Heliohapt Kingdom (エリオハプト王国, Eriohaputo Ōkoku) is a small country situated in the north of the Dark Continent, ruled by King Sharrkan. It is the homeland of Sharrkan and Sphintus Carmen and part of the Seven Seas Alliance.


In the past, the royalty of this country had a dispute of who would take over the throne after the king passed away, Armakan or Sharrkan. As result, they split into two factions: the faction that supported Armakan and the faction who wanted Sharrkan to success the throne. Sinbad and his friends came and managed to help them solve this problem.



In Heliohapt, having a pet snake around your neck is a symbol of high status.[1] The people of Heliohapt seem really fond of them.


As stated by Sphintus Carmen, Medical Magicians are often born into his clan, and are used by the Royal Family in absurd power struggles, for assassinating political opponents through disease and the like. If Magicians choose to oppose such things, they are exiled from the Royal Court.


Royal Family

Name Rank Status
Armakan Amun-Ra Former King Alive
Sharrkan King Alive


Name Rank Status
Sphintus Carmen Magician Serving in Reim Empire
Narmes Titi Ambassador Alive


  • Its name is derived from the combination of two Ancient Greek words: the noun Helios (Ἥλιος) meaning Sun, and the verb hapto (ἅπτω) meaning to touch. Thus the name Heliohapt roughly translates to Touching the Sun.
  • Heliohapt is similar to Ancient Egypt. The eye emblem of Helipohapt is similar to the Egyptian Eye of Horus. Some people in Heliohapt wear masks similar the mask the Egyptian God Anubis wears. Also, the nobility wear headdresses similar to the headdresses of Egyptian Pharaohs. In a flashback by Sphintus, there are slaves carrying bricks in the desert with pyramids in the background. The Egyptians used hired workers (not slaves) to carry the bricks to form the pyramids.
  • The standard appearance of the native population of Heliohapt is dark skin, white hair, and green eyes.
  • The women of Heliohapt don't feel embarrassed about exposing their chests, only their navels.



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