Holy Mother Halo Fan (聖母後光扇, Seibo Gokō Sen) is a Magic Tool of Umm Madaura. It is a Magic Tool that disturbs one's mind by using Light Magic to leave a Magic square of light that imprints an image in an opponent's mind. It works best on children because of their ignorant minds. It can change the instinctive behavior, the survival instinct to search for a mother, into a signal that is sent into the opponent's brain. She uses this to further her goal of controlling the future leaders of the world while they are still children. Then, all of the humans in the world will become her "children".


Holy Mother Halo Fan
In the manga
Holy Mother Halo Fan2
Magic Tool
Holy Mother Halo Fan3
Holy Mother Halo Fan4
Holy Mother Halo Fan5
Square of Light
Holy Mother Halo Fan1


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