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Ill Ilah (黒の神イル・イラー Iru Irā, literally meaning "Black God") or Ilah, is the "god" who created Alma Torran and later destroyed it. It is believed by Solomon that Ilah is a lump of power without will, which is responsible for all of the creation and phenomena of the world. Ilah is worshiped by Al-Thamen, who wish to summon it to the current world. Currently, they are merged with Solomon's father, David. Sinbad is their reincarnation in the current world. 


Ilah was a once a white entity that descended from the sky, with tendril-like extensions growing from its body. It was large in size, and could overshadow a group of fully grown ogres.

Some time after, its appearance changed to that of black entity sitting in the sky, with tendrils extending from it. It is large in size, and can descend to touch the ground.


Originally, Ill Ilah was a seemingly mindless being with no will nor personality of its own.

After becoming black, it was corrupted and gained the personality of David Jehoahaz Abraham. In current world, a possible reflection of their personality is Sinbad.


Little is known about its history. It created the world of Alma Torran and gave human beings the ability to use some of its power which was later known as magic.


Magnostadt Arc

After the events of the war between Reim and Magnostadt, Matal Mogamett uses the power of the Magoi Furnace to defeat both the Kou and Reim, using the power of it to generate Black Djinns. As Titus sacrifices himself to bring him out of the furnace, it is too late and Mogamett's rukh gives the furnace a will, and, after the union of the Djinn Equip wielders, it becomes the Medium. [citation needed]

Ill Ilah appears in the sky through the Black Spot, summoned by Al-Thamen as the Medium tries to bring him to the world using his long arms to pull one of his tendrils down. After the Medium is destroyed by the use of the Wisdom of Solomon, Ill Ilah disappears from the sky, as Arba claims that, with the Black Spot left opened, they will be able to summon their Father again at any time. [citation needed]

Alma Torran Arc

During the wars between the intelligent species of Alma Torran, Ill Illah, in his white form, appears in order to stop the extinction of the original humans at the hands of the ogres. He destroys the ogres and gave the gift of magic to the humans, turning them into the first magicians and tasking them to stop the ongoing conflict between species before it destroys Alma Torran. [citation needed]

After Elder David ascension to power and the creation of The Orthodox Church, David finds a way to bore a hole in reality to reach the dimension where the god resides and began to stole his power in order to fuel his plan to ascend to divinity. This has the unintended effect that the magoi received by the magicians carrying the divine staves from Ill Illah began to diminish and gains an "impure" feeling. The Mother Dragon informs Solomon that David is going to kill the god, and that eventually would led to the death of Alma Torran itself. [citation needed]

After David's apparent death and the massacre at the resistance camp, Solomon is resolute to find what his father was hiding in order to comfort his grieving comrades. While inspecting the Church HQ, Solomon finds the entrance to the dimensional passage in his father's chamber, accessible only by using David's Divine Staff as a key. He, Sheba, Arba, and Uraltugo enters Ill Illah dimension and are immediately horrified by the god's pitiful and blackened state, the result of David's actions and abuse during centuries. [citation needed]

Ill Illah touches them with his tendrils, showing the resistance faction the truth about "fate": how there's no real free will, everything in the life of the inhabitants of Alma Torran is decided by him from the moment they born until their deaths, and that he's the source of the rukh, the force responsable of managing fate itself, that flow through Alma Torran and return the souls of its inhabitants to him after death. That revelation crushes the spirits of most of the resistance magicians, who realize that, despite their struggles, they are virtually powerless to decide their own fates. [citation needed]

Solomon, however, has a revelation: instead of entrust everything to god, its time to take control of their destinies and stray from the path created by Ill Illah, in order to make the world better. Despite Arba's objections, Solomon steals the rukh from god and divided it equally between all the species of Alma Torran, causing the rukh to change its color from black (Ill Illah's will) to white (Solomon's will), and proceeded to seal the now powerless Ill Illah in a separate dimension. Solomon then created the Sacred Palace to regulate the rukh's flow and left a part of the old god's power within Sheba, Uraltugo and Arba, turning them into the first three Magi, tasking them to protect the world in his name. Solomon's conciousness then ascends to the Sacred Palace, replacing Ill Illah as Alma Torran's god. [citation needed]

Solomon's decision, however, wasn't well received by the other resistance members, who felt that their leader betrayed them and the rebellion ideals by chosing to become a god and creating the Magi system, not to mention potentially doomed their deceased loved beings by sealing their souls along with Ill Illah, and acuse Solomon of being an arrogant despot. This eventually lead to Arba's treason and the creation of Al-Thamen, who summoned Ill Illah into the physical plane through the medium and Wahid's sacrifice, who dragged the dark god into the surface of the planet, causing Ill Illah to stole back the world's rukh, destroying most of Alma Torran and killing almost all of his inhabitants, except those in the subterranean cities and the ones protected by Ugo's magic.

Final Arc

When Ugo defeats Elder David for trying to take over the Sacred Palace, Ugo puts Elder David and Ill Ilah into a fish tank where Elder David was a god of a lower-order world. [1]


Ill Illah was able to create and later destroy Alma Torran, he can also grant the ability to use magic, create mediums and drain Magoi from all life forms on the planet by touching the surface.



  • Ill Ilah has a great similarity to Azathoth from H.P. Lovecraft's stories. Both are omnipotent beings without will and they have some connections to their respective universes being the creators/destroyers of many worlds and lives.
  • Ilah (إله‎ ʾIlāh) is an Arabic term meaning "deity" or "god". The term appears throughout the Quran to refer to the false deities or idols worshiped by the pagans.
  • Ill is possibly a corruption of the Hebrew and Northwestern Semitic (אל‎ ʾĒl) which has the same meaning of "ilah".


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