The Kina Kingdom (鬼倭王国, Kina Ōkoku) is an infamous, small island located further east of the Kou Empire.[1] It is ruled by King Takeruhiko Yamato.


Since the ancient times, Kina paid tributes to the three great countries of the Far East: Kou, Gou, and Kai. It stopped any diplomatic relations with other countries once the King of Kina took over. As the Kina Kingdom is very small, it was able to erase itself from the surface of the sea with the special power they obtained.[1] It has become a flying island.[2]


Most of its citizens wear horned half-face masks, giving them the appearance of Oni.[2]


Name Rank Status
Takeruhiko Yamato King Alive
Nanaumi Alive
Nashime Alive
Morgiana Citizen Alive
Aladdin Citizen Alive
Fanalis Alive


  • The Kingdom of Kina is most likely based on Ancient Japan, while the reading means "China" in several Scandinavian and Southern Slavic languages. The kanji is a combination of 鬼 (oni, also translated as "demon" or "ogre") and 倭 (Yamato, an old name of Japan).
  • According to Kougyoku, Kina Kingdom have never been considered as an ally of Seven Seas Alliance in the beginning.


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