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Ja'far's Father doesn't seem to resemble his son. He has mid-length hair of an unknown colour and a narrow face.


Little is known about Ja'far's Father's life. At some point Ja'far's Mother became pregnant by him. He was also a member of Sham Lash. Ja'far was made to kill both his parents at the age of 6 by Sham Lash. Ja'far states that he knew he would be forced to kill his parents at some point and that there was no other choice if he wanted to live.


Heliohapt Arc

Years later, Ja'far seems to regret killing his mother and father. His light side calling out for them when he was being corrupted in Valefor's dungeon. Ja'far's dark side then reminds him that he has no home as he was the one that killed his parents. At this point both the light and dark sides of Ja'far start crying.[1]


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