his hair, first holding them and then shattering them into pieces. Then, Shou appears and burns his opponents with fire.


Allegedly, they continue to fight the Black Djinn until their creation is stopped. After that, they watch the scene with Alibaba and Kouen and comment on what's happening.


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