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Kikiriku (キキリク, Kikiriku) is the first child of Hinahoho and Rurumu.


Kikiriku's has a small build, but is still tall enough to reach Ja'far's height, who is eleven years older than him. Kikiriku wears the usual garments of Imuchakk boys and has spiked hair.


Kikiriku seems very playful (sometimes maybe too playful for Ja'far's liking) and is usually seen smiling or giggling, constantly on the move. However, he does get hurt and scared easily as he chased a butterfly and fell, crying loudly.


Although just a newborn, Kikiriku is seen playing with Ja'far when Sinbad's household returns to Reim.


Kikiriku is first introduced several months after Sinbad’s group goes back to restock on supplies, playfully pulling on a very beaten and tired Ja'far, struggling to relieve himself of the child.

Due to Kikiriku destroying Ja'far's compass and map, they wander around the outskirts of Napolya. He tries to chase a passing butterfly only to fall over and cry unhappily. Ja'far scolds the child and tries to offer him his hand, but is angrily slapped away by Kikirku, Ja'far gets tired of dealing with the child and leaves. Ja'far goes back when he hears Kikiriku screaming only to find him being held by a freed monster from the Reim coliseum in one of its hand, screaming and crying in fear.

After Ja'far uses his metal vessel for the first time, Kikiriku is seen without a scratch on himself. He then cries and hugs Ja'far too tightly, with Sinbad noting that Ja'far had a "nice little brother".

Sindria Arc

Kikiriku is seen running behind Sinbad as he introduces the Eight Generals.



Unlike normal people, Kikiriku seems to have more strength than children at his age.


Hinahoho & Rurumu

Kikkiriku seems to love his parents very much.


Kikkiriku is very attached to Ja'far and also sees him as a big brother as he hugs him after his recovery from using his metal vessel for the first time (although he unknowingly hurts Ja'far in the process).




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