Har-Har Infigar (灼熱の双掌ハルハール・インフイガール Haruhāru Infigāru, "Scorching Heat Double Palms") is a type of Heat Magic that Ugo taught Aladdin. Aladdin orders the rukh to convert into Heat Magic, then fires it at his opponent. Aladdin usually uses it with Alibaba Saluja to support an affinity for fire. It is also Aladdin's signature spell. Aladdin can make the "Ugo's" he makes from Ugo use Har-Har Infigar as well, which is powerful enough to cross a large distance.


Halharl Infigar2
After training using inner Magoi for 2 weeks
Halharl Infigar3
After training his inner Magoi for a month
3 Ugos Attack
3 Ugos using Har-Har Infigar


  • The name of this spell is a corruption of the Arabic phrase إنفِجار حار حار Infijār Ḥār Ḥār, which means "Hot Hot Explosion".


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