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Kil is one of Umm Madaura's "children", when she was still known as "Lady Maader" and is her main assistant in the Mariadel Company. He is like the other children a war orphan or a child with no relatives who was taken in by Lady Maader as a slave.


Kil's full appearance
Full appearance

Kil is a young boy who has short straight hair with long bangs hiding his right eye. He wears the same kind of oddly shaped crown as Umm Madaura, that makes him looking as if he has horns. Like all her slaves, he wears a metal crew-neck necklace. He wears a long-sleeves shirt beneath a jacket trimmed with fur, short dark pants and the same metallic belt than Maader at his waist.


First and foremost, Kil is very devoted to Umm Madaura and follow her everywhere she goes. He even is a little conceited that she chose him among all her children to assist her and act as their elder and superior. He doesn't appear to like it when Maader gives attention to the other children, as a child can be jealous when his mother takes care of his siblings.

Kil is a serious person and is careful to anything that could cause problems to Maader.


When he was younger he was taken in by Maader as her slave and given the right to eat, drink and sleep whenever he wanted to, though he maybe went through Maader's "punishment" to break his mind and make him become "her child".




Umm Madaura

Kil loves Maader like his own mother and is totally devoted to her. He is always by her side and helps her in her business.


Kil states himself that he doesn't like Masrur because he can never understand what he is thinking.



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