A King Vessel (王の器, Ō no Utsuwa), formerly known as a King Candidate, is a Dungeon Capturer that is rewarded with a Djinn. This person is chosen as the King Vessel regardless if they are led by a Magi, despite the Vessel’s lineage or status. The right King Vessel chosen is to be the next Solomon.

Magi and Their Chosen King Vessels


Name Djinn
Alibaba Saluja Amon
Hakuryuu Ren Zagan


Name Djinn
Barbarossa Glasya-Labolas
Kouen Ren Agares, Astaroth, Phenex
Koumei Ren Dantalion
Kouha Ren Leraje
Hakuei Ren Paimon
Kougyoku Ren Vinea
Hakuryuu Ren Belial


Name Djinn
Sinbad (?) Baal


Name Djinn
Pernadius Alexius
Muu Alexius Barbatos
Ignatius Alexius Purson
Nerva Julius Caluades Shax


Each of these King's Vessel's had entered and successfully conquered their respective Dungeons without the company of a Magi and as such it is unknown which of the Four (Five) current Magi's had raised their respective Dungeons.

Name Djinn
Sinbad Crocell, Focalor, Furfur, Valefor, Vepar, Zepar
Mira Dianus Artemina Cerberus
Armakan Amun-Ra Vassago
Darius Leoxses Alloces
Rametoto Forneus
Takeruhiko Yamato Caim
Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia Zepar (former)
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